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Alex Jones and Liberty, and the P. Nicholson view ... as well as mine

I understand your politically correct stance.

But do you understand what has happened to America in the Last 40 Years?

Do you think an Argument between Alex Jones with anyone on TV is going to HURT the Liberty movement?

I love Liberty and the Rule of Law. Alex has certainly advanced that.

Alex has NEVER coerced me to do ANYTHING. My government threatens to hold a gun to my head if I don't contribute to killing people for their power, and the destruction of the founding ideas of my country.

P. Nicholson is a long time member here and it surprises me that she doesn't understand what Alex is doing attacking the MSM that has been used to hypnotize America to where we are.

P. Nicholson, there is no quick fix. That is the bad news.

The good news P. Nicholson is that Dr. Paul, G. Edward Griffin, and many others have been pointing out the problem for a long time.

They have done so in a distinguished manner and have woken up a lot of people that respect the truth.

I'm thankful that Alex is taking the message to the establishment. That takes courage for him, but doesn't bind you or me to anything other than the respect for the truth. And if truth isn't your first love, you are part of the problem by playing the game.

Isn't it time for someone to go on TV and tell the truth?

Isn't the message of Truth and Courage more important than your feelings? Are you too worried that people might react by going back into their shell? Those living in their shells are going to become insignificant when everything Dr. Paul and G. Edward Griffin have talked about comes to pass.

Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

God Bless you, and In Liberty,

PS. It's not about Piers, Alex, Ron P, ... it's about America and we each have a part to play. America is about an idea and nothing more.

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