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Disney Implementing RFID Tracking Bracelets - MyMagic+

"Disney says the wristbands won’t contain any personal data (besides, presumably, your or your kids’ first names) and that you’ll be able to choose what My Magic+ does and does not know about you. But for these things to work as described, the MagicBands will need to access a database where your payment information and other personal data is stored.

How long will Disney retain the data, and how else will it be used? Even if Disney decides not to voluntarily share this information with third parties, it could be forced to share it involuntarily – like with your ex-spouse’s divorce attorney, who wants to prove you’re a lousy parent because you feed the kids too much junk food; or an employer who wonders how you managed to ride Whiplash Mountain three times last month yet still collect disability checks."


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