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Please stop watching Piers Morgan

He was on the way out before AJ showed up on set Mon. If we allow him to be the epicenter of this debate we lose.

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for anyone with a heart condition, pace-maker, high blood pressure or anger management issues.

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Top comment on Jones/Morgan battle

I was an Officer in King County, WA. There was only 500 of us, including staff Officers, Detectives, and management. It equalled out to about 1 Officer per 20,000-25,000 people! Our County covers over 2,000 square miles. The numbers haven't changed all that much for Officers, but population has increased overall since.

We bust ass to get there, but untill then, you're on your own with a dispatcher that gets to hear you get victimized. I like an armed populace myself.


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Thank You

We do appreciate you!


Americans are tuning in to hopefully catch the piers implosion, which is coming.
Americans love this type of spectacle as much as trials. We know what to do with redcoat/turncoats.
cant wait to see hollywood and DC put on trial and fox FORCED by the people to run 24/7 to show them all, just before their license is snatched- along with nbc, cbs and all the other corporate media shills who are turncoats.
America deserves trials 1000 times bigger then OJ. and I feel theyre coming.. They would be the biggest, most viewed trials since our inception.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

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Drudge posted

the day after ratings from Tuesday night... he didn't even crack 800,000. all of Fox, PMSNBC and even the late night Colbert/Stewart beat the guy.

Piers idiotic strategy is to gain viewers by pandering to "our" audience and twitter...all people that watch on youtube or the internet later, lol dumb@ss


He doesn't get any ratings if

He doesn't get any ratings if you watch in on YouTube :) U might just want to change the title to stop watching TV. But I can't wait till a good competitor that isn't establishment knocks the crown of YouTube.

as long as you still have a

as long as you still have a cable/satellite tv subscription, you're subsidizing parasites like piss morgan, regardless of whether or not you watch him.

if you want to keep on top of what the shills are up to, you have youtube for that.


i got cable but i don't watch MSM i watch Sportscenter and play video games i ain't got time for MSM, i get my news else where.

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that's fine and dandy, but

that's fine and dandy, but realize that your cable subscription fee is lining the pockets of the msm, even if you don't watch it.

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That's why you tune in for the gun guys then tune out

or just watch the good stuff on youtube.

After AJ made his firing for putting out fake stories and his involvement in the phone hacking scandal viral PM will lose credibility here anyways.

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Aren't we

supposed to know our enemy? I don't see anything wrong with watching, so long as we keep our wits about us. As far as giving him ratings, how exactly do they find out?

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Good idea

I don't think I can stomach another one of his interviews anyway.