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Does the census bureau have the right to search your home?

Today a lady from the Department of Commerce came here cause I would not fill out the census form except for my name.. she came with an Government ID and asked to be let in.. I told her no.. she said I had to and I refused again.. So she started asking me questions like name etc.. I only responded wiht my name and that I was male and told her the interview was finished.. Are they going to come here again?? And what the heck was that about.. I am a private person and don't have time nor the desire to tell them much about me.. it felt highly intrusive.. I got her card.. Should I lodge some sort of complaint??

Has this happend to anyone here??

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thats odd

when i offered a census worker to come inside they declined and even saidthey werent supposed to.

here is my story: http://www.dailypaul.com/140566/how-i-clobbered-the-census-w...

The Census worker that came

The Census worker that came to my place came on a day that was just horrible with wind and rain and basically it was super nasty. I gave them the required information as per the Constitution. They asked for other information, I politely refused, and offered the worker a cup of coffee which they accepted. We sat and chatted for a while. The person was super nice, understood my reservations and after finishing their coffee bid me adieu and went about their business.

Guess it just depends on where you are how much of jerks they are :)

Remember this:

In the 2000 census I sent the

In the 2000 census I sent the form back with only the number of people living at my house (1). Since I live alone I have no idea how many "follow up" visits there might have been, but as I was returning home one day a guy came from across the street and asked if I lived here. When I said "yes" he identified himself as a census worker and said he needed some more information to complete the form. I explained to him that the constitution provided for a counting of the people and nothing more, he told me I could be assessed a fine ($250 I think he said). I told him "that's ok, who do I make the check out to?" He left and I never got assessed any fine!

In 2010 I did the same thing, and I got 2 follow ups that I know of. Neither lady asked if she could come inside nor did either of them threaten me with a fine. The both seemed to accept my answer that I had already provided the information that they needed for the constitutional purpose of the census, but they may very well have asked my neighbors questions about me without my knowledge.

Sure they do...

if they like cold steel on their cheeks

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LoL! Bump for

Absolute Truth!

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

I had

That happen to me, they sent five different Census workers. I gave them my name and they kept sending them because they said the questionaire form was not complete. Then they sent a young pretty girl and they thought that would get me to talk, i didn't even open the door. I haven't heard from them since and i'm not afraid they will come to my house if they do let them i fear no man only God. I'm more pissed and angry then anything at how this government is violating our freedoms and privacy. But it's because the freaking sheeple don't care enough to do anything.

Government depts. sharing info

One commenter said the Census Bureau can not share any of the info with other government agencies. Our census worker, who was very nice and polite and understanding went over all of that with us, though we still refused to fill out any other info other than the question about whether or not we owned our home. We answered yes, we own our home. But didn't answer any of the other questions.

Lo, and behold, a few weeks later we get a call from a government agency wanting us to consider government financing for our mortgage. "How did you know to call us and ask us this?" my husband replied. The answer from the representative: "We have our sources." He said "No thanks" and hung up. I told him he should have pressured her to reveal her "sources" or ask for her supervisor.

We have been getting the harassing phone calls, since we didn't fill out the whole form. My husband talked to them today, again, and said it was an invasion of privacy and he was not comfortable answering any more questions. The caller said they would pass our info to their supervisor but couldn't guarantee we wouldn't be called again. Grrr. I'm sick of it, but still refuse to give in to this invasion of privacy. Next call, WE will be asking why our information about home ownership was given to another government agency to then try to "finance" our home. NO WAY!! will the government be holding the ownership of my home. I'll take my chances with a private bank.

Here is something else...

I mailed in my census...

number of people

The Census Field worker comes to my door.

JOYCE was VERY NICE and polite and I was VERY NICE and polite back.

I answered AGE, SEX and RACE. That's it.

She said she understood and moved on.

A few days later, I find out that she left my door and immediately walked to the house across the street.

The 17 year old neighbor answered the door.

JOYCE asked, "are your parent's home?" The 17 year old said yes, but her mother was on the phone.

JOYCE then begins to ask the 17 year old personal questions

ABOUT US!!!!!!!!!

The mother (who although on the phone could hear what was going on) came FLYING down the stairs and told JOYCE off.

JOYCE told her that she had instructions from her boss that if she could not get personal information from someone...to snoop around and ask the neighbors.

Now I have never been in my neighbor's home and they have never been in mine. They are wonderful people...but we just don't know each other past a first name basis.

Again, I had already answered the questions that I decided they needed to know.

AND JOYCE knew I did not want the other questions answered.

This is America today? Where you are investigated???

And what happen to ACCURACY?

This is wrong and the LAW needs to be changed.

Yes, the government already has all this information in 100 places.... in a society where Identity Theft is RAMPANT....why put it in the hands of one more?

Is the government going to guarantee that this temporary minimum wage individual will not use what they collect for their own purposes?


Ready for COMMON SENSE to replace whatever is running our society today.

Has not happened to me

Has not happened to me because I filled out the First question of the census. This question is mysteriously asked as the first question. It is also mysteriously asked inside of a SHADED, SQUARE Box of the census form. As a matter of fact, NO OTHER question is singled out in any other way on this census form...
Things that make one want to investigate....... ☺

I rest my case.

Oh... P.S. I filled out only #1. no Name, no gender... nadda.. Grow juevos and just say "NO".

thats what I did.. 5 people

thats what I did.. 5 people live here and then I wrote. under the constitution you do not have the right to any other information.

You don't have the authority to interpret the US Constitution

Only the US government, via the US Supreme Court, gets to interpret what the US Constitution means. It's right in the US Constitution.

Kind of dumb when you think about it. It is simply the strongest most violent bullies declaring that they get to declare what their rules mean. And you'll deal with it and pay for it, or else.

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That's the big lie.

"We The People..."
Read it and use it, even in it's wounded state.

Undo what Wilson did

Don't forget, the states

Don't forget, the states still have the right to form a constitutional convention and abolish the federal government if it should come to it.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

A battle is brewing between

A battle is brewing between the state and federal governments over a Census taker arrested in Puna for misdemeanor trespassing.


"The version in the police report is starkly different," he continued. "Essentially, Mr. Haas went on private property as a Census worker. He was asked by the property owner to leave. Upon the request to leave, Mr. Haas basically started waving the Census forms and telling the property owner, 'You don't own the property until you fill out these forms.' The guy asked him to leave several times. Mr. Haas refused, saying he was a federal agent and he had the right to be on the property. And it was only when he was threatened with the police being called that he went to wait outside the gate.

"The police came later. They asked Mr. Haas several times to leave. He started yelling at the police, saying that he was a federal agent and that they didn't have jurisdiction over them. They said, 'Leave or we're going to arrest you.' He said, 'I'm not going,' so they arrested him."

Hopefully this article about

Hopefully this article about the arrest of a Hawaii newspaper answers some questions.

Come on now

I can't believe you asked that. Do you think the librarian from your community library can come to your home to find an overdue book without a search warrant? There is absolutely no reason or authority for them to search your home, unless they have a search warrant and are working with the authorities for some reason, but census workers are simply temporary paid government workers that are out to take information only.

2010 census

the dept. of commerce is in charge of the u. s. census. the census taker are told not to enter a home. they have no reason to be inside. if they insist, get their name, id number, and local census office phone number. call immediately!

one reason not to enter a home is safety. another is accusations. recently a local census taker was inside a home and when she left she was accused of stealing the woman's wallet. who needs to worry about either of those things? certainly not me.

I've had this lingering

I've had this lingering suspicion for a long time that there are way way more people in the US than what the so-called "census" says.

It's probably closer to 400 million than 300 million.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

Louisiana is trying to sue the Federal Government

Louisiana has lost seats in the House of Representatives. Louisiana contends that the practice of including illegal aliens in census totals favors states such as California and Texas with more representation in Congress at Louisiana's expense.

I agree with you, and

I also think we have more like 60-70 million that are here illegally, and are using our roads, do not pay taxes, are on welfare, and social security. It is a slap in the face to the American people and our country that these people can get away with it, and they do it by simply saying Americans are racists if we do not give them benefits, and let them live here without going through the normal, and proper immigration procedures.

Americans, for some odd

Americans, for some odd reason, are one of the few countries where people actually get upset at racism. Most countries in the world are extremely racist. They don't see it as a problem. It's perfectly natural for people to want to associate with their own kind. For some reason, Americans see it as abnormal, twisted, harmful, and they blow it way out of proportion.

If anything, political correctness and attempts to stamp out racism have created more of a race problem than if it had simply been left alone for society to deal with in the natural manner.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

Contact with my children

What do we do when it's more than 3, then? Or is it 3 per person? I just got back into town to find that my teenager (left here with an elderly grandparent) had been sternly told we were going to be fined $5,000 if we didn't send back the ACS. She's been traumatized for three days now, worried sick about us losing our home over this. What a crappy thing to do, when my daughter was OBVIOUSLY not the responsible party, and told the worker I was out of town. This is the fifth or sixth visit; this time with a computer generated note with a graphic of the Dept of Commerce that says, "I am required to make contact with an adult member of this household and am obligated to return until contact is made."

Is there a complaint to be made here regarding my child, or am I better off just not answering the door for the next month?

When she first came, we gave her the number of people in our household. She was pushy, bordering on rude (where do they get these people?), and we thanked her and closed the door.

contact with children

census takers are told that they can obtain info from anyone as young as 15. there should be no intimidation. we are instructed to make 3 personal visits to obtain info.
if you feel you were done an injustice contact the local census office. the phone number is supposed to be on the info they left with you. you can also find it at www.census.gov
all of your house info should be on the notice of visit left at your home. it tells us the ID of your house, the block on our map, the local office ID, the managers group ID, etc.
if you have this and call, the office will know who was at your door and can take what ever actions necessary to resolve the problem.

Here's why I won't be giving

Here's why I won't be giving them anything other than the number of people.


Here's why I won't be giving

not a bad idea.
just remember the govt has more info on you than you think

yesterday i was shocked

to learn that a census person visited my friend and repeatedly demanded to know their phone # and DOB.

after my friend persistently refused to answer those particular questions, the census person left with a warning that they will return for that information and gave his business card.

on the card he wrote: "need phone # and DOB. will return."

he said it was a "bad situation" and the whole experience made him extremely nervous. mind you, this was long after he already answered the # of residents in the household question.

i told him to report him, but i don't think he is going to.

Here's the deal...

I too had misgivings about filling out the census form and I waited until the last minute to do so.

BUT...Since I believe in the Constitution, and it IS the law of the land, I decided to abide by it and fill out the census.

In the end I didn't feel they were really asking intrusive questions anyway.

Plus I didn't want some government worker at my door.

So if I were you, I would just choose another battle and fill out the form.

My brother refused to fill his out and when the census worker came he told him that since the government doesn't follow the constitution then why should he?

So the guy took some notes and left.

Even though my brother definitely has a valid argument, 2 wrongs don't make a right.

Bottom line for me: I can't hardly preach the Constitution if I don't abide by it myself.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul