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Which is more important? The economic problems or gun control?

Don't get me wrong, they are both very important. Along with NDAA and FISA and many others. But, which would you consider more important?

My feeling is that if we loose the second amendment then we have no recourse but to allow anything else the elite push on us. It will not matter if they spend even more of the money we don't have, it won't matter if they raise taxes to 100%, it won't matter if they execute people in the middle of the street! We can do nothing but keep quiet about it, unless we want to be executed also.

Everything else depends on keeping the second amendment, including the "Shall not be infringed" in place! (IMO)

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Could be the Military

is just as divided as the country.

The public is not so defenceless as you may have been led to believe. I am an old lady who majored in business, but I could figure out how to make a small pyro bomb with a sack of flour, compressed air and an ignition source.

My son is an engineering major and he builds jet engines in the back yard for a hobby and sport(jet bicycle - jet little cars). He would like to design a tiny aircraft, but we live close to an air base, and he is not sure what the laws are. I am sure he could point one, with some accuracy, into the sky, if he chose. My point is we are just 2 in a population of 300+ million.

You make an interesting point.

There are/were many books published on improvised weapons including IEDs and explosively formed penetrators. The latter slice through armor like it was made of butter.


Educate yourself. Build a library.

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My Biggest Nightmare

is the people who hate our government, who might rush in to help us. We could be snared into a double fight, our own government and the invaders, who come to help.

This happened to Iraq and other nations who find themselves in revolt.

Who is going to save us from our saviors? Just a total nightmare!!!!

Not only that

but there would be a good chance that UN troops would be deployed. How will people react to that? Either way we are in for a nightmare whether a bloody one or a slow sinking die in your servitude one.

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You Are Right


our saviors

no one will come. we have alienated the world!

Tasers are Torture, Deism.com

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More Reason

for them to come. They would like nothing more than to see the US government fall.