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A 2nd Amendment for CHINA?

So Im reading my liberty minded friend's heated facebook debate with a first generation Chinese-American.

Comment your thoughts.

TIM: By the way, do you think that the citizens of China should bear arms?

DAVE: Yes I do think Chineese should own guns, China wouldnt get away with a tenth of the shit they do to those people. Just because people are poor or non analogous to the US does not mean they should be denied Lberty. If I could have mailed this guy an AR-15 with a 100rd drum-clip I would have. Those who hammer their swords into plowshares wind up plowing for those who kept their swords.

TIM:I asked you that question to gauge what you know. Dave, I will go easy on you because I am assuming you pulled that last answer out of your ____. (not trying to be mean now bc this is the only expression that fits) and I did not expect you to know the answer.

Before I answer, let me say a few things about my father. As much as I hate him, he is a very intelligent man. He was chosen as the best student in his class to come study in America. I'm sure you know how competitive schools are in China. Besides book smarts, my father also amassed a fortune in his older years when he owned and ran three auto dealerships. So aside from history and politics I learn on my own, I also learn from him.

When we talk about China, you must first really acknowledge what it is to be a humongous, third world, vastly overpopulated country. Please let that sink in. For example, people there use cash because a credit system would never work. There are just too many people and there would be too much fraud and the government will not be able to control that level of crime.

China gets a lot of flack for censorship. But they have it in place to prevent rebellion and ultimately, violence. Violent uprisings are catastrophic. If you were a government official, what would you do? Keep in mind that the masses are uneducated and like all people, they are looking for someone to blame.

When the government tried to alleviate problems, like with the 1 child law, they are criticized like hell. By the way, this law does not apply to farmers or people who can afford more than one child (for example, my aunts and uncles are allowed to have more than one child bc they are upper middle class). The law is only in place to help control the vast, uncontrollable population. Imagine 1.3 billion people. We are 300 million in America and we're wealthy. We are still crazy fucks. Imagine 1.3 billion in a third world setting.

And Dave, you want to give them guns? If you we're the leader of China, do you honestly think that is a good idea? Or do you think that maybe, just maybe, you didn't think your answer through? Bc giving the citizens guns would be disastrous. You are posing your ideals into a situation where they will not work. Just the same, you have made comparisons in your former posts that are simply not analogous.

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this hits home for me a little bit

I am half Chinese myself. But my family has a much different perspective then your father (Tim). My mother is part of the first generation of my family to come to the US. My Chinese family has fled from genocide, not once but twice. First time my family had to flee from China to Vietnam because Moa had ordered the death of anyone who owned a business in the countryside where my family had lived. He had already taken over businesses in the cities at this point from my understanding. There was no negotiations or attempt from Mao to buy and nationalize these businesses in a peaceful manner. Granted even if their was, the people were not going to give up their livelihood willy nilly. Mao and his goons were just going to take what they wanted so they killed anyone in their way. Even small family run village rice mills like the one my family had owned were targeted. To avoid being slaughtered they had to leave everything behind and fled to vietnam. They were the lucky ones. Unfortunately communism followed them their. When communists, funded by China, started wiping out business owners in North Vietnam (and and many others), it was time to pack up and head down river. Luckily for my family my mother, working as a translator was already married to my father (American USAID worker) long before the war started. She was able to make the connections to get our family out of there. (I'm not condoning the US military's involvement in Vietnam, just telling a story. USAID in those days was about building bridges. Literally. And roads. Helping businesses get there goods from the country sides to market and to port so trade with the US could be conducted. And so US goods could also be eventually traded in vietnam. This was when USAID workers actually went out on the field and worked with locals and not bureaucrats). My family was on neither side of this war in Vietnam. They weren't Vietnamese. They just wanted to survive. So here they all are in the US. All my Chinese cousins have gone to college and all have done well for themselves. And they did it without goverment wellfare I might add. 2 of my cousins are confirmed Ron Paul supporters! Oddly enough, the "white" side of the family are mostly neocons.....they're from Boston,go figure. They were either going to be neocons or progressives. Nystrom is still a minority in that state =( regarding political views. Seeing how the Gov in Mass is killing off that state, my family their is at least pretending to hate big gov as neocons lol.

No offense but your father (or Tim) seems like an indoctrinated fool. I can tell you right now, had the villagers and the millions that were slaughtered or displaced by Moa been armed with the same weaponry they were killed by, China may be a very different country right now. Moa, prior to these slaughters had been running a disarming campaign.

The agenda in china really hasn't changed. It's just harder to hide truths in this day and age so they can no longer get away with mass murder as easily. Unless you are upper middle class or part of China's elite class, you pretty much aren't worth sh!t to the government other then being a resource to be dictated to. Hong Kong maybe fairly lese fair in the business sector, but socially Hong Kong is oppressive.

My Chinese family (the ones still alive) have mentioned they are seeing similar trends happening here in the US as what happened in China and Vietnam. The Americans that are concerned and worried are the smart ones they say.



"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

talked to a chinese underground church pastor

Just two months ago. The chinese had put him in prison for a combined total of over 20 years. The chinese government is completely and totally corrupt but they have all the guns. He flatly told me that if the people had guns there would no longer be a communist party. Furthermore the one child thing depends on the area of china you are in. There are some places where they dont care at all because the leader of that region ticked off the party and was sent to the middle of no where to live in obscurity until they die, so they dont care as long as they can skim off the top. But in other places there is a rising star in the communist party and pregnant women have to keep there paper work on them at all times and if they are caught without their paper work are dragged off to get an abortion, this is done so that some government official can prove his loyalty to the party. Furthermore there are state "christian" churches where the state literally gives the "pastors" their "sermon" and they stay during the service to make sure that he gives their message, but other than that Christians are severely persecuted in china.

But they make Nikes

so brutal racist Communist state is okay.

That was Hitler and Stalin's downfall. They didn't make action figures or iPods.

"Made in Dachau" would be as innocuous as "Made in Macau"

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden