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Witness Protection Program - The Path to Liberty

Do you want a solution that does not involve a politician?

Did you know that most courts REALLY don't want to mess with someone who has 20-30 people that show up with them to a hearing? How would you like to have that kind of backup the next time you need them?

Please listen to intro #1 here and if it makes sense to you... please join our witness program and spread the word. If the people aren't able to be their "brother's witness" in court as spectators (public trial) then referees (enforcing the rules of the game) can become judges (dictating what the law is) when in fact the jury is the lawful judge.

If you would like to join the program and/or have a hearing scheduled email me (my DP id)@yahoo.com or PM me with subject "Witness Protection Program."

There's plenty of evidence of corruption already exposed. Why are we expending so much energy exposing more? If there were ANY "Attorneys At Law" (BAR members) that weren't swimming in profit or scared to death of bucking the system don't you think justice would have been served by now?

Can the cold hard truth of the statement above be made any clearer by this video below? Nearly everyone in a position of political power is a BAR member. Is there any way to clear them out by VOTING?


What we need are some REAL Lawyers to defend the American People and witnesses to back up those Lawyers. The real Law is actually quite simple. It is the BAR association and National Lawyers Guild who have veiled it and monopolized the "law" for their own obscene profits.

If just 10% of the visitors to Daily Paul would get involved we could make a very REAL measurable impact that would be seen in a very real FEAR of any public servant violating the rights of the people. As a general rule - almost NO BAR member will take on a public official unless the PTB has decided that public official has to go. Plainly said: The good guys are sitting in prison.

As a caveat to this post it should be noted that there has NEVER been a BAR member who has contacted me and tried to set the record straight regarding WHAT they stand for which is COMMUNISM. I urge you to stop asking someone else what the Law is and instead rally your community behind the few who are willing to learn and by all means PLEASE do not become BAR members!

If you can do your homework on the FEDERAL RESERVE, the business cycle, foreign policy, the constitution, Austrian economics and individual rights, how hard would it be to simply memorize the video below? If you could... you'd be a Lawyer and an UNDEFEATED PRO!


Ready? Set... GO!

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Is this worthy

of a bump?

This is brilliant.

This is brilliant. If you can get enough people to show up in court for strangers.

PM if interested in participating.

Gotta start somewhere.

bumping and bookmarking to . . .

look this over--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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I would like to say that voting and exposing corruption is still worth the work. You are right though, there are other solutions that should be looked into. This one is something I will do some more research on later this evening, but so far it sounds beneficial.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

How do you figure voting is a solution

when votes are counted secretly? What good is voting if the PTB "takes care of the counting." When they started installing these electronic voting machines I was SURE that there was no way American's would stand for not having paper ballots... not counted in public view... and not having any reliability to recount:


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Yeah, I have seen that video a few times. I am thinking more on smaller local levels where few people vote and there is less fraud.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

The only vote that matters to the people

is the sheriff. Nobody else in government can - by law... have ANY EFFECT on the people whatsoever.

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This is how I figure that much

I do understand a lot of elections include voting fraud. Look at what we were able to pull off in MI with Amash though...

Now, I am thinking more on a local level anyways. If we can vote some good candidate into local levels and other counties and cities see that things are working out better in those areas, they might take notice. Then I feel like it can spread from there.

I have no delusions of grandeur. I never thought for a second Ron Paul would be our next President. But I campaigned for him fiercely just the same.

I responded before I watched your youtube video so I will come back in a minute after I watch it to comment on that.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

All politics is local

The people are not even supposed to care about the federal "government." Our form of "government" has been so watered down in this country. You got voters in new york city having effect on voters in Texas C/O Obama. We're supposed to have nation states. Instead we have just states. 50 separate laboratories of freedom is what the founders envisioned (okay maybe not 50 but you know). The people are supposed to be focused on state DELEGATES (btw) - not anyone in the federal "govt" - the delegates are then supposed to (in a RE-Public) vote for their congressional DELEGATES. This way you can't have election fraud... all the state delegates' votes are published.

FYI- Represent means to "personate" - Personate means to "appear in the person or character of another without their consent or knowledge, in feigned character in order to DECEIVE.

That's what your Attorney does when they "represent" you.
That's what your representative does when you REGISTER to vote regardless of if you voted for them or not.

And these attorney's just laugh at the "dumb Americans" because they can't even follow the word to "personate" which is a SYNONYM of "represent."

Look up "attorn" in black's law (4th) it's basically the act of stealing!


Nobody here, hi, I discuss solutions.

This witness protection program sounds like one of many excellent solutions and the obvious need to have more than one, and more than two acting cooperatively, and moving more toward 12 people (as in a Jury) acting cooperatively, and 20 to 30 sounds fantastic, and in history 100 was a good number of people approaching "The Mob" that so many people have been brainwashed into thinking about negatively.

Who, among the readership, has any trouble, personally, with too much injury by people with badges?

How soon will that number reach a point where enough people are banding together effectively for mutual support against injury by counterfeit government?

I don't know, but I've been working to inform people about the current situation, and workable solutions for over 20 years. So far I've found a handful of people willing to discuss any solution.

Witness protection programs sound very good to me, thanks for the effort.

How can someone find 20 or 30 other people to agree to such a thing when so few people are falling victim to counterfeit government all in the same place at the same time?

Will such a thing as a witness protection program fail to materialize except in cases where 20 or 30 people all happen to be in as much obvious trouble as each other, kind of like a 12 step program support group thing?


It's all on the court record

and the court record is a matter of public record :)

There's lots of people getting injured by counterfeit government and the courts have already organized and categorized all the cases. Think about foreclosures for instance. Then there's all kinds of crazy code enforcement cases... etc etc... grab their contact information and go talk to them.


I resonded to the claim

The claim of not finding anyone to discuss the topic can be cut and pasted if needed.

I think your viewpoint is precious, valuable, reasonable, inspiring, useful, productive, defensive, honorable, honest, and most importantly it is accurate.

You don't need to sell me with the concept.

I was offering my viewpoint as to why the sales (gaining currency) efforts of the concept may be proceeding at a less than desirable rate.

20 or 30 people, Minute Men (and Women), focused to be cooperative in the battle where defense against injury (by counterfeit government agents) is a necessity, more so as things get worse, less so as what I like to call The Canaries in the Coal Mine run out of defensive power like running out of oxygen.

What is the old saying?

We all stand together or we all hang separately?


Dictators dictate

I signed up on the e-mail list and I heard a lot of words.

I prefer the "animated contest of freedom" or competition, or competitive viewpoints competing to improve perspective by using that process.

The Witness Protection idea still sounds great, but the progress along that path appears to be typically backwards; which is fine, sometimes 2 steps backwards are required to take one step forward and all things are relative including the concept of arresting many steps backwards as if running off a cliff, so two steps backwards is far better than running as fast as possible the wrong way.

My suggestion with The Witness Protection Program, take it or leave it, is to organize the information in an order that can index the information offered to potential users that are specific to the needs of the potential user.

I can try desperately to explain what I mean, but words in English are duplicitous to a point of near nonsense - English is a dull tool.

Dullards use dull tools - I suppose.

If the enemy is Foreign Criminals hiding behind a False Front known as Admiralty Law, which I think is true, just look at any False Flag in any of the Union Shops, where the Gold frills surround the American Flag.

If that be true then...

Non-Union specialists, who may not want to be labeled "lawyers", and who may want to be called Common Law Professors, whatever, the name isn't the thing, and the actions count, so if these Common Law Professors offer information specific to specific concerns, then the information aught to be well organized - it seems to me.


Person A is FED up with "Federal Income Tax" because Person A will soon be homeless or worse as Criminals from the Union Shops, the same Criminals running Admiralty "Law", have targeted Person A, and so Person A seeks a competitive solution to the clear and present danger knocking on the door Person A thought was his castle in Common Law.

Person A looks for remedy concerning a specific concern so Person A types in a search feature programmed into The Witness Protection Process and the specific concern is connected to the specific remedy.

Does that make sense, or am I just asking for my character to be assassinated with more lies?


well said.

I think they should seek instead of knowing what they know. I'm not sure if they know what they're knowing and not seeking.



"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

I gotta tell ya celeste

I'm real close to giving up on this Daily Paul effort. Nobody wants to talk about solutions. The only thing I'm doing is risking my life and then I'll just fade away and nobody will give a crap what happened to me. All we need to stand up and unite and we can solve these problems.

I'm done here. If I get some response from this maybe I'll come back... but even in light of the current crazy gun talk around here people are just too scared to talk about any solutions.

Everyone is engulfed in the problems. The things I'm proposing make perfect sense and all most people around here wanna talk about is how can we go vote on rigged machines to elect the right man for some office who will tell them everything they wanna hear.

So... adios... for now. If you guys want me back let me know by joining the program. If not the Daily Paul is just a complete waste of my time. I can help a lot more people working with individuals on a case by case basis. I've been devoting more attention to the Daily Paul because I've been hoping to spread the solutions on a wider scale.

It just seems like that's not going to happen. By and large maybe I get a few positive comments but almost nobody actually gets involved. All they wanna do is talk about how bad things are and which politician to vote for who will fix it.

Good luck...

"I'm real close to giving up"

"I'm real close to giving up on this Daily Paul effort. Nobody wants to talk about solutions."

Anarchists offer no solutions, and you're right to think that an Anarchist is wasting his time masquerading as a Libertarian and using us to serve their agenda. Don't get angry at the people who want solutions, or for not listening to your failed ideas. The only reason governments exist is because your ideas fail and you offer no solutions that work.

Even if you could somehow win and get rid of everything you blame for injustice, you'd lose, because you didn't know what the problem was, and wanted to SET THAT PROBLEM LOOSE in a free market of violence serving the principle of self interest.

Your ideas are losing ideas; undesirable, impossible, and indefensible. Your solutions are losing solutions. Justice is the solution. Defending liberty with force is the solution, and justice only works as long as liberty is what the people desire.

When you're ready to do something besides blame government force, we'll be waiting. When you realize that when you get rid of government, collective force will STILL rule the world, and all you wanted was to create a world where might makes right in a free market of violence, we'll be waiting.

You COULD be so much more, and I WANT you to be, but you just can't get over your failed solutions.

"The things I'm proposing make perfect sense"

No, they don't, and if they did you wouldn't have this problem on your hands and be so close to giving up.

"I can help a lot more people working with individuals on a case by case basis."

Everybody wants their own liberty, but not everybody will defend another persons liberty. Anarchism only works debating individuals on a case by case bases because they need to make sure they're dealing with somebody who can't make the case for a collective defending liberty with justice.

"Freedom, liberty, and their common defense." - It's not as easy as it sounds.

The Daily Paul is a hard place to operate for an Anarchist, just like the real world, unless you can pull a guy to the side and do what nihilists do, destroy any and all concept of meaning or what solutions might have value, and steering people towards destruction rather than winning ideas.

Consider the Anarchist Kool Aid stand CLOSED here at the DP.

I'm not going to sit here and watch my fellow Libertarians get led onto a sandy beach where they die in the light of day under the weight of their own blubber.


I am bumping this for more discussion. I am going to need a little more time myself to look into what you are proposing.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain