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Nobody is "coming for your guns"

We are falling for it all over again. Just when we start to think we are the enlightened ones, the powers that be show us that we can be fooled by the same old tricks.

America’s guns are not going to be taken away. Our government lacks the political will and man power to accomplish such a task especially in the face of tens of millions of private gun owners who far outnumber the military and police forces of our nation. That disparity grows even further when you factor in the notion that most of those police and military are firm believers in the 2nd Amendment which they swore to defend.

Is gun control really a valid debate in this country right now? Is the most well -armed country in the world really in any danger of losing their right to carry firearms? Or, are we simply being distracted yet again from the true injustice taking place in our country, the devaluation and theft of our currency?

Politicians have been fooling the masses for ages by arguing issues which have no chance of changing in any practical manner. Presidential candidates argue about abortion, knowing full well that nothing will change. They pretend to care about immigration, foreign wars, etc. when in reality, both parties end up continuing the same basic policies as their predecessors.

They do this because it keeps us distracted from the fact that they continue to steal our money. If we are busy supporting the left because we want gun control, we don’t notice that the left is stealing our money. If we are busy supporting the right because we want to end abortion, we don’t notice that the right is stealing our money. They tax it away, and they inflate it away, all the while we are busy arguing about laws which are not changing, and will not change. There may be small areas of the country where these things are more or less accepted, or even states who try to pass their own laws, but in reality, abortion and guns aren’t going away no matter what either side says. The only thing that is going away while we are focused on mass shootings and whatever else the media feeds us, is the value of our currency.

Even when the politicians talk about the budget and inflation, they still distract us from the real problem. They argue about the budget, faking like we are going off a cliff if one side or the other doesn’t get what they want. In reality, we already went off the cliff and both sides of the argument wouldn’t have it any other way. If the left wins the argument and gets everything they want, we are in debt $1.6 trillion for the year. If the right wins, maybe it’s only $1.5 trillion. In either case, their debate doesn’t have any really effect on the problem.

Why is this charade taking place? I think it’s as simple as this the fact that printing money makes the Federal Reserve rich, so the people making money off our currency collapse continue to fund the campaigns of those who further the problem. So while mom and dad argue over the remote control, the burglars are robbing us blind.

Even as I am convinced that this is the source of the problem, and so I am not particularly scared of losing my right to own a firearm, I also see clearly that a collapse of our currency and then our economy, could full well have the effect of creating the political will to make these changes which currently seem so unlikely. While I'd disagree with many of you who believe that this was the plan all along, I certainly see the possibility. Rest assured however, that while the pessimist in me doesn’t see us overcoming the fiscal disaster, the optimist in me knows that when it happens, the only ones armed will be those who still believe in the 2nd Amendment.

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All I can say is look at Waco.

The vast majority of Americans were in support of the murder of the Davidians and NONE of the police or military personnel rebelled against their orders.

Good point..

...I just don't think that something like that on the scale it would take to affect serious change is really in the cards. You're not going to convince the government and police to view 40 million american gun owners as a cult

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

all of the sudden?

I wouldn't say this is all of the sudden. This is just the usual playbook. I don't think most Americans actually know their money is being stolen, so I also wouldn't say that it has been right in front of our faces. I think this tactic has been pretty constant for quite a while and worked pretty well to keep most Americans from realizing the theft. I would agree however that it is uncanny how the liberty folk seem to never suspect that these scares are just another way to boost gun sales. Gun companies profit more during these gun control scares than any politicians, not that I am mad about gun companies profitting.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

You said a mouth full.

"I don't think most Americans actually know their money is being stolen,"

The dumbing down of society is exactly how it is done so easily.