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(Springtime Update) What Does The Rest of the World Think About These Good Old U.S. of A?

A while back I saw some videos of people in countries other than the USA and what they thought about Ron Paul and the rEVOLution. The prevailing opinion was - GO RON! The second most common was 'USA - you guys are crazy!'

With the recent hysteria over gun rights solidifying in round 1 of Loudmouth VS The Limey, ie Piers Morgan and Alex Jones, I'm really curious what people in nations that have been disarmed think about the battle. The comments on youtube videos from foreign visitors tell different stories. But I'm wondering what liberty minded people in other nations think?

Do you know anyone from another country? Could you ask them what they think specifically about how guns and other things like our economy are heating up here?

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Is Europe as amased with us right now...

as we were with Europe a few weeks ago?

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

Really curious to hear...

again, now is an interesting time to see what the rest of the world thinks about this crazy conglomeration of disparate states??

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

Things are still heating up, fever pitch.

Any more thoughts from those N, E, W, S of here??

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

They hate us because we are free.....


The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Absolutely True!

They ( our government ) hate us because we are free!

We intend to remain that way!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

They hate us because we think we're free.

: |

We are free until thy take

We are free until thy take our guns.



"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Lots of variance, but...

There are plenty of people outside America who are just as brainwashed by media and feel pretty much the same as neocons and liberals about America. Lots of people still look up to it.

But more and more people are raised in a culture that believes wholeheartedly that America is a tyrannical evil.

Unfortunatly, yes, that is

Unfortunatly, yes, that is also the case in my neck of the woods, but like america, i think alot of countries are slowly realising that asking questions is not a bad thing, more importantly, are realising that gov responses/stances/actions should be more scrutinized,
Thanks to being more informed in this free flow of information the internet provides, a thing we are already seing being attacked.

The internet made by the people, for the people, where EVERYONE has a voice, they just have to stand and embrace it, and not let generations of complicity fool you into thinking, "do i have this right?" you damn right you do, say it with me "i.have.this.right!"

America has so much potential in bringing about change, but also our potential downfall.
You guys and gals will either rise up and show the world what life can be like, or your country may very well cause yet more war, maybe its third.......either way, i stand by you liberty folk, globally, where that MESSAGE goes, pure and untouched, i go

Sorry for dramatics if that is how it comes across, i cant seem to NOT be dramatic when talking about the subject of liberty, i often have to remind myself of that, its good to express your opinion, its also good to break, and hear of others, soothing to the soul, when you see comments mirroring your own, its just as good to see someone bring something up i had'nt considered.......but alas, this is not the world we live in, yet.....ill contend with the pockets that the dailypaul provides,

Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it

In metropolitan Melbourne

people would find "the right to bear arms" a very, VERY foreign concept. Oh yes, most of the people I know think that it's the government's job to protect them, including my very own siblings: that some magical being will come to save them when SHTF.

So, with that in mind, a great number of my "friends" [I really should leave them] have given their blessings to ObamaControl. When I read this, I was appalled:

"Change the gun laws Obama.... YES YOU CAN! Praying hard for those poor families"

So some people think that gun control is the best way to go, because it's the only thing that they've known for the past 17 years (look up the Port Arthur Massacre of 1996).

Also, most of those that I know offline, know nothing about Ron Paul. They are slaves to the TV culture. The thing that hurt me most was my sister calling Ron Paul a senile kook, and her celebration of Obama's re-election. Economics be damned!

Though I do think some people are awakening. I know a handful of my friends pointed out Obama's hypocrisy over drones. I even know on a Australian game server that there exists liberty-minded adults who decry gun control and the coming economic collapse. But the masses... my God, how they worship a murderer!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

A Scottish Libertarian's view ...

I'm from Scotland but got very interested in the US when I met my wife, who's from Texas, back in 2001 and got very interested in US politics when I saw Ron Paul on the Daily Show in 2008.

I view the US of A as my single greatest hope for a country that conducts things as they should be conducted, which is ironic because of how far away from that it is governmentally right now. This is largely because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which I believe to be the most perfect political documents ever enshrined in law. More than that, the reason the US gives me hope is that there are so many of its actual people who recognise why their Constitution is so important. Living in a deeply socialist country who gleefully embrace the tenets of socialism, it's comforting to know that there are still those out there - other than myself - who don't.

Regarding the gun debate, it's remarkable how many people over here have an opinion, despite having never been to America, been anywhere near a gun or having looked into the actual debate itself in any way. You hear a lot of people talking about it, though they're all parrotting the same self-righteous crap. British people feel very smug about not having guns, despite the fact that we have the highest violent crime rate in the world. It's been refreshing to see that so many people in the States (or at least so it seems) haven't bought into the media spin and are actually trying to answer the question of why these things happen, rather than leaping onto one of the two gun control bandwagons and cracking the whip with wild abandon.

Personally I'm pro-gun, and it's refreshing to see so many people focusing on the fact that gun ownership is not about shooting targets and deer - it's about protecting your rights from government usurpation. It was painful watching the Alex Jones/Piers Morgan farce though. That kind of blood and vitriol extremism does more harm to the causes that Jones is trying to champion than a douchebag like Piers Morgan ever could on his own. It's a real shame that people saw that - he became the new poster child for the pro-gun movement in one over-the-top, frothing at the mouth coup d'etat.

Live Free

I appreciate your positive

I appreciate your positive view of the gun freedom issue and it's nice to see someone from the UK with your view. However one minor point of disagreement. Alex Jones did not harm the movement. He catapulted it to the forefront and he echoed what most gun owners are feeling and that is anger.

It might be because you are not here you do not quite understand that aspect. Gun owners are sick and tired of the attacks on their rights and pretty pissed off. Alex gave them a voice. It is only media spin that he harmed the cause. He did more good then you can imagine!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!


Although I will say hawkiye and I live in the same general area, so maybe things are different elsewhere in the States. But I was appalled at AJ's rant at Morgan, honestly thought it was a set up to make gun owners look like kooks. But I stand corrected, AJ lit a fire that you have to be here to appreciate. It is still smoldering more than a blaze, but... I've been essentially in hiding for years. Hiding in plain sight, but I just don't try to socialize like I used to. I don't enjoy the things I used to enjoy, and I don't want to bother to fake it, and I got tired of being rejected by people who would not even LOOK at evidence I presented. I focused my attention on aquaponics as my "outreach." Gardening is a pretty universal language. Well, I crept out from under my rock to to talk gardening last weekend, and could not believe my eyes. 6 months ago, my Ron Paul bumper stickers (2008 still on there) got me glares from the GOP voters. Now, they want to be my buddy. I have sat in public and had casual conversations with people about Sandy Hook, bin Laden, Obama's nationality... and THEY started the conversations. There is no WAY I would "go there" in my new little town... I actually had people offer to help get me a weapon - legally. It was not a nefarious offer, just an offer to tell us who to buy from and help me decide what would be best. It is just amazing.
Less than 6 months ago, I sat in a cafe and was told that the people who think Obama will try to take our guns are crazy, by a Romney supporter. I was told it was all just fearmongering, that even Obama still loves America, blah, blah, blah... AJ changed the entire conversation in "small town America." Quite literally.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The short story

I ranted a bit with my last post. Essentially what it boils down to is this. Many people may see Alex Jones' appearance is a rant but I see a passion for liberty in that video that I have not seen on Australian TV in my life. I saw a person "sticking it to the man", somebody patriotic and passionate.

Southern Hemisphere

The rest of the world views the good ol' USA as the world's biggest terrorist organisation. Nobody buys the whole "We're bombing democracy into them" anymore. You are the world's biggest bullies and at the moment and China is the only country that is able to stand up to you. I guess that explains why so many countries trade with China. When Hillary Clinton actually declared that the USA creatd Al Queada in the first place. We did have to give kudos for her honesty but honesty only goes so far. When 9/11 happpened and somehow the ensuing war with Iraq was actually comical see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpP7b2lUxVE.

The rest of the world sees a tyrant in Obama signing executive orders that means that he can imprison his own citizens without trial for life as comical. The rest of the world sees Obama as a child killer that doesn't even have the guts to pull the trigger himself as he uses unmanned drones. this supposed "leader of the free world" if he actually was should receieve hero status whevere he goes. When he came to Australia people were stopped from driving their cars for miles and mile around Canberra. Ask yourself, Australia is your allie, if Obama was trully the "leader of teh freeworld" he would he not get a reception befitting Jesus himself? The woman would be throwing bras at him and he would need NO bodyguards at all. As it stands the rest of the world sees this disgusting individual accept a "Nobel Peace Prize" for killing the most children. Frankly this is about the deepest insult anybody can conjour with reagrd to legitimate recipients of this "prize".

On the other hand the rest of the world constantly hears the USA's devotion to their 2nd amendment and the odd cry here or there about some militia that has declared civil war. Yet the drones continue in US skies, the softcore porn and groping continues at your airports and Obama continues to put pen to paper to be able to implement martial law at any time. The world constantly sees stories with US police officers shooting unarmed individuals, we constnaly see scenes out of the US like the women pulled over in Texas and subjected to cavity searches. The woman released a video since saying that when "authorities start inserting another females feaces into my vagina, that goes too far". Bascially I guess what I am saying is that we hear a lot of "tough" talk out of the US but see little to no action when your politicians crap all over your Bill of Rights and Constitution. I never wish to call for violence but if there is a time to act against tyranny is it not now? You all seem content that the Fed Reserve continues to print money out of thin air, many US citizens have lost their homes, TARP, NDAA,. I guess what we actually see is a populous content with seeing it's citizens imprisoned without trial for, well forever. For all the tough talk about "from my cold dead hands" type, not one person out of 300 million seems to have a problem with somebody being detained indefinity without trial? Doesn't sound so brave and free to me! Why haven't the "freedom-loving" militia demanded that Bradley manning get a fair trial?

Feel free to diss my country too. In fact I'll probably agree with you Australia is even more pathetic than the US. We were effectively disarmed back in 1996. If we defend ourselves in in our own homes we are the ones charged with a crime. David Hicks was detained pretty much as long as you guys wanted to and when the chance comes we (as in the government will give you Julian Assange on a sivler platter). we are disarmed, we are a pathetic "nanny state" and quite frankly we kiss the USA's a*se. Most Australians would have trouble defining what tyranny actually is and many I have asked don't even know what free speech is either - as long as they get their government dole cheque. We have the same anti-terrorism laws that the US does yet we somehow proudly proclaim that the "yanks" (that's ALL Americans to us) are stupid for accepting these laws. Our answer to ANY danger at all is to ban it - even fireworks are banned or to tax the living bejeebus otu of it like cigarettes and alcohol. Note: fight that plain packaging crap hard cos next on the list is a massive junk food tax. There is massive lobbying here for "plain packaged" junk food now too. Australia's politcal correctness goes even further than the US and our current government wishes to throw journalists (even bloggers with more than 200 followers) in prison if they say the wrong thing for those interested it's called the Finklestein report if you care to google. A report seeking censorship on the back of the UK "hacking scandal". For the most part though, yes Australia is worse, far from objecting many many people wish the encroachment to go further, to ban pokie machines. As Ron Paul says "tragically some people will actually demand that their rights are taken away" the Australian media is rife with those and having compulsory voting doesn't seem to stop this from happening. Many Australians cannot grasp the concept of having to fight for our "freedom" even though we are somehow "proud" that thta is what we did in the wars. Yes we fought in the wars and many soldier lives were lost. That matters little now.

To sum up. I have been asking (just look at my "whereisaustraliasronpaul") for a long time now and the answer is blatantly obvious - we don't have one. We have a civil liberties council but barely a peep is EVER heard - even when you go actively searching for it. We put the word pathetic into apathetic and we don't have an Alex Jones either. Some of you see the video of a "crazy" rant. I see a passion about liberty that is sorely lacking in Australia. If I saw just 1 person, (and believe me I have been looking) just one I would back him or her 100%. So, in short if that were an Australian on TV I would be over the moon. Yes he was rude but the passion more than compensated for that. Since I don't have a freedom loving Aussie to throw my support behind, the best hope is the thus far deathly silent freedom loving Americans actually start doing something and that the seeds of liberty are actuallly planted here. Then maybe I can bring myself to sing "Australians let us all rejoice for we are young and free" because right now I think that line is BS.

The question still remains, with the NDAA, Obama's kill list, TSA softcore porn at airports extending to HIGHWAYS, Obama's RFID "let's micro chip you like dogs" plan, the obvious US debt crisis, attempts to disaRM the US populous from both within and foreign TARP etc,etc when is the time to act, to do soemthing?

To reiterate, Alex Jones may seem a little crazy but I see a passion there for freedom that you just do NOT see in Australia.

Our vacations outside the US

November 2001, got a REALLY good deal on a flight / hotel package, I'm sure you can imagine. We had Cancun to ourselves, practically. The people were SO nice to us, so sad about 9-11, so glad we had come to vacation there...

We went back in 2004. We were asked in a rather menacing way by a cab driver and by a street vendor what we thought of Bush. I am not sure the cab driver did not have an alternate destination in mind if we had the wrong answer... lol!

We went to Belize in 2005. The dive master - this cracks me up - would not go to the capitol city because it is on a "mountain" (I'm from Idaho, that's a HILL!) and he is afraid of heights. Seriously. Scuba dives every day, won't drive to the top of a mountain. Anyway, he begged us to go back and fix the US or the entire world was going to fall into tyranny. We did not understand at the time... After waking up, his plea has become a haunting memory. I fight for him almost as much as I fight for my family. This guy lived on a TINY island, Tobacco Cay, and watched CNN once a week and knew more about the US than I did...

Anyway, your response mirrors our experience as tourists. It was sad. We really felt like "family" that first trip.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

..that whole description

..that whole description actually made me want to cry. How horrendously sad that all is, and it is coming here, for us. waaahhhh..


You have potentially the best country in the world. But like all past civilizations that achieved affluence, it is going into decay. This is taking us to the brink of ultimate destruction for the planet.

You have a big place and 1000s of things can be said on the good and the bad side, but here is my take on what can make the difference between being the stabilizer of the world or facilitating it’s demise – because you have the power, amongst your people, to overcome the PTB.

- your lawmakers do not make the laws. They do not read them before signing them. It is a total abdication and abnegation of the trust implicitly given them by your people.
- You have the executive order situation that reaches far deeper than even the suppressive laws that are created.

- Your people are not doing much about it.
- They do no have their own reliable communication structure (never mind some kind of organizational structure within which a communication structure could work).
- A huge percentage of them do not think for themselves and the PTB lead them by the nose, mainly thru the media because of the two previous points. Treason nonetheless.

To paraphrase Alex Jones in his recent Piers Morgan rant: you find a zillion “factoids” to disagree on and don’t get behind the main central issues so it becomes like dogs yapping at the heels of the PTB that are taking you apart. So the vast power of the people is successfully divided and conquered as far as those who do care and who do make some attempt are concerned. For the rest they are kept complacent through media tranquilization and fed handouts.

The people need to know what is in the laws, not just the lawmakers. Currently that is impossible. Then they need to hold the lawmakers accountable for the laws they sign and then you can get to prioritize the undoing of the existing situation with probable priorities (if you want to “get back” your country):

- Push the constitution
- End the Fed
- Insist on only declared wars
- Curb Exec Orders (by getting the lawmakers to take responsibility for their rightful areas).

The list could be very long, but unless you get those out of the way you are going nowhere.

For lack of these things you can have a country run by the PTB that will achieve both depopulation and impoverishing of the current middle class to accelerate the depop. They run the country through their corporations and through agencies that now even run wars outside of the undeclared ones. This is possible because someone other than your lawmakers are writing tomes of laws that can be selectively applied to shut out any competition to the PTB agendas. The laws favour their corporations and are enforced to move those to monopoly by protecting the corps and closing down any burgeoning competition. What the laws don’t cover in destruction of freedoms, the exec orders do and where neither do, the agencies ad lib to shut down freedoms and thus enterprise and competition to the PTB.

By writing the laws (and really the Exec orders) the PTB control everything, probably even the courts in a way that enables their enforcement through Exec branch. The “lawmakers” are also totally nullified and the PTB agendas just sail through unchecked while the media entertains the crowds and keeps them incensed about factoids about homosexuals in the military, health care, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

A noticeable thing about lawmakers is that many of them start out bright-eyed and bushy tailed and pretty soon are as jaded as casino bimbos. If you had some structure and communication structure you could a couple of acute investigators finding what makes them almost uniformly turn to the treason outlined, and so rapidly, and get it emblazoned across the sky for everyone to know.

Dr Paul has had the main ideas well prioritized and repeated till the main ones got grooved in with a lot of people. Ideas are what bind people together. But Ideas have a hierarchy and if you let lesser ones dictate action at the expense of the more sweeping ones you will have confusion and misalignment.

In 1776 when there was a battle at hand, you did not argue about the best way to load a gun or where you were going to shoot. You trusted a general for reasons that made sense to you personally before you signed on, and when the SHTF you acted as he directed. You are working now with ideas and communication, but the urgency is there and you need a general or two THAT YOU TRUST ON THE SWEEPING ISSUES (EVEN WHILE DISAGREEING ON FACTOIDS), and you need to get behind them and act. Later you can argue about the niceties of health care and a million other issues.

Kids arrested for lemonade stands; bible studiers arrested for not having licenses; new wars opened on UN and NATO permissions; drone operators virtually declaring their own mini-wars; farmers forced to kill their naturally raised pigs; banks bailed out at the direct expense of the tax-payer; I would say the S has already HTF; there is no need to wait for tomorrow.

Unless you find a way to cohese enough people in a way that gets them to stand up and be counted, you are not likely to win. It is going to need some tough, focused leadership that can get a bunch of liberty-minded rebels to adhere to a limited set of rules rather rigidly so they can maintain their freedoms and later freedom of thought. It’s anomalous but self-evident.

As a British citizen who has

As a British citizen who has not lived in a time where gun ownership was legal (I'm 20), I had almost all my life never got my head around why anyone would want to own a gun. Religiously following the Paul campaign on here, one thing I would always find myself disagreeing with was how you all were so protective over the second amendment. Wouldn't life be a better place where no one except those who protected you had pocket-sized death contraptions? Look at over here, Britain is awesome! ...

The past few weeks has been a real eye opener and I am not too proud to admit that I am still learning.
If there has been one thing to take from the recent gun debate, it's that no matter what laws are adopted in a democratic society, people will still find ways commit violence.
In America, there is a higher murder rate than over here in Britain, but that is simply because guns are readily available. Violent crimes are exponentially higher here than in America because those willing to commit atrocities simply find other tools to do it.

What's it going to be then, eh? A democratic society where we cannot trust our own neighbours to respect another's rights? Or a totalitarian authority?
Obviously, this is a Ron Paul-dedicated website. I am here because of the message of liberty. I want to live in a society where I, as well as my neighbours, are free to do as they please. But this also means having to currently deal with those who cannot respect my rights to live the way I choose in peace, and so it seems the most plausible answer to this, not only to ensure I am not harmed by another member of society, but also to sustain my rights to personal liberty from my government possibly developing into too much of an authoritarian regime, is to have protection.

So this recent gun control debate has, instead of solidifying my view that guns are bad, changed my view to agree that if one is to protect one's self from those who are willing to commit terrible atrocities with weapons against members in their society, one must also be armed with a suitable weapon for protection.

However, although I now feel I would feel much safer with suitable protection here in my county in Britain, I do feel most of Britain would be in favour of disarm. Why? For the simple reason that I had absolutely no idea Britain was named the most violent country in the EU, and has a violent crime rate over 3 times more than in America. No one over here knows how bad our violence is.

World view

Born and reared here in US of A but have traveled extensively. When traveling, care nothing for tourist sites but concentrate on learning about the people, their culture and form of government. Never travel in herds but get a cab with an English speaking driver to take me where I want to go while I ask questions of him. People are delighted that you are interested in their country and open up quite a bit.
Other than an extremely hateful verbal attack by an obviously menopausal German woman while in Central America as to why I [personally?] didn't stop my country's march toward another Nazi Germany, all were polite, friendly and open with their comments.
If they are aware of the oncoming world order, they are looking to us to 'fix' it. Expect us to lead the way. Were hoping Ron Paul would win the presidency.
If unaware, could care less about anything that isn't affecting them personally. [As it is here]
The English I met seemed to embrace socialism with glee but know some who are as freedom loving as we are. Seemed the socialists out numbered the freedom lovers.
The Greeks are freedom loving people, proud of their government. They did not want to join the EU!
They held out as long as they could.
Those who disagreed with some of the policies of our government, did not hold a grudge against the American people. Were kind, hospitable with the exception of the one woman mentioned above.
Never in Australia or the Orient.
Although there often, the French in Paris really don't talk to anyone unless you speak French...fluently. There, don't have a clue.


Thanks to everyone who's weighing in with their views...

...I'm probably closest to your viewpoint on guns - I don't like them, don't have one, don't want one, but I feel good knowing that the criminals in my town know that they don't know who among their potential victims might respond with deadly force. In short:

An armed society is a polite society.

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

Hey I liked your post.

I am an Aussie who lived in the UK for a couple of years, great, funny people. I hope that libertarianism continues to grow in both our countries and you exit the EU. I do hope UKIP go well in your elections even if they are a little less than libertarian than I would hope for.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Netherlands here

In general, people here think americans are a bit nuts when it comes to the gun culture. Showing Alex Jones would make potential emigrants think twice. I personally understand him, I would be pretty okay being his neighbor but hey that was not the question, right?

On the other hand, whenever some soft judge rules in favor of some thugs, or against someone defending his house, or whenever someone (a trend is: firemen, ambulance personnel etc) is assaulted, some will refer to the USA, where "everybody has the right to shoot anyone" with some envy.

Some negative myth/truth (you decide) is that you have to be extremely careful not to get sued for some insane amount as a result of doing something "wrong", where wrong can mean something like trying to save someone bleeding next to the road and not succeeding.

scawarren's picture

You shouldn't be sued if you

You shouldn't be sued if you fail in saving someone because every state here in the U.S. has a 'Good Samaritan' law to protect individuals that aid a victim during a medical emergency. What you stated may have been true in the past but not anymore.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Hey OP got a like to this vid?

Also I've shown Ron Paul vids to my mates here in the UK and they were blown away.

Said he's right on everything and so on...

One even spent days looking up Ron Paul vids.

All the press here tell's it like it is on the U.S economy that the Gov is kicking the can down the road. On guns its just anti american propaganda one side of the story, that gets into peoples heads mostly.

The last best hope...

Let them get your guns however, and it's all over.

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

That's the linchpin

right there.

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

As a fellow Brit I echo this but they can make more.

3D printers are the future.

You can print steel with them those ones they should be affordable in a decade or so...

You have my respect.

I was fortunate enough to visit your country a couple of months ago. Had a tour of York in Maryland as it was once the capitol of the US for a short period and picked up a copy of the declaration of independence. Also got to New York for a few days (made it to Letterman where he said both the presidential nominees were losers before the show, I liked that) Great country and great people.

It is true that those who would like to sterotype Americans as gun toting cowboys have just found there perfect poster boy in Alex Jones. Unfortunately those who have not experienced real america or real americans will be easily swayed by his performance into believing the sterotype.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."