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Another local action hero exposes the underbelly of our so called ‘law enforcement’.

Ever heard of 28 yr. old Andrew Henderson? Full-time evening employee of some company? 'Little Canada'? Ramsey County? (Where the hell is that? USA, somewhere.)

Anyway, me neither. He’s not a WeAreChange activist, but in my humble opinion, he’s where the important action is happening — our little communities, like, the west Texas town that decided to arm it’s teachers immediately after Sandy Hook; the PA town, pop. 865, that’s about to vote on a law that prohibits the state and Federal govt. from taking their guns, etc., this is where it’s happening. No debate, no discussion, just action-oriented heroes who cherish their guaranteed freedom and liberty.

So I didn’t want Andrew’s ongoing ordeal to slip through the cracks. When citizens have to explain the law to the law enforcers, we've got a problem.

'Little Canada' man videotaped sheriff's deputies, and got charged for it