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2013 Silver Shortage becoming apparent

--Gainsville coin - reported out of Silver Eagles (ASE's)
---APEX - 3500 ASE's remaining, had 5800 24 hours ago
---US Mint reports Sales of 2013 ASE's of 4.287 Million in the first 2 sale days of 2013
---ASE's are selling at a strong $6 over spot on eBay.

I'm seeing numerous posts that premiums for 90% silver coin are rising at multiple dealer sites.

I track the online inventory of 100 oz silver bars at APMEX. The current online inventory is only 95 bars (Resupply is usually Mondays and Wednesdays though). I've been tracking these for the better part of two years and the average is 400 to 1500 bars, so at 95 I've never seen it lower. However, there has been a steady decline in the number of these bars in inventory over that time period.

This might be the big one!

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Trading just kicked off - jittery to the up side.


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