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Activist Podcaster Traces Troll’s IP Address Back to The House Of Representatives

By JG Vibes
January 9, 2013

On their podcast “Freedom Feens” Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi often joke about how the government is probably trolling and monitoring their website.

While this is probably true for anyone who is speaking out these days, it seems that Michael Dean was actually able to notice something very interesting on his network, after a troll posing as John Boener made a derogatory comment on their website.

At first he thought it was listener going along with one of the gags on the show, until he traced the IP address back to a government office, the House of Representatives in fact.

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IP spoofing

IP spoofing does exist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address_spoofing

Anybody can impersonate anybody.

Don't think you can IP spoof something like this

HTTP is over TCP/IP, which requires communication back to the originating IP address to maintain the connection, so without control of that IP, I don't see how you could spoof posting on web pages...

egapele's picture

Whoever did that is pretty brazen

and ignorant, to boot.

So their approval rating is so low because - let me get this straight - people are complaining about them? Wow.