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The ONLY place on the web to find America's REAL history

I don’t know what to tell you other than, “this is the REAL American history”, as told by the Acts of Congress. For several YEARS, Congress passed and renewed, “An Act to ban the exportation of certain rifles and artillery and ammunitions and to encourage the importation of the same”, prior to the war of 1812. Can there be any doubt that they knew it was coming?

This is the ONLY place you will find the Statutes At Large in a PDF format to download. Get them while you can. I expect that the PTB will do all they can to remove this from the web.

If you home school, this is a MUST. If you care about your country, this is a MUST. If you want “change”, this is a MUST.

“That THIS Constitution AND THE LAWS made under it SHALL be the SUPREME law of the land”. What a concept. You’ve heard about them, but sadly, you were NEVER taught how to apply them.

FORGET about ALL the claims made against you by cities, counties, and States. Start thinking ABOVE that line.

I cannot express in word the MANY THANKS AND APPRICIATIONS I have for the endless work being carried on in Tom’s name at Truth Attack dot org. The link is on their site.

Note to Michael: PLEASE, get a link to this info on your site!

As requested here's the link:

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Polite Suggestion:

You might update your OP above with a specific link to the information you are trying to get others to download.

There is a LOT of information on that site Clay, is there a specific page or link you want us to see?

If so, can you update your initial post with a link, so people actually have some idea of what you're talking about?


Link is up. I hope everyone

Link is up. I hope everyone takes the time to check out the rest of the site and leave a note of thanks...

Thanks Clay!

That helps a lot :)

Get it all while you can and download!!

You know they want you ignorant and stupid.

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and welcome back

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Thank,Truth Attack. Someone,

Thank,Truth Attack. Someone, or many, spent a lot of time at the scanner....

I'm not "back" yet...

Dial-up !

The modern day 'slow- death'.



Truth Attack dot org as was

Truth Attack dot org as was stated in the O.P.