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Growing Number Of Americans Insist Federal Law Does NOT Apply To Them

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He's a HERO

God bless him.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

They turn from normal people

They turn from normal people into VIOLENT PEOPLE! Dun dun dun!!!!
Oh wait. He's getting tazed. He's not doing the tazing. He's just there in the courtroom and they taze him... and HE's violent. Got it.

if you

Agree or not. Can someone point out the crime he committed I guess I missed it. The cop looked more violent to me.

That's why he didn't get any

That's why he didn't get any jail time. They knew they didn't have anything on him for that incident.

They don't want camera's in the courtroom.. Ha Ha

The court can not be trusted to render a just decision.

Total coverup of the corruption of judges, attorneys and police.

There is no justice.


Oh sheesh...

Where to start?!!

A.) First of all the phrase "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron. It's like calling someone a "king serf" back in Jolly Olde England. Expect the tired old media that nobody believes anymore to keep throwing it out there anyhow with the hope it becomes a household term.

2 - HEY ABC, HOW ABOUT ACTUALLY DISCUSSING THE LAW? Or at least giving the subject a nod. Wow. How about that original 13th amendment? Oh right, that's just a conspiracy theory. And the 14th amendment is tattooed to the walls of every American mother's womb, and every child born agrees to it on the way out because they don't rebut it within 30 days.

Rx#; Mr. Peterson doesn't come across too well on camera. Dude, if you make it over here to the DP, I highly recommend reading as many posts as you can by juiliusbragg, TheSouth, David Merrill, samadamscw, vinceableworld, and TXRedneck, to name but a few.

On one point

I agree that taxation is unethically premised upon anti-voluntary coercion and should be abolished


I think that bozo boob wearing the black robe may have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act for treating handicapped people differently than non-handicapped people. People who are paralyzed and in a wheelchair don't have to rise so why should anyone else? Often times when I'm in court I don't rise and the judges don't seem to care. If I respect the judge I rise, if I don't, I don't. I think there may actually be caselaw about it. I think the courts ruled that rising is a demonstration of respect and people are allowed to not be forced to pretend that they have respect for the court when in fact they do not. A first amendment thing. The fact that the judge had a cob up his patooty about it is prima facia proof that he is not qualified to be a judge. He is oblivious as to what is important and what is not. He has poor judgment.

Anyway, if it were up to me, I would send the bozo judge and the imbecile bailiff to the Graybar hotel for a minimum of 20 years of hard labor. I bet that would bring about a change in attitude on their part.

I have read very little about

I have read very little about these kinds of beliefs, but from what I've seen, they believe that if you obey the judge, you consent to his authority over you. Just like if you open the door when the police knock, you have consented to a search of your place.

Uncle Sam is now a bastard

Our federal "government" is illegitimate. Over 90% of E V E R Y T H I N G it does is absent ANY constitutional authority and therefore illegal. It is as legitimate than the Mafia. Sure, it exists and has minions of airheads willing to initiate violence to get its way, but that in no way means it is on the proper side of morality. The US government is a corrupt criminal conspiracy and people should simply ignore its edicts and if jack-booted thugs come to enforce the multitude of bogus "laws," they should be met with resistance in the extreme, if you catch my drift.

A critical mass engage in a Leaderless revolt with

Enlightened disengagement as the weapon of choice. The masses will follow when they see the best path to freedom. That said some will not for slaves need masters as much as masters need slaves. No matter my final answer is NO!


they must be in panic with this gun ban crap,

Im beginning to wonder if these guys have a handle on the situation?, I doubt it because they are so many Ron pauls, Alex jones, Teslas popping up everywhere, the power of creativity is superior over tyranny, you have 3d printing guns coming soon, meshnet and anonymous internet surfing, anti-gravity water filters, militias growing, resistance moments of all alphabets and types growing and challenging the power of the FEDs, growing numbers of states allowing concealed gun carry without permits and arming themselves and communities, consumers turning into inventors, the nullification of unconstitutional laws, non gmo projects, AJ just woke up so many sheeps today! and by god may every American be armed by the terrible implements of weapons our Founding Fathers codified in the constitution,in the name of liberty!

Washington finds itself more isolated, and more challenged everyday by its own people


this kid is a true american hero if there ever was one.
the bailiff; common trash. a man bribed to enforce the enslavement others.

No, but he said he was sad

No, but he said he was sad about having to be the governments enforcer. He must be a stand-up guy :(

That violent kid that actually wasn't using violence and got tased is the real bad guy.

*turns off mainstream media switch*


A peaceful act of defiance against unconstitutional laws isn't weird to me. Is it weird to anyone here?


They portrayed him as "weird" of course but what I find to be the most interesting object displayed in the video is his computer... Because information is true power.

And of course they gloss over the fact that the USG is a corporation.

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The brainwashing during this "news" piece. Literally, as the guy is being tazed (for no reason) they are talking about HIS violent behavior. Wow, just wow.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

So all sovereign citizens are considered terrorists by the FBI.