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Mike Huckabee, THE Spoiler

of the Christian Vote.

Guiliani--Pro chioce
Thompson--Doesn't attend Church
McCain--to hot headed
Hunter--non contender

This leaves Huckabee.
Once it began to appear that Ron Paul DID have support, right after Nov. 5th, the Press, free of charge, began to promote Huckabee. Huckabee is their "spoiler" to Ron Paul's success. But they don't want him to win, their only using him to counter Ron. They've built him up enough to take away the Evangelical vote, but not enough to win. Huckabee can't beat Hillary or Obama. Only Romney or Ron Paul can beat the Dem. nominee. But I think they'd rather have Hillary or Obama than Ron Paul. My opinion is that it will be BOTH Hillary and Obama, one as the VP.

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This site has become increasingly "wako"

I am seriously concerned about all this conspiratorial underlining of almost every issue, especially the issues in which Ron Paul isn't favored (of course everything that counters Ron Paul’s success has to involve some big cover-up or conspiracy). In my opinion the ease at which accusations are reached and the constant creation of these outlandish scenarios involving a “huge” media conspiracy, “widespread” voting fraud and this pay pal “vendetta” against Ron Paul (to name a few), is counter productive and in most cases has no basis in reason and little to no evidence to support them. This whole fiasco is EXACTLY like the 9/11 truth movement (meaning its complete BULLSHIT!)


This isn't complete bullshit at all. There were rumours months ago that the Huckster was in to soak the Christian base from Ron.

And as far as you throwing the ~conspiracy~ word around, turn on your TV and watch Ron it action.. oop.. you can't

Nuff said

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I'm talking about the

I'm talking about the "supposed" media conpiracy talked about in the thread that suggests the media has garnered the support for mike hukabee to counter the Ron Paul and help the democrats win the general election if huckabee were elected. Why can't anyone look at it reasonably, he got and still is recieving media attention as a result of his increasing support (mostly christian) not because of a media coalition against Ron Paul.

* Also rumors aren't evidence. I'm pretty sure the Newtons three laws aren't based on rumors.


If Huckabee wins the primary, Bloomberg will run as independent. That would crush the Republican party, either ending them for good, or putting them in a hole for the next decade.

Ban Everything

Ban Everything


...just as bad as the MSM's "front runners" whether it be Dems or Reps I seen his name on a CFR Member's List.

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They ran his add for free

They took his negative add and ran it in the news for free. Remember that move?

I agree about him keeping the Christian vote from Dr. Paul

And I'd be very interested to see what would happen if my fellow Christian brothers (and sisters) were aware that he has taken on Richard Haass as his foreign policy advisor. Mr. Haass is the President of the Council on Foreign Relations.

I thought Giuliani was Pro-Choice

Or at least wanted to leave it up to the states to decide.

Go Ron Paul!

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He loses the Christian vote on Abortion

I think that's the writer's intent...

psst, redneck

Ghouli, pro-life?

LOL, darn it...

I fixed it.

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glad i could help :)


Great point

I didn't think of that. No wonder the surge right before Iowa.

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