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Major George Racey Jordan Details How We Rebuilt Russia

I found this absolutely fascinating. Remember, the more true history you know, the more effective you can be. You won't see or hear about this on television, cable, mainstream radio, etc. Why is that?

Great to listen to in the background while reading other articles. It will make you wonder what else has been done against our interests.


Speech from the 1960s. Major George Racey Jordan was responsible for facilitating the transfer of American Arms and Technology to the USSR during WWII under the Lend Lease Program. He kept a detailed diary including Primary Source documentation.


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Here's an embed of the video...


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Fascinating! I will listen again this weekend. The Eastern Front was the main and deciding battleground of the war unbeknown to most Americans. It constituted the largest military confrontation in history. But giving them technology, uranium, and printing plates is a bit bizarre.

Thanks for the great info.

Here's another dozen pages of records of Russian transfers

during WWII when little kids ran around digging tin cans out of the dirt to help their nation with the war effort, so their country could ship hundreds of millions of tons of copper, nickel, and fine tapestries to the nation that would become their mortal enemy or so we are told...

From Major Jordan's Diaries - images of lend-lease records:

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The International Bankers also saved Lenin and Stalin.

As much as I detest foreign aid, I truly wish we had done more to help The Former Soviet Republics and the nations of Eastern Europe after the Cold War instead of letting George Herbert Walker Bush drag us into our "Mideast Madness". Were that so, these Eastern European nations might not be such hotbeds of drug and sex trafficking.

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Wow. A LOT to learn about USA - USSR - Russian


Thanks for the references.

Anthony Sutton talks about

the accuracy of Major George Racey Jordan's book in the following interview. They Begin to discuss the land-lease program @24:44. @25:30 Jordan's book is discussed.


Awesome find thank you.

He is the patron saint of whistle blowers.

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I've just started to look at him recently.

I first heard about him from Lew Rockwell's blog where I believe that it was more or less stated that he was a top notch researcher/author. I like the fact that he doesn't engage in sensationalism and is careful to never make statements without having solid supporting evidence. I watched another video posted on here recently where Sutton warned his audience about this. He essentially said that the media can lie all they want but you have to be right 100% of the time. If you are wrong once, they will never let you forget it and you lose your credibility. I think I'll start to read his books just to see how he presents his evidence and connects the dots.

I think it would be a great idea for someone to create a post for the DP community that shows how to calmly and methodically conduct reasearch to evaluate the strength of different types of evidence used to back up our posts. It could also cover how to deal with news as it unfolds when contradictory reports come it.

yes indeed. whenever i can, i

yes indeed. whenever i can, i always recommend people read Antony Sutton's work.

In particular the Wall St and... series, The Best Enemies Money Can Buy and finally America's Secret Establishment

"My theories explain, but cannot slow the decline of a great civilization. I set out to be a reformer, but only became the historian of decline."
- Ludwig Von Mises

Bump for weekend watching.


Don't wait for the weekend...

Jordan was an entertaining speaker with a fascinating story to tell... Trust me, you'll wish you'd already heard it once you've already... heard... it.

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Thanks for posting~

I was just watching a youtube of Anthony Sutton the other day. They really help fill in a lot of the pieces of the puzzle with regard to the Federal Reserve, our monetary system, and what the austrian economists have told us about our history.

Interesting how all our gold mining equipment was confiscated(supposedly for the war effort) and eventually sent to Russia. He mentions Harry Dexter White and War Production Board Limitation Order L-208.


I found this link which talks more about it. Search for "L-208".
I haven't read the whole article yet and I don't know anything about Charles Savoie, the author of the article, so I can't vouch for its accuracy.


Strange too

I couldn't find his entry on wikipedia either...

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

No he doesn't have a wikipedia page. Yet.

Born: Jan 4, 1898
Died: mid 1960s.

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And our good corporations

And our good corporations like General Motors sold machinery to the Russians as well, before and after the war.

Southern Agrarian

Russia was given blueprints for GMs manufacturing facilities

as well as a copy of every patent in the patent office at the time.

And over 1500 pounds of Uranium salts and U metal - over half the available supply.

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The part I don't get is why. I listened to Sutton an Jordan and Griffin last year. My mind is so boggled today I don't know how to sort up from down, or left from right, blue from red, or enemy from friend anymore. And all this gun confiscation talk is scaring me. Can someone in English explain to me what is going on. I thought the communists were our enemies, but I watched Griffin on Katanga last week http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaWAX8uM5qA and it seems the US Govt helped the communistist overrun a free province.

Just the time I think I understand, I get all confused again.

Simply put, the US and USSR were 'allies' during WWII

Washington established what was known as the Lend-Lease Program. This basically allowed our allies to request any war supply they needed - copper, nickel, uranium... it was supposed to be war supplies only, no relief or charity.

'Russia' took full advantage of the program, asking for and receiving $9.6 Billion in supplies split 50/50 between war materials and charity/relief in the form of lace curtains, antique furniture, movie reels...

They also got printing plates for Occupation Currency, and there was no system set up for accounting for how much was printed. Eventually $380 million in currency was redeemed over and above what had been authorized.

No official thank you was ever issued by the Kremlin.

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Because we were allies

we let ourselves be taken advantage of? Or was it a plan to begin with. And what were the Russians doing with all of our Top Secret documents that Major Jordan happened to stumble upon? Why were they allowed to infiltrate?

Read chapter 5: The black suitcases


here's my summary:

"we let ourselves"
by 'we' you must mean the American people via their representatives in Washington, Roosevelt et al. I'd replace the word let with were forced to.

Plan to begin with?

The cold war started in 1949 when Russia detonated its first atomic weapon using uranium that included the 1500+ pounds of U.S. and Canadian uranium metal and uranium salts expedited by lend-lease.

Top secret documents

Nobody knows if they were ever marked top secret or not since all the borders of the pages were cut trim to the text to save weight as each shipment of documents weighed thousands of pounds.


For the next big war, baby!

Pandas can't drive.

For the next big war, baby!

It took me till today to read Chapter 5. The link wouldn't open the day you sent it...maybe it was getting too much business lol.

Anyway if I read http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/

How Wars Are Made - Introduction from here
By Jackie Patru
We had originally intended to title the section: 'Wars of the Past -- Who Wants Them?' In truth, they are all one and the same -- an extension of the World Revolution which did, in our time, begin in earnest with the French Revolution, leading us into the immediate presence and into the neverendingwar on Terror.

Will I understand your comment "For the next big war, baby!" ?

I have only been awake for a short time and the longer I am awake, the longer I realize how fooled I have been. I still have a hard time keeping everything that is true separated from that which is false - that which I have believed all my life...and sometimes it seems easier to revert back to old myths, but I continue to try to understand even though my brain often feels like scrambled eggs!


"War is the health of the state"

That about sums up the meaning of my comment.

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Thank you for the link

I appreciate your time.

You can also read the book online


I nominate Major Jordan as patron Saint of whistleblowers - what say you?

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Flouride shipped to USSR...

"When I first shared excerpts of Major Jordon's Diaries on the Sweet Liberty broadcast, I received an e-mail message from a listener who said that an entire chapter was deleted from the original book, that the missing chapter discussed the tons of fluoride shipped to the USSR from the U.S. in the 1940's -- under the auspices of the Lend-Lease Act -- and that the fluoride was used to create apathy in the Russian people. Mentioning this fact on the air I was sent a transcript of Major Jordan's speech by a dear listener and friend, Lilly Z."

"FLUORIDATION OF WATER" by George Racey Jordan (transcription of speech)

I own 2 copies of the first edition - 1 signed, the other

an advanced reader's copy, published by Harcourt and Brace Sept. 9 1952.

Neither copy has the fluoride chapter.

But based on what Major Jordan wrote about Lend-Lease, as well as the gold mining equipment conspiracy, I have no doubts as to the veracity of the fluoride information.

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