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Wenzel: Ted Cruz Joins Rand & Amash On The Slippery Slope

"It looks like another Ron Paul coattail candidate is taking a ride down the slippery slope."


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"Federal database is not nearly as good as it should be"


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Wenzel - "Not our friend"



This article is pure garbage...

...all Cruz was saying is that the Republican Party needs to find a way to appeal better to the poorer members of society; he in no way suggested giving them more welfare or otherwise adopting any Leftist positions.

“We should assess policy with a Rawlsian lens, asking how it affects those least well-off among us. We should champion the 47 percent,” he wrote.

If you are not a FUCKING RETARD you can see that people who write articles like this are trying to DESTROY the liberty movement, as, according to them, EVERYONE is a sellout...Rand, Amash, Cruz. Whenever a libertarian or liberty-leaning conservative gets into a position where they could actually accomplish something, somebody writes an article like this trying to drive a wedge between them and the liberty movement. If you people are too FUCKING STUPID to see this, then this movement richly deserves to fail.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Asking how a policy affects the least well-off doesn't mean you

STEAL from some and give to others.

It could mean, you make damned sure your policy doesn't f--k up the lives of those trying to advance themselves. You stay out of their way, and you don't make it more difficult to get ahead.

In other words - laissez faire.

Ol' Cruz knows...

...who got him elected. At least he's smart enough to know not to slap a gift horse in the mouth.