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Jon Stewart Plays Video Clip of Alex Jones' Gun Rant On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart did a piece on gun control. He uses a clip of Alex Jones going nutso on Piers Morgan to make his case. I have to say, Stewart's nowhere near as bad as Morgan. He's more fair and actually talks to the other side. But how do you think the clip plays to Stewart's audience?


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Oh no...

It's over.

I can't believe this. It seems almost as if snide socialists don't like noisy anti-government activists.

I hope this doesn't rule out the possibility that Michael Moore tuned in to CNN and was converted to a pro-gun stance by Jones' performance. If I find out Jones failed to convert Moore, my whole world will fall apart.

I've always said, without Stewart, Moore and especially Hillary on our side, we have no real movement. Now I fear these people will never join us. I can't believe this. Jones has officially destroyed the whole concept of individual liberty until the end of time.

I'm really not sure if anyone

I'm really not sure if anyone got your sarcasm or not? Lol

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Things Ron Paul Supporters say

Day 1: I hate John Stewart
Day 2: I love John Stewart
Day 3: I hate John Stewart
Day 4: I love John Stewart

We all knew that clip was coming from John Stewart. In a few days he will do a clip mocking Glenn Beck for calling himself a libertarian.

How did that clip play out to his audience? Same as any of his other clips, people laughed. He is a comedian, not a political commentator and people laugh at his jokes.

Yeah right...

Did we all "hate Jon Stewart" when he was pointing out the media bias against Ron Paul last year? No. We were loving him for it.

Stewart is what he is, a not-so-smart smarty pants. His political views suck most of the time, but I personally am not going to walk around and saying I hate everyone who I disagree with.

Stewart didn't make Jones look like an ass, Jones made Jones look like an ass.

Stewart did do Ron Paul great

Stewart did do Ron Paul great service last year during the campaign. However, we are fooling ourselves if we think he did it for any other reason than to bash Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment. I am not defending them, and I am not complaining about Stewart's great press for the movement, but he is no friend of liberty for one good deed.

Yeah. I don't hate Stewart.

Yeah. I don't hate Stewart. Frankly, I'm tired of hating people who disagree with me and find it ultimately self-destructive. I posted this to show that it made it to the Daily Show and it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. But I'm curious what other Daily Paulers think of it. (Stewart was harder on the Rep. that cited the hammer vs automatic rifle stat than on Jones.)

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I think

That a lot of his audience is so young and idealistic they probably did see Alex in a negative light, and probably already support gun control anyways. Did he score one for the 2nd amendment? Nah, probably not, I just think considering his audience he did not do too much damage either. You are right too, it did not turn out as bad as I would have guessed.

That's a good summary. Thanks

That's a good summary. Thanks for providing intelligent feedback.

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Actually I think it is just the opposite!

The YOUNG saw the TRUTH and it is us OLD asswhipes that seem to make a big deal out of NOTHING!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

John Stewart makes me laugh, and I enjoy his personality

But as a satire of 'news organizations' and on exposure of the level of corruption and tyranny in our governments and current events - his show completely fails.

No doubt some of this is due to his own ideology. Yet (obviously) a huge limitation on what is and is not 'acceptable' to air is due to Comedy Central's ownership by Viacom.

Also, note that they rarely ever go after any product or service that is a paying advertiser on their networks:

Big Pharma. Big Food. Big Medical. etc

By systematically ignoring all the assaults on our freedoms, our civil liberties, endless warfare etc etc etc?

He's playing along with the corporate agenda to walk all over this country, and is helping coverup their crimes and mercantilism ...

By focusing people's attention on DC partisan bickering and media idiocy - at the expense of the real issues - he's a part of the problem himself.

So is Colbert.

Stewart and Colbert

were sharp as tacks. Then there was a "writer's strike" that took them off the air for a couple weeks. They both came back looking like they had been whipped and they have never been the same.
This was in 2007 I think.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Stewart Little's audience is going to support

Dianne Feinstein and her bill no matter what. Most of the people that watch that educated, statist clown are statists through and through who believe the state has the mandate to protect us from ourselves.


or indoctrinated?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!