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Alex Jones being pulled off of radio stations?

I work at an AM radio station in Florida. We have been airing Alex Jones for several years now. When I got into work on Tuesday afternoon, instead of Alex Jones, we were running other programming. I asked the program director why we weren't running the Alex Jones show, and they told me they wanted to stay "under the radar".

I wonder how many other stations have done this. I don't know if Alex Jones is a plant or not, but I really don't like seeing him get pulled off radio stations just for expressing his political opinions on national television...

Has anyone noticed Alex's show getting pulled elsewhere?

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Then You Certainly Remember:

Jean Shepherd of WOR-Radio Fame.

"Shep" as he was affectionately referred to by his fans,had great appeal across the masses.
Many were college and high school "kids", and also those who were older,including teachers, parents, fellow workers, and almost endless array of the American citizenry.

" Conflict is a necessary element in every good theatrical effort, so let's have some, boys"....
" Let's have some Conflict, boys, but make it harmless--because we're really playing for laughs, not fist-fights here..."

Yes..Like a "sine-wave"...very aptly described.
Shep managed to "ride" that wave many years...as will Alex Jones.
For more:
Enjoyed your comment, have a good day.

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...Everything CHANGED !!


Alan Berg started on a NJ radio station. Carlton Fredericks and Jean Shepard (WOR) were also pioneers. These are the people that got me interested in talk radio. But these guys never had the audiences of the major modern radio guys.

As someone else said on this thread, Jones has everything that is needed to compete with any of the other broadcasters. The only reason that Alex Jones is not getting the big bucks with a major gig is because the owners of the stations have no interest in representing the market segment that represents vintage America.

His rant on Piers Morgan might be the only type of stunt that can break through.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Gene well put.

Great summary thank you!


Liberty = Responsibility

license revoked?

I dont see how that would happen, AJ is on tons of stations and hasnt done anything to get their licenses revoked...

probably more of a gun issue thing, if progressives run the stations they probably dont want him on the air defending the second amendment and think this would be a good time to pull him since the CNN interview, people need to call in and complain


The criminals in charge own most of the radio stations.



Give us the address so they cant sail under the radar any longer.
This was a bad move to try and stay under the radar.
The more they squirm, the more tangled they get.
Make it so.
Some of the ones here still know what to do!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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Who is the owner of your radio station?

That may provide a clue as to why.

send this in to aj

showtips@infowars.com you can stay anonymous

Suggest one of the other

many alternative talk shows to fill in. I could list a few, but you probably already know them and many of them should be given air time also!

News Flash!

Alex would be on thousands of stations across the U.S. IF, IF, IF we had a free market.

No, we have just a few media conglomerates who own the vast majority of radio stations and they obviously censor Alex Jones.

This liberal manager you mentioned had him on because he brings in advertising money. His ratings are off the charts!

So this progressive, as you call him, just wants to tuck his tail and be the nail that gets hammered down by "flying under the radar."

Now is the time to stand tall, to aggressively fight back, not cower like a coward.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Free Market.

Agree with you buddy, however thanks to the internet we do have a "freer" market. I listen to Alex Jones on internet radio phone app. Lets hope the station recognises that listeners are going to find another channel to listen to him and not their music! I would not be pleased if I was paying for advertising hehe.
The way to defeat these conglomerates is to vote with your feet in everything.

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I do not know anything about that

But it is hard for me to understand why THIS of all the things he has every said or done is what is getting him pulled.

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― Dr. Seuss

I don't know...

I was surprised myself, the station manager is very "progressive" and we air a lot of "left wing" programming. I think their concern is that they don't want to draw any unwanted attention form the FCC. It is weird though. I'm going into work in half an hour, and I flipped the radio on just now, and we're still playing music instead of Alex Jones...

Maybe you can get people...

...who listen to him to call your place if they aren't already!

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Is there anyone you can ask to get more

info about that?

I probably shouldn't...

I probably shouldn't say too much more, because I don't want to get myself fired or anything. But it does bother me that their only reason for dropping the show is because of his CNN interview. I think they're honestly worried that the FCC will find some bogus violation to punish them with, if they keep running the show. The exact quote was that they want to "stay under the radar"... so I think they realize that Alex is real hot right now, and if they run him, it draws a lot of unwanted attention...

Undoubtedly . . the audience has noticed this

so it would be impossible that anyone tie the station call sign letters and city to any one person. I'm sure thousands listen to the show.

Sometimes - you gotta step up and do whats needed to defend Liberty. Especially in this case when the risks are just about zero. Especially if one were to just act normal afterwards. Its not a 'bad' act, but a good one afterall.

Some gun & sporting goods online retailers stopped selling guns after the last mass shooting. There was so much outrage from their customers who felt betrayed, that they changed their 'new policy' within a couple of days.

AJs audience is pretty loyal and intense, I imagine that any one of them could mention this. It could be even mentioned in a broader national sense, if other stations are doing the same thing. Of course, each person needs to decide what they will and won't do, for themselves. You have to live with the consequences.
I'm sure your tech saavy enough to know not to use a station computer to do this if you should decide to do so, use your own machine at home.

this sounds more like assumption

versus what you were actually told

staying under the radar can mean a million things

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Well ok...

I guess you're right, that is my assumption, but I think it's a pretty good one. I mean what else would they mean by "stay under the radar"? I think they are worried about having their license revoked... that's just what my gut tells me...

The AJ interview was on cable T.V. - - -

nothing said was grounds for pulling a license on an AM radio station (or anywhere else), unless Freedom of the Press and expressing opinion is now illegal in Amerika.

Frankly, I find it chilling when media self censors out of fear of government action against them. Those stations should be aware of the actions that their audience will take against them for doing that, by tuning them out. Management must have put AJ on the schedule for business reasons. They can put on what they want as a private business, but it may cost them their customers going somewhere else.