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Don't let them turn the 44 against the 45. Percent that is

Don't be marginalized! They will try to pit us against each other, i.e. the 44% verse the 45%. Read How to Make a Slave by Willie Lynch to learn the tactics of division and conquering.

Remember brothers and sisters, whether you're a field slave or house slave-the fact is YOU'RE ALL STILL SLAVES!!!

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Don't let the .45s and the 44Ms turn against the .40s

or the .40s will call the 9mms on their side.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


Recent comment by Syrian President Bashar Assad in regard to
NATO-US funding and arming of rebels:

"We are in a state of war.

We are fighting an external aggressor

that is more dangerous than any others,

because they use us to kill each other,"

Obama is a tool of the elite who want Americans disarmed in order to control the people in a fascist communist police state. The blind sheep do not have a clue. One big global psyop.

Will the hurting the movement people eat the anti-movement peopl

Or the other way around. That is a real danger.

Let us fight and forgive and leave each other free.

Being free means being unpredictable but reliable when it matters most.

That will drive them nuts.

Free includes debt-free!

Food for thought

Total police in USA 800,000. Total males in USA 157,500,000! Total estimated civilian guns available to these males: 250,000,000. Come and try 1%...... P.s. Women are free to 'help' out too ;)

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.