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US Eyes Influenza Pandemic as Boston Declares Public Health Emergency

By Scott Malone

BOSTON (Reuters) - With flu cases in this city up tenfold from last year, the mayor of Boston declared a public health emergency on Wednesday as authorities around the United States scrambled to cope with a rising number of patients.

U.S. health authorities say the flu arrived about a month earlier than usual this year, and the flu strain making most people sick - H3N2 - has a reputation for causing fairly severe illness, especially in the elderly.

As a result, hospitals around the country have been forced to find additional space to treat the ill, and some have had to turn people away.

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Yeah, flu cases are up because

people taking the flu shots are up. Shocking.

I guess disarming the american people is not enough, now the state for "the greater good" must phase in forced innoculations starting with heathcare facilities. Part of Obamacare. (Government, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Hospital Adminstrations Healthcare)

And CNN will report the American people cheer and praise the state for it's concern. But the reality is, the American people are noticing their freedoms being slowly eroded and/or eradicated.

So much for flu shots