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Could Alex Jones's "revolution" Actually Happen? Yahoo News

By Marc Ambinder | The Week

Piers Morgan had it easy. Radio show host and author Alex Jones threatened the rest of us with a "revolution" if the government decides to confiscate guns from the homes and glove compartments of law-abiding Americans. It's almost too easy to dismiss Jones as a fringe figure, especially since fringe ideas make their way into the mainstream with (exciting? alarming?) frequency these days. So let's take him seriously.

Let's accept his premise. Actually, let's dismiss it first but then turn around and accept it for the sake of argument. The government has not the means nor the mechanism nor the credibility to confiscate 100,000 guns, much less 600,000,000. And those in the government doing the confiscating would be neighbors and relatives of the confiscatory victims: police officers, national guard members, Army reservists. Of course, Jones might say that their intent is bad enough. But "they" -- the Obama administration, I assume -- have no such intentions, and never did.

But OK. Let's say that the government tries to confiscate guns and "the people" attempt to revolt. No doubt that civil disobedience can spring up rather spontaneously and even be organized very quickly, but if rioting were to somehow break out in American cities, it would be isolated and theoretically containable. Organizing a "revolt" would require extensive planning, including the massive transportation of citizens from their homes to wherever the rally points were, a communications infrastructure, and leaders. The same Open Source culture that would make it difficult for the government to plan a confiscation in secret makes it just as unlikely for citizens to plan a feasible response to that confiscation in secret.


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Dude, honestly, if a

Dude, honestly, if a revolution were really to happen here, which is very doubtful, but if it did, it would be over before it started. There is no way the government could defeat the populace without completely destroying the entire nation or perhaps even the world. It's just not possible. So, I invite them to try but they'll be sorry they did.

What do you think Oathkeepers is for?

Oathkeepers threw their principal spokesperson - Charles Wayne Dyer... to the DOGS as soon as the FEDs moved in on him.


If you support OathKeepers then ASK YOURSELF why OathKeepers would not support Marine Sgt Charles Wayne Dyer???

In my circles we believe that BARFLY Stewart Rhodes's mission is to find out who will not just FOLLOW ORDERS and single them out - then by association find out who else needs to be monitored and surveiled so they can be neutralized when the time comes.

This revolution needs to be OF THE MIND - and TIME IS ON OUR SIDE NOT THEIRS... they are DESPERATE to get us to start KILLING EACH OTHER before folks like myself, south, deacon, clay and others get through to you.

THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of us are WAKING UP to the instrument of our slavery which is the BAR ASSOCIATION operating under the direction of the CROWN CORPORATION IN LONDON. These BARFLIES are going to just sit on the sidelines with a bowl of popcorn and watch us kill each other. SPLC's demonization of "sovereign citizens" is just another mass psy-op to keep the rest of you away from folks like us... keep you out of the courts... keep you begging for the services of a BARFLY to defend you... etc...

If you want a peaceful solution that works... it's not going to come from anyone at the head of one of these organizations such as Infowars or Oathkeepers. It's going to come from the ground up through education and the support of others when they are DEMONIZED by the state and their characters are DEFAMED and the state makes up all kinds of BS stories about them being "potentially violent" so they can be silenced.


There is already a vast network of leaders all around this country who have done their due-diligence and KNOW THE SCAM... I would urge all of you to seek one out in your local community and stand by them when they are doing battle on the field that counts - in the court room.

Key sentences:

"The strategy to contain any "revolt" might therefore depend on a period of people letting out their energies and then returning to their normal business."...

"Heck, we haven't even addressed the FEMA concentration camps (which don't exist)"...

"Patriotic citizens aren't supposed to speculate about these extremely unlikely events"...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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