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Recently on an interview with Alex Jones, Ron Paul announced plans for a RonPaulHomepage.com. He'd rather have RonPaul.com, but the domain is taken already. If anyone has it on the DailyPaul, could you think about contacting CP4L and negotiate a deal? I mean, you aren't required to an it's all out of the goodness of your heart, but I'm sure they would be much obliged to hear from you. Or, if the domain owner is not a DailyPaul user, is there anyway we could contact the owner and fill him in. Maybe even offer to buy it?

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sent a message

to the site owner of ronpaul.com we will see if we get a response.

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I would chip in

Somebody on another thread was saying that it wouldn't matter what URl he uses, he will still get the traffic.

I do not agree with this as people who don't know Dr. P, should have as few impediments as is possible to get to his message directly.

His fans will find him regardless, but it is not the fans I am concerned about