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Sandy Hook On My Mind

I have scowered the internet trying to make some sense out of the massacre at Sandy Hook.

There are soooooooooo many inconsistencies. I also have listened to some alternative radio. Listened to mainly law inforcement men.

Their consenses is that never before has there been a massacre of children so young in our cuntry.

They ask the question........what kind of a person could pump bullets in little 6 and 7 year olds. Other massacres in America were not this intense.

Some brought up the possibility that Squads of armed assassins are in the country doing this .......for their own agenda.

How come since Kennedy, over 50 years ago, they are still using the lone assassin.

That bothers me. I do not believe it.

Who could these assassins be?

What is their agenda besides taking our guns?

Who benefits by this horrific crime?

Is there some dark element that is responsible for this?

Adam lanza did not kill all these children and there were quite a few military and police officers who said he was killed along with his mother the day before.

What are your thoughts?

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