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That Alex Jones is Crazy! There is No Reason He Should Have Guns!

This is my last DP post for a while... good luck

I'm pretty amazed at the sheep who say this about Alex Jones. Okay so lets give them that Alex Jones is some "crazy guy" who could at some point shoot up some place because he's so "crazy." He yells and screams and that's why he should be disarmed because he's so "scary."

We are handling these sheep the wrong way. What we need to be saying to them is this:

"Okay, I'll give you that government should take all of our guns away... tomorrow, because of people like Alex Jones. Alright now all our guns are taken away. So now this madman, Alex Jones starts tracking down voters on a killing spree (because that's what madmen do) to beat them with a baseball bat.

Do you really not wanna be armed when he shows up?"

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You been posting how Alex is secretly

anti-second amendment and worse and now suddenly you're his big defender?

Last night you posted this to multiple threads

You're a very suspicious character.


I posted a couple of pretty convincing comments on that yahoo article... went back and looked at them and they were completely buried even though the last few comments were still there.

I think a lot of these mass media corps are stomping anyone's comments who can articulate the insanity of the gun-control agenda.

a boatload of regular...

...longtime DP'ers were downvoted here as well yesterday(stomped on)....I made a comment amongst the fuss(in like the 3rd most hyped Alex Jones thread started), about remembering that the tax to spending ratio in the fiscal cliff bill was 41:1 ....

It got perhaps to +7 up votes, today it's back to +1 .... Why?

There are other things to talk about....

Michael Nystrom's picture

Dude - 30,000 comments on that story

Of course it got buried. Nobody's responding to other people; its not a debate - any more than the TV show was a 'debate.' They're just shouting.

All that being said, I like the idea you present in your OP.