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Will Rand Paul Now Don a Muslim Cap? Robert Wenzel's Question of the Day

After pointing out yesterday that Rand wore a Yarmulke while in Israel, today he asks:

Now that Rand Paul has donned a yamulke will Rand be fair and balanced and don a taqiyah?

Wikipedia explains the tradition:

The taqiyah (also spelt "tagiyah"; Arabic: طاقية‎ / ALA-LC: ṭāqīyah) is a short, rounded cap worn by some observant Muslim men. [...] In the United States and Britain, many Muslim merchants sell the prayer cap under the name kufi. [...] For men, it is mustahabb, which means 'commendable' or 'seeking the love of God', to cover the head during prayer.

His trip is, afterall, to the Middle East and not just Israel. If not, why not?


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Why is this a big deal? Seriously?

If I was a tourist visiting a mosque, I'd expect to take my shoes off. It's only being respectful.