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White House Petition: Impeach Sen. Dianne Feinstein for violating her oath

Personally, I believe these petitions are pointless, but some people seem to pay attention to them.

"Impeach Sen. Diane Feinstein for violating her oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, re: AWB

Sen. Diane Feinstein has announced that she will be introducing new gun legislation in Jan 2013. The proposals of this legislation are in direct contradiction to both the spirit and letter of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Her blatant disregard for the rights of citizens, and willingness to make criminals of a large number of law abiding gun owners, needs to be addressed."


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Yeah, right...

...how STUPID do people have to be to SIGN these things (or even create an "account" on the White House web-site) ?????

Personally, I am fine with the target I likely already have on my forehead!!

As a CA voter,

I would add my signature to real impeachment proceedings. WH petitions? Yeah right, is right.

Idiotic. You don't impeach Senators.

The Senate can vote to expel a member.

Maybe in her State, she can be recalled by the voters.

The proper petition would be to ARREST her for various crimes with the introduction of her bill, most notably, Breach of the Peace, Felony (attempting to disrupt the lawful exercise of a constitutionally protected right), and Treason. (disarmament being an overt act of "aid and comfort" to our enemies, also itself an overt Act of War)

I agree

These petitions are Sheeple Fodder.

I posted this FYI only. (Notice how Dianne is spelled Diane in the petition)

That being said, +31k Americans have taken the time to sign it, so...