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Judge Rules Bradley Manning Pre-Trial Detention “Excessive”, Credits Him 112 Days Off Potential Sentence

As noted on Reason 24/7 earlier today, a military judge has ruled that Bradley Manning’s pre-trial confinement, 23 hours a day in a windowless cell room for months, was “excessive” and “more rigorous.“ As such, the judge ordered 112 days be credited toward any sentence handed down to Manning, who is facing 22 charges and could get life in prison, or even the death penalty, if convicted.

Manning, of course, is accused of facilitating the leak of materials, including a trove of State Department cables, to Wikileaks. Among his charges is “aiding the enemy.” The decision came on the first day of a four day pre-trial hearing. More from the AP:

The hearing is partly to determine whether Manning's motivation matters. Prosecutors want the judge to bar the defense from producing evidence at trial regarding his motive for allegedly leaking hundreds of thousands of secret war logs and diplomatic cables. They say motive is irrelevant to whether he leaked intelligence, knowing it would be seen by al-Qaida

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Another bump

Bradley Manning hasn't been on the front page in a long time, and needs to be! Another bump!

That's A New One

A prosecutor claiming motive is "irrelevant". It's usually one of the first things they try to establish. Should that become a precedent I can imagine every defense attorney trying it as well. Crazy world.

Government has got nothing but the desire to punish

Government has been terrorizing dissidents since John Adams.

Free includes debt-free!


Nice getting updates on Manning,very important issue. Thank you. BUMP!