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Could Alex Jones's "revolution" Actually Happen? Yahoo News

By Marc Ambinder | The Week

Piers Morgan had it easy. Radio show host and author Alex Jones threatened the rest of us with a "revolution" if the government decides to confiscate guns from the homes and glove compartments of law-abiding Americans. It's almost too easy to dismiss Jones as a fringe figure, especially since fringe ideas make their way into the mainstream with (exciting? alarming?) frequency these days. So let's take him seriously.

Let's accept his premise. Actually, let's dismiss it first but then turn around and accept it for the sake of argument. The government has not the means nor the mechanism nor the credibility to confiscate 100,000 guns, much less 600,000,000. And those in the government doing the confiscating would be neighbors and relatives of the confiscatory victims: police officers, national guard members, Army reservists. Of course, Jones might say that their intent is bad enough. But "they" -- the Obama administration, I assume -- have no such intentions, and never did.

But OK. Let's say that the government tries to confiscate guns and "the people" attempt to revolt. No doubt that civil disobedience can spring up rather spontaneously and even be organized very quickly, but if rioting were to somehow break out in American cities, it would be isolated and theoretically containable. Organizing a "revolt" would require extensive planning, including the massive transportation of citizens from their homes to wherever the rally points were, a communications infrastructure, and leaders. The same Open Source culture that would make it difficult for the government to plan a confiscation in secret makes it just as unlikely for citizens to plan a feasible response to that confiscation in secret.


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Oh Please!

Rioting? Really? LOL, That's so 1960s, just non compliance with unconstitutional laws, it's called nullification. Heck, we don't have the time, we still have jobs to go to, lawns to mow and taxes to pay. LOL

They want us all divided right now, stay unified!

Stop arguing with eachother and keep using creativity and peaceful ends, reversing 100 years of this establishment has been a challenge, but if we keep creating a new system out of the old one, we'll win, you don't fix the old system, it's broken, you create a new one

Don't try to unify me with Alex Jones.

We are each an Army of One.

Our founders had to reload without cartridges.

Each single shot breach loaded shotgun of today can unleash 10 times more firepower in less time than a musket. And thank God we have way better than that.

Each individual patriot is in effect an army when compared to a patriot of 1776. Of course we have not the courage to act. But each of us is a sleeping rattlesnake. When we are bothered, stepped on, there will be hell to pay.

This nation is fully armed, to the teeth... 600 million firearms that exceed the capabilities that defeated the largest naval power in the world even in the 2nd war with the Brits, the war of 1812.

Each patriot now in 2012 or 2013 has the ability to deliver the same firepower in a matter of minutes that required 500+ men in 1812.

I do not wish for war. I do not want war. But when and if we are really stepped on, we must recognize and admit to ourselves that we have the means to respond 1000 times more effectively than that of our forefathers; as each man now has the capability in this age to be his very own militia of one, independent and free of others who might seek to do him harm.


LOL you are assuming wrong of me

Im not trying to unify you with AJ. Obama and these goofs are trying to divide us over gun confiscation, crumbling dollar, civil liberties and more with distractions and squabbling, us arguing whether AJ is harming are movement is useless, stay on the course, and if it comes down to them forcing it upon you, then respond, until then using non compliance, and nullification is the way to go

Unfortunately not

Yes, we have better equipment, and a lot more of it, but are lacking in *capability*. Capability does not come from equipment.

A rifleman is more than a man who *owns* a rifle. He has learned how to shoot that thing. He has learned to consistently hit a man-sized target out to 500 yards---with every shot. That is the traditional American "rifleman's quarter mile." And he is more than that. He knows how to act to leave things better than he found them. He knows when to act. We need riflemen.

The problem is not Democrats. The problem is Republicans who lack the intellectual clarity to become libertarians and libertarians who lack the physical discipline to become riflemen. ---Kenneth Royce

Mark my words. 1,000,000 riflemen in America and this problem is solved. 600,000,000 guns will not help us.


I just hope it's not actually called the "Alex Jones"

I just hope it's not actually called the "Alex Jones" revolution.

I've pondered this question for years

I don't think there's any one good answer.

I think what we're seeing now is weaker individuals coming under increasing pressure generally in society and they are manifesting.

We've seen government trying to chip away at gun owners (barring vets from ownership was one example that now almost seems trivial) and we'd see court and medically ordered disarming of individuals. Out here in some situations like domestic violence, LEO's might take the guns right along to jail with the offender and these generally aren't returned for a year.

I think more broadly our society is polarizing (thanks in part to us I should think) and there are individuals who WILL increasingly stand and say THUS FAR AND NO FURTHER but that's always going to be an isolated thing. Seriously, this includes "militias" but how many of us are truly prepared to drop everything and run with our guns if we hear that "Bernie couldn't pay the bills and now he's holding off the cable guy with a shotgun"?

I, myself would normally want to find out a little more about the situation and get Bernie on the phone if possible. Or if I suspect a thief at a neighbour's house for that matter because basically every tactical situation is different. Don't run in to a gunnin'.

The scenario of people rising up as one and defending the republic is pretty improbably given how evenly split the nation is between this lib-con dialogue. What is entirely more likely is economic disruption causing inner cities to become too violent to handle and local responses developing. Arizona has every potential to become a tend setter in that scenario because:

1. We have by far the best and most current legal framework defining all citizens who do not opt-out as being our irregular militia.

2. Our sheriffs already maintain permanent and trained civilian Possies for which the legal framework is unbroken since territorial days.

3. We have other "militia" which are sanctioned to wear police-like uniforms and badges and they help out at parades and stuff but everybody knows that they train in firearms and they are there in case....

4. We've had state un-sanctioned civilian militia operating here for years with mostly no major mishaps. Unless you count JT Ready who was pretty widely regarded as a freaking nut-job around here for years anyways.

In short, the whole thing looks like it's coming down to a massive test of state's rights, nullification and hopefully reduction of power by the Feds.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I am sure the "Redcoats" at Lexington and Concord...

thought the same thing.

The commenter below

...obviously did not scan through the comments already on the thread. I again urge you to review them before commenting and burying them. They are critically important to this evolution of thought. I've tried to comment multiple times on that yahoo thread and my comments are INSTANTLY BURIED. Anyone actually thinking a few moves ahead of these BANKSTER LEECHES is censored.


Add your comments to the "Popular Now, Newest, Oldest & Most Replied" posts and you will stay in the mix.

SteveMT's picture

I trying also over there.

Tyranny is rampant.

ecorob's picture


This guy is out of touch with reality and seeks to confuse the narrative.

Look around you. Trust your heart.

When America rises up, just as it's tired and restless, irate but FULL OF PASSION MINORITY has done before in our Country, we WILL succeed in throwing off the chains of bondage and tyranny.

As I said, look around you and make your OWN assessment.

The ptb, those pedophile puppets (for the most part) that have snaked their way into the halls of our legislative branch, will capitulate when we come for them.

There IS a tipping point and we will soon be there. History proves this and we ALL know it.


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

What we need in this revolution

are more firemen. I feel like one. As I look around on the net I see tempers flaring and people thinking they are already on the field of battle instead of trying to think a few moves ahead of the BANKSTERS. Who wants to join the revolution fire department?

Our job is to run around and put out fires before they start... long enough for us to educate people to how to defeat these LEECHES once and for all! I FOR ONE WILL NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY ASK FOR... I will fight on this battlefield until the last possible moment to pull back the veil and reveal the man behind the curtain.

Please listen to intro #1 from the link in my signature. (11 minutes)

I would urge all of you

to consider my comments on this below before commenting...

Think first act second. In the military you are trained to NOT THINK and to instead ACT FIRST... that's the whole point of being TRAINED. Trained to do something you're not DESIGNED TO DO which is KILL.

We're all for the time being sitting behind our keyboards relatively safe... the time to ACT first is when you are in combat. We are not in combat... this needs to stay an INTELLECTUAL revolution with the intentions of PREVENTING CIVIL WAR up until the moment... if that is inevitable... which I don't believe it's so... please scroll down and consider my comments.

For the time being this is a chess game. For those of you who've never played chess the way to win is to think MORE MOVES AHEAD than your opponent does.

That's hard to do

when your opponent has been planning their moves for decades or possibly even centuries.


Ron Paul's revolution is a peaceful revolution

I'm just here for the ideas, and actually, I haven't got the same delusions of grandeur that others here have, that the government will not succeed with gun control.

Every country thinks their government won't succeed with gun control. So why do these governments succeed? Because they have every single advantage one would want in a war.

Thinking they are going to go down in a blaze of glory has prevented people from rebelling in smarter ways.

I hope you are correct about "rebelling in smarter ways"

Unfortunately, for me, the only thing that has ever worked when addressing the threat of violence was "raising the ante."

As for "going down in a blaze of glory," I prefer to follow George S. Patton, "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

I believe that also applies to tyrants, be they heads of state, government officials, banksters, etc.

Amen brother...

We are the future. We are not beasts and savages. We are MEN. Every war in the last century was instigated by the banksters. Let's not let them incite another one. Let's not give them what they are BEGGING FOR. There would have been NO WARS - NONE - NOT ONE - If we were not being led around on our emotional leashes by these LEECHES.


I don't think revolution requires planning.

It just happens. Did anyone plan the American Revolution. Would it have happened if British troops had not marched toward Concord, Massachusetts to confiscate arms from the Massachusetts Militia warehouse?

We don't know how the military would react if there were riots or if there was a Waco type incident where thousands of armed Patriots showed up spontaneously to defend against gun confiscation.

There are many people who are today quietly waiting for the trigger event. The action of one man or a few men might embolden them to act. Guerrilla warfare does not mean big armies of rebels meeting government troops on the battlefield; it involves assassinations, bombings, sabotage, small scale raids, and the like, and a significant part of it is neighbor against neighbor violence. Look at Iraq or the IRA during the Irish rebellion.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


you write: "We don't know how the military would react if there were riots or if there was a Waco type incident where thousands of armed Patriots showed up spontaneously to defend against gun confiscation.'

They might react like they did at Waco, by destroying the rebels completely and totally and without mercy for the children...maybe?

Your pistols versus their aircraft = no contest

Your sleeping, unsuspecting body in your house versus their drones = no contest

But Waco

was under the guise of bringing in a pedophile. Until the Government succeeds in having fire arm owners being stigmatized in the same manner, and I'm certain there are plans afoot to proceed in this fashion, the back lash would be far too considerable to deal with. They aren't ready today and Uncle Joe has once again stuck his foot in his mouth. Plan on a war of attrition being launched to categorize any one convicted of any type of infraction of the law as unworthy of fire arm ownership and not permitted to be within 1500 feet of any.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Backlash far too considerable to deal with?

Those who have the military upper hand will always find a way to deal with it.

Preventive detention is legal here, so is the torture and assassination of Americans. They can also pass the Enemy Expatriation Act putting targeted citizens in internal exile until they are captured (TSA VIPR teams, anyone?) and put in preventive detention (NDAA.)

So while the Redneck Army is celebrating in advance about "making them sorry," the Establishment is coldly and indifferently planning on "making them prison slaves," or just annihilating them one by one.

Yeah...there will be attrition all right. And it's not going to go the way you think.

Instead of engaging in confrontational self stimulation

take the time to actually read the post you are attempting to insult. Why do it in a totalitarian fashion when the guidelines have already been written and tested. No one objected when they passed Unconstitutional laws restricting fire arm possession from individuals convicted of certain crimes. They will merely expand the number and types of crimes which will place you in the same sub category. And as far as your derogatory reference to the "Redneck Army" I'll stake my life, my reputation and my fortune upon one thing. If they ever attempt to take anything from me you can guarantee I'll take at least two of them with me. Before you go shooting off your undeservedly confident mouth know this, I'm 58, do the math Einstein and realize where I've been, had individuals die in my arms and am absolutely alone, other than a bad assed Chesapeake Bay Retriever, unlike you I am not a keyboard warrior.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.


Yeah, you win, you're older than me and I'm no combat vet.

But the pen IS mightier than the sword, is it not?

You wrote: " Until the Government succeeds in having fire arm owners being stigmatized in the same manner, and I'm certain there are plans afoot to proceed in this fashion, the back lash would be far too considerable to deal with."

What kind of backlash are you talking about, specifically?

I just don't think that the escalating confrontations will be anything other than tragic for everyone involved. And as I said, they have drones and aircraft so why would they break into houses and let their men get shot at?

You're the vet. Tell me?

OK I'll spell it out for you.

Why do it confrontational when they can just have us point at each other, while we allow them to legislate as we do now Felon's rights away. Get real about them utilizing drones for this. We have something like 400 million guns, unless they are planning on taking out huge swaths of neighborhoods at a time the attrition on their side would make it prohibitive. No, they will attempt to use laws to divide and conquer us and effect a bloodless coup. Trust me, the media elite would have no problem with casting gun owners in the same light a pedophiles.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I'm a little confused about your post

Why do it confrontational when they can just have us point at each other, while we allow them to legislate as we do now Felon's rights away.

I understand that they manipulate people into allowing our rights to be stripped incrementally. Point noted here. Additionally one can look at how some people are serving life sentences for selling pot~ a sentence equivalent to murder! But Americans don't protest that. It's a matter of "First they came for the pot smokers, but I wasn't a pot smoker, so I said nothing." And with this, "First they took the felons' guns..."

Get real about them utilizing drones for this. We have something like 400 million guns, unless they are planning on taking out huge swaths of neighborhoods at a time the attrition on their side would make it prohibitive.

I was thinking they could use drone strikes as a deterrent and example. If they start killing some high profile militia leaders, they strike the shepherd and scatter they flock. That's the way it always is. They don't control by killing everyone, they control by killing some and scaring the others into compliance.

No, they will attempt to use laws to divide and conquer us and effect a bloodless coup.

Coup of what sort? Coup of a completely anti-gun regime...I mean government?

Trust me, the media elite would have no problem with casting gun owners in the same light a pedophiles.

They already have, by copying Megan's Law and publishing the names of gun owners, in the same manner as they publicly list the pedophiles.

He is saying that using

He is saying that using drones to take-out everyone is a ridiculous means of achieving their goals - it may even be impossible. Do you really think they have tens of millions of missiles? or tens of thousands of drones and people to operate them who will take-out citizens and blow-up US neighborhoods?

This argument about how it would be impossible for us counter a military force is fucking propaganda that they have recently released. You never heard this argument 5 years ago. The thing about it is so many people have bought into it. Its a stupid argument. If it was that easy for them they wouldn't even worry about collecting guns to begin with. And why hasn't this method been successful in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Thanks for not reading my comment

and not understanding the impact of gun confiscation.

Can you tell me why if we had just won a war

as you say in the American revolution... why the founders would have agreed to owe a DEBT to the KING in ENGLAND? I doubt virtually everything we were trained to think in the public indoctrination centers. All I know is what I know from my own experience and the experience of others... who are alive today. That's the only thing I can count on and go by which I find even somewhat reliable.

Because we wanted to hold

Because we wanted to hold true to our debts.