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CNN: Smart Guns to stop mass shootings. Apparently CNN journalists are clueless when it comes to technology

The comments under the Article say it all. CNN keeps making themselves look like idiots. I work in the IT industry and I am sure there are many other libertarians that do as well. CNN has no idea what they are talking about on technological stand point alone. Never mind politically or philosophically.


More on Slashdot.


Slashdot subscribers generally have a progressive slant. But the comments here are great as well.

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I don't what was that but now that's a powerful drug they've got

I don't what was that, but now that's a powerful drug they've got their hands on, when they wrote this nonsense.

Either that or... they're already familiar with their super hitech cars on auto-pilot driving them to their weekly with ma'am the psychiatrist.

There is just too much to choose/pick from this written retardation fireworks, but here's one of my favorite:

"Finally, guns should be designed to broadcast their location when they are loaded. Police could see if high-powered assault weapons are entering or getting close to a public place. Gun owners, too, could choose to broadcast their guns' locations publicly to increase deterrent effect."

Bragging criminal gangs at war with each other are going to looooooooove this feature, guys. Even before the first shots fired!

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Just the sort of brilliant plan I would expect...

from a man "who served in the Justice Department during the George H.W. Bush administration."

I loved the bit about: "the ability to fire multiple shots in crowded areas or when no other guns are present would be limited by software that understands where the gun is being used."

I mean it just makes so much sense... It will work perfectly; people who shoot up schools never carry more than one gun!

Its goddamned adorable when dumb people try and come up with ideas.

That was amazing:

I think I lost a few I Q points just reading them.

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