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Syndicated Radio Host Steve Deace on Record: "Thomas Woods was Right!"

I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Many of us remember when Thomas Woods invited Steve Deace, the popular syndicated radio host, to endorse Ron Paul back in 2011. http://www.tomwoods.com/blog/woods-to-iowa-radio-host-steve-... We also remember how deeply disappointed Thomas Woods was when in the end, Steve Deace endorsed Newt Gingrich. http://www.tomwoods.com/blog/steve-deace-endorses-newt/

On Monday Thomas Woods was back on Deace's show in one of the most fascinating 30 minutes I've ever listened to on radio. I'm talking about the hour 2 podcast. You must listen to the very end. This discussion includes Rand Paul, a merging of 2 conservative movements, and of course, economics. Think about what Steve Deace and Thomas Woods are suggesting here. Listen to when Steve admits Thomas Woods was right about endorsing Ron Paul. To me that admission took great humility on Steve Deace's part. Hour 2...take a listen: http://stevedeace.com/headline/deace-show-podcast-01-08-13/

I believe we have the makings of an even greater liberty movement here. I see opportunity in a merger of 2 political philosophies that have common ground in following the Constitution. It's about potential.

Allies. I see nothing but good here.

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Judge Napolitano was a guest

Judge Napolitano was a guest on Steve Deace's show last night in hour 3. The Judge perfectly explains our natural rights. Listen to this...


Tom Woods 2016...

We seriously need to encourage Woods to form an exploratory committee... :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

won't run

I love Tom Woods, but he has already said he will not run.



then other people should form an exploratory committee for him. People change their minds. Sometimes if you keep saying something it ends up happening. Not always. But I'll take the chance.

Tom Woods 2016 :D

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Is an alliance posssible?

Last night's show discussed why the Ron Paul movement can not succeed on it's own. Steve Deace goes on to say that the liberty movement must have allies. Hour 2 dissects the obstacles to an alliance. His question is, does his own moral conservative movement have enough common ground with the liberty movement? Deace also says that the reason the liberty movement will not succeed without some kind of alliance is because our movement is made up of 2 factions. These 2 factions are doomed to split some day.

Deace then goes on to say that the liberty movement is more like the French Revolution than the American Revolution. Deace says the liberty movement's failure to take on the moral issues actually increases statism rather than the opposite. Further, Deace says that the liberty movement has more determination and boots on the ground than the social conservative movement. The bottom line is that the social conservative movement needs the liberty movement just as much as the liberty movement needs its own alliance.

Re: common ground. Speaking for myself, my own personal conviction is that preemptive war is aggression. On that I will never compromise.



The liberty movement has been

The liberty movement has been invited to join the Christian evangelical movement in a crusade to restore Constitutional government. We have so much in common. We can agree on more than we disagree. Together we can become the greatest political movement in modern history. I say YES to this alliance.

Posted on Facebook minutes ago by Steve Deace

"Some of my fellow social conservatives, my native tribe if you will, have been wondering if I've left them behind because I've been publicly reaching out to the "liberty movement." Not at all. Those convictions are eternal and cannot change, and I hope my last two Facebook statuses prove I'm serious when I say that. However, I'm also serious when I say this: after fighting this battle all over the country the past few years, I have sadly come to the conclusion there are not enough social conservatives with the guts and discernment it will take for us to win. I wish that weren't the case, but I really believe it is. Still too many of us are emotion-driven and trying to be nicer than God, and are taken advantage of by the establishment and its propped up Elmer Gantrys over and over again. On the other hand, while the "liberty movement" is still relatively small, it's people have proven they have the guts and discernment it takes to win. They just lack the numbers to actually do so, which we can provide. Therefore, I'm trying to find out if the elves and men have enough in common to forge an alliance before Mordor wins once and for all, since it's the only strategic path to victory I can see possible in the near future (if you have another one, by all means share it with me). But of course if the cost of forging such an alliance is the very abandonment of our first principles, then we'll have to take our chances on our own. Either way, we might as well find out now one way or the other."

hope he's not too late


Ouch! Yes that's true,

Ouch! Yes that's true, jtstellar. Still, I've been hanging out on Deace's very popular and chatty Facebook page. It's the only spot I've found that has that many people who are willing to listen to the the liberty movement people with an open mind. I've witnessed some excellent discussions over there.

what i mean is should another financial crisis happen

the entire political landscape is going to change again.. some people will radicalize themselves especially the youth, likely demanding a complete stop to social security tax and other reforms the rest may not like, keep in mind generation Y will be biggest voting bloc of 30%+ by year 2020 with disproportionate amount of physical endurance to protest and force their way, and that is going to push the rest of the population to further moderate themselves, so all this planning might be completely messed up and become basically useless. i see a giant radical group versus a giant moderate/close to socialist group in that situation, and this country will be more fractured than ever with possibly even states declaring some type of autonomy

2012 may have been the last cycle before that happens. ron paul was clearly the guy that offered solutions in this picture, but it was unfortunate other self proclaimed republicans did not make it in time. it wasn't unexpected, though.