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A Friend in Need - Update

Several of you have asked for an update and due to some recent health scares of my own, I have not updated you here. I apologize for not doing so. I have been fighting the bureaucratic Veterans Hospital on behalf of Jim and I am afraid this is just going to get worse with Obamacare. Here is what I sent to the meetup group 2 days ago. I hope this will suffice.

Jim Uprichard PO Box 20424 Reno, NV 89515

this has all been posted with his permission.

"Dear Liberty Family,

I thought it was time to update you on our good friend Jim Uprichard’s progress and lack thereof. First of all, I personally want to thank Dr. Nick Riley for all of his assistance and again, Margie for all of the food. Also, thank you for all who have prayed for Jim’s healing.

We did not know the initial reports of Jim’s accident for quite some time. However, the latest information reported an SUV was directly in front of Jim. They were driving down a 6 lane road when a car in front of the SUV missed a turn into a Target store and was apparently backing up in the middle lane. The SUV slowed drastically and this caused Jim to hit the back of the SUV. Several witnesses reported the car backing up took off, leaving Jim lying on the pavement. The people in the SUV stayed and reported this to the police. Jim was on a ventilator and his prognosis was dire. I posted a link below for a chip-in.

Dr. Nick has helped to keep Jim’s deltoid muscle from atrophy. Jim has seen him once per week and has had pain relief. Jim is rarely taking any pain medication and his pain level has dropped enormously. If anyone is experiencing any back, neck, or shoulder pain, please consider allowing Dr. Riley to assist you. He is a true patriot and calls the radio stations quite often to tell him his opinion of our current crisis in Washington. Jim cannot stop raving about how “great” he is and how much he has helped him. His range of motion has improved a great deal, but has a long way to recovery. Dr. Riley’s contact is at the bottom of the page. Thank you Nick, you are “awesome”! Jim has a great attitude.

Margie has been to Jim’s home quite often to help him with his food needs. She has been a true hero. Margie has supplied him with probably 90% of his food in the past months. Jim still is unable to drive and being such an independent patriot himself, it has been a challenge waiting for someone to take him for coffee, run an errand, or pay some bills. Thank you very much for all of your assistance, Margie. I know Jim appreciates you and he would not be eating as well without you and your generosity.

Tory, thank you for the set up with Dean Heller's office, the dinner, and the trip to Costco. "You are a great friend!"

I have made it to about 90% of his appointments and a meal once or twice a week, but it has been a slight challenge since I have taken up homeschooling, have my own health concerns, and live much farther away. However, I have been more than happy to help Jim. He is a good person and a true fighter for our cause. I feel helpless in dealing with the bureaucratic nonsense.

Currently, I am still battling the VA. I had an appointment for Jim’s eye on November 19th and the notes from that appointment took three weeks to arrive to the VA. I have spent many hours on the phone with the various offices regarding his eye and have made what I feel is little progress. Every time we think progress is being made and steps are going in the right direction we have set backs as I mentioned above. The paperwork involved with them is frightening; to say the least. The amount of phone calls, faxes, emails to the VA to get a test or an appointment for all of his challenges have been enormous. Countless of hours have been spent talking to them. Jim is still seeing double and gets dizzy quite often. He has had times when he has been riding as a passenger and thought another car was coming head on. They say that if he would have had the surgery two to three weeks after the accident he would have had an excellent chance at a full recovery. Now, his chances have gone down to about 50% with a 1% chance his eye will go completely dark. I have talked to several doctors in the area and only one would take him as a patient.

Jim recently received a test for his memory and it is still not good, but continues to have improvement. He has learned to take a lot of notes and leave himself a schedule on his phone. I have sent him videos to remind him of exercises he needs to do. I also requested his doctor’s give him anything in writing to help him remember. This all helps. However, he has a long recovery to be able to remember order of things, Dr.’s names, appointments, etc… We were working quite a bit with Chia seeds, avocado, soft boiled eggs, etc. to assist Jim with this, while he was staying at my home. I think this helped quite a bit.

If you remember, Jim dislocated his shoulder and his scapula, he broke his humerus in 4 places and has a metal plate and 14-3.5 inch screws. With Dr. Riley’s assistance and a tens unit that I loaned him his range of motion has improved. However, since the VA cannot handle his injuries he has been sent to Reno Orthopedic Clinic. The doctor there has disagreed with the VA and do not believe that Jim’s deltoid is firing. If Jim cannot get it to fire they will be unable to perform a surgery on his shoulder, which would be a replacement. This may take 6 months. In the meantime, Jim will need to move from his home and he cannot lift anything with his left arm. (his dominate arm) We are willing to help him move when he needs us.

Recently he has also had an x-ray of his thumb and we are waiting on those results. Hopefully this will be sooner than later.

I know many of you know Jim and of his countless of hours calling, rallying, canvassing, and just talking about Dr. Paul. He has spent a lot of time informing others, calling our representatives, and writing letters to assist us. We need him. I know he has been in your thoughts and prayers and I hope you will continue to call, email, or pick him up for a cup of coffee or a trip to the post office. I know prayers work. If anyone would be willing to give Margie a break for the food or pick him up for his weekly appointment to Dr. Riley’s office this would be greatly appreciated. He really needs to go 2 times per week. Monday and Wednesday would probably work, but it can be worked around anyone’s schedule for this.

Dr. Nick Riley’s office (775)829-8686, please consider giving him a call. Jim can be reached at (775)224-4427. I know some of you know a lot more of Jim’s friends than I do, please pass this information on to them. I am requesting any continued prayers, phone calls just to say hello, possibly a meal break for Margie, and maybe a trip to run an errand. If you are willing to help this would be wonderful. This has been a full-time job for me. It has slowed, but we are just in waiting mode, like sitting on a runway.

Jim’s medical bills have come in and are unbelievable. I have started another chip-in. If anyone would be willing to post this on facebook, dailypaul, or anywhere, it would be fantastic. Thank you in advance.

Here is the link: http://jimknowledgeequalsfreedom.chipin.com/jim-uprichard-me... "

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Remember Jim went to the Republican Convention in Tampa

and was a delegate for Ron Paul. He voted for Ron Paul and faced the GOP head on. Thank you.