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Tax Tip: Start Charging The IRS and any Gov't Agency an Hourly Rate for Filing Their Paperwork and Returns:

You people who are still stuck in the free man on the land; I'm not a US citizen; I'm not a 'person, corporation, dog house, or pretzel' mentality, maybe you should back away from all the BS you've learned and take a much more logical and sensible approach when it comes to dealing with the people who are stealing your money.

Are you tired of busting your ass to file those 1040 tax returns every year, and doing it for FREE? ........ Remember people, your time is not free; scurrying around to file paperwork for the gov't; keeping track of records and receipts; collecting sales tax from YOUR customers to give to the gov't who has no skin in the game when it comes to YOUR business, etc. takes time away from your ability to make a living for yourself and your family.

The Income Tax filings are a year to year thing; they are NOT indefinite and have to be updated yearly. They need your signature on that 1040 or other tax papers to legitimize their collection efforts against you.

They want you to take time away from your job; take time away from your family; hustle around to gather paperwork for THEM; make trips to the post office to file THEIR paperwork? Collect sales taxes for THEM? Have you considered charging them for your time? What is your time worth? What is your sanity worth? What is your fuel, paperwork and stamps worth?

These people have 'presumed' you into an employment position within THEIR corporation, but are conveniently forgetting to pay you for your time. Pretty neat little trick, eh?

Don't you wish you could sucker your idiot neighbors into running all your errands and paying you a union fee to be a member of your corporation, and conveniently forget to pay them for their time?

Better wake up folks, and this goes for those of you who are self employed as well. Personally I charge $1,500.00 per/hour to file gov't forms such as 1040's, with a 6 hour minimum per piece of paper (got be careful and take your time with this stuff :) I also demand payment up front since their corporation is bankrupt and they cannot be trusted to pay their bills.

If you're running around busting your ass to file THEIR gov't forms; jumping through hoops to comply with THEIR demands, and you aren't charging them for your time, whenever you get done working for them for FREE, swing by my house, I've got a shit load of stuff you can do around here too, since you apparently haven't enough self worth to charge for your time.

Your local/state/federal so called gov't are nothing more than bankrupt corporations; they are NOT your Masters; they are not who you think they are, and their only perceived power comes from presumptions. One of those presumptions is that you are one of their employees, and if you aren't smart enough to rebut that presumption, especially after all you've learned up to this point, then you deserve every single ass reaming you get.

Trust me, when you put these conditions on these scumbags, they all of a sudden don't care to do business with you anymore. They like to prey on the sheep who fall in line and jump through hoops; they don't want ANYTHING to do with people who know the con and are working to expose it.

Deprogram yourself and start charging them for you time; you are entitled to be paid for you time, just as those in gov't are. If you don't rebut their presumptions though, they will run wild with them and try to enforce their own internal statutes on you.

You people want to put gov't back in it's box? Then start charging them for your time. Once they've got to start writing out checks to EVERYONE they've presumed into an employment position within their bankrupt corporation, they won't want to play anymore; it's really as simple as this, really, it is.

Listen to this show; it starts off slow for a few minutes before Dean Clifford comes on, but it gets really good - really fast.


Then go to this page and listen to Dean's other radio appearances to get yourself up to speed and help wrap your mind around the simplicity of this mess:


Editors Note:

Local/State/Federal so called Government is nothing more than bankrupt corporations masquerading as legitimate government bodies. They have simply presumed every single American on this land mass into an employment position within their bankrupt corporation, and are coercing you into abiding by their own internal statutory rules-regulations, and tax codes.

If you aren't receiving a government check on the 1st and 15th of the month like all other gov't employees, and they have no employment contract on file that you've signed; no payroll records that would prove you are in some way obligated to abide by their own internal rules/codes/statutes, tell them to kiss your A$$ and start charging them for you time.

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Ah that all too familiar BRAINWASHING tactic

"I've already put that to rest"

"I've already proven you wrong"

etc etc... at least if you're going to say that kinda garbage link the comment where you supposedly did.

I'm sure we could all take a break for the next 10 years and the question will never be addressed.

You Nailed It Boss.

You'd be surprised how many newcomers that tactic scares, and that's why we must continue to combat this "Assclownery" and expose it for what it is:


People need to start thinking for themselves and studying the material, instead of letting a one liner like "I've already proved you wrong once" detour them.

I love it when I post something in great detail with case cites or reputable sources, and some Assclown comes in and says "There's more holes in your information than Swiss cheese", and they fail to point out the holes.

Think for yourselves people; do some research. Reading one liners is NOT research.

Attention all newcomers to the thread:

This is a notice to the two fear mongering ass clowns below named "NowOrNever" and "fbuzz" who suffer from extreme Stockholme's Syndrome - look it up if you're not familiar with the term.

These two Individuals haven't the intellect to understand if they are not on the gov't payroll, they are not liable to abide by gov'ts own-internal statutory codes; including the tax code.

Since these two Individuals apparently can't think for themselves; have no ability to reason with logic, and have yet to study the information provided, I will make an attempt at helping them to once in their lives, actually think for themselves.

Here goes assclowns:

Since you are so adamant the tax code and gov't statutes actually apply to you, or anyone else not on the gov't clock, here's an exercise for you:

1. Stand in front of the mirror (do it now) and ask yourself this one question:

"What is the One Document that either Local/State/Federal Gov't has in their possession that would prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am contractually liable to abide by their internal statutes and am liable to file/pay an Income Tax?"

2. Repeat Step 1 and ask yourself the same question until you actually get it.

No Contract = No Jurisdiction ..................... End of Story!

There is ONLY one way they can have jurisdiction over your life and force you to comply with their own internal statutes and tax code; that ONE way is, if you have signed an employment contract and are receiving pay that would actually entice you to follow their own internal statutes and tax codes.

Do you two assclowns have a contract that you have signed that gives them legal authority to tax your income?

For the rest of you reading this; hopefully the simplicity of this is reaching your cerebral cortex by now.



Couldn't hold my own in my own thread so I'm posting above where I look like a fool in hopes that you will not look below... Bwahahahahahaha


I think I just held my own assclown.

There's no sense in continuing to confuse newcomers by combating you two assclowns apparent attempt at cluttering the subject matter.

Therefore, Instead of playing ping-pong with you two assclowns and trying to unfuck your stupid comments below, I decided to put the monkey on the appropriate backs, which would be you two assclowns.

Answer the question McFly .............. "What's the One Document They Have In Their Possession that Contractually Obligates You To Abide By Their Own Internal Statutes and Tax Codes?"

That is the only question that needs to be answered in this thread, period!

You are so sure those codes apply to EVERYONE, then cough up the Document.

Show everyone reading this thread that ONE document that gives gov't control over their lives and the ability to tax their income.

That's pretty easy if it exists, isn't it?

We know it's not Social Security; we know it's not the Drivers License, so what is the ONE document everyone should fear the gov't will whip out in a Federal Court case that would bury them?

Remember assclown: We need contractual obligation here to hold any validity, and a binary contract with no valuable consideration that only attaches obligations to your already Inherent Birth Rights, is in fact, no contract at all.

Just give us the ONE DOCUMENT McFly ............... Just One :)

I know you think you did, but you didn't

It's obvious to anyone reading this

Oh boy here we go telling everyone what to think again

It's obvious to anyone reading this

Isn't that an all to familiar GOV AGENT tactic? Deny deny deny... distract.. duck and cover.. say you already answered the question... etc etc etc.. f-buzz are you an IRS agent desperately trying to protect your SCAM???

LOL ..... That's all they have; they have nothing

informative to add; they have no evidence to the contrary; they are like squid in escape mode:

"Oh crap, he just humiliated me on a public forum" ..... Squirt goes the ink cloud out their azz to murky the waters with "It's obvious to anyone reading this" .... lol

Funny Schitt.

I see you are running out of steam McFly.

We are all still waiting on that ONE document that contractually obligates any of us, other than gov't employees and elected officials to abide by their own internal-statutory rules and tax codes.

I'll add an extra bonus to the question:

What's the One Document they have that contractually obligates you to follow and abide by their own internal-statutory rules and tax codes without pay to do so?

The Suspense is killing us Assclown ............. Put me in my place and show all of us stupid people that ONE document and I'll go away.

No. Just watching you spiral

No. Just watching you spiral out of control is enough...

I guess you can't answer the million dollar question McFly.

Now you're down to one liners that have zero force or effect in actual Law.

Answer the question Assclown:

What's the one document that obligates anyone other than gov't employees and elected officials to abide by those internal-statutory rules and tax codes, and obligates them to do it without pay?

The viewing audience is waiting Assclown.

I don't need to. This isn't

I don't need to. This isn't how it works. Your commentary has more holes than a sponge

The sky is green

The grass is purple... and all the sheeple just go baaahhhhhh!

Does not point out the holes. Just says "there are holes" and a bunch of sheep just munch munch munch... mmm this purple grass is sooooo good!

Yes Assclown, this is how it works:

I post a thread; you interject your critique; I pound you into the ground with logic; you revert to one liners that have zero force or effect in Law.

What's the One Document Assclown?

Be sure to list the "holes in my commentary" while you're at it, so I can continue to pound you into the ground with actual "LAW" for the pleasure of the viewing audience.

Everyone loves to see a good asskicking, especially when the guy getting his azz kicked is a loud mouth trouble maker who cannot back up his arguments with actual Law.

Show us the One Document Assclown, the suspense is killing us.

We're done, see below

Nope, I'm not done with you Assclown, see below:

http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2906049 .... That is what SUMS IT UP.

You lose Assclown. Can't answer a simple question like the one I've posted pretty much shows us just how much you don't know about the Law.

Answer the question Assclown ........ Still waiting!

The South

Can you provide evidence that this scheme has EVER worked, even ONE TIME? I think not. Why? Because it's BS, just like all the other freeman on the land BS.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

It's not "freeman on the land BS"

It's FREE MAN who knows his RIGHTS - FACT! If you want to fill out government documents for free man... then just stop hitting this thread and get back to your SLAVERY.

Last time I checked that was even outlawed in the FRAUDULENT 13th amendment.

What do you want from me?

Do really expect I have a letter (or anyone who's done this has a letter) from the IRS stating:

Dear Mr. Jones

"We have evaluated your offer to contract and your terms are not within our budget at this time". "Therefor, we don't wish for you to file any paperwork on our behalf, for our benefit at this time"

I know you people really aren't this ignorant, are you?

How many times do I have to state the obvious? If you are NOT a Government employee or elected official as stated in the tax codes who are liable for the tax, then they DO NOT APPLY TO YOU.

If you're not receiving a gov't check on the 1st and 15th; they have no employment contract on file for you , and they have no payroll records that would indeed prove you are a gov't agent that is required to file/pay the tax, then tell them to kiss your ass.

This isn't Rocket Science people. You're dealing with bankrupt local/state/federal agencies/corporations who can ONLY tax their own corporate employees - lawfully

Just because everyone's running down and filing the 1040's free of charge who are NOT gov't employees, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do .... Ignorance is rampant!

If you are not a gov't employee or elected official receiving pay for your time, that means you are a private Citizen, and you are entitled to be paid for your time, just as those holding gov't employment positions are.

The idea of sending them the fee schedule is to inform them, that you know the Con and aren't falling for it. They know they are presuming every American on this land mass into an employment position and are not paying them, but only tricking them into abiding by their own internal statutes, such as the tax codes.

Gov't Trolls working overtime to scare any newcomers on this information is rampant, as seen on many of my other threads. Go away losers, your negative and frightful comments may scare some, but anyone with half a brain cell who's studied Dean Clifford and Rod Class' information, won't fall victim to your scare tactics.

Buzz Off!

Yes it...

Is true,according to the tax code their definition of "employee" is someone who works for the government.What you fail to mention is the W4 form you fill out for any job is a legal binding contract to the government,therefore making you an employee of government.Try getting a job without filling one of those out and explaining to the employer you do not want to fill one out and let me know how that works out.Thats how they get you to pay taxes, the only way I see to get around this,is getting paid under the table,or a 1099 and not filing any forms at the end of the year. Just my .02 cents

Does the W4 contractually bind anyone into an

employment position without pay?

That's only half of the employment contract, don't you deserve to be paid for you time as a government employee, or does it state somewhere on that W4 that you agreed to work without pay?

I though slavery was illegal in the United States.



of it like this,you are the sub contractor and your employer is the general contractor, for the government.You are a branch of your employer therefore connecting you legally to the government,by fillIng out their contractually binding document called the "W4 form".Technically you are getting paid by government but not directly.Thats how they get away with it, and yes the W4 is a legal binding contract and will hold up in court. I like your idea but don't see it of benefit to me. To each his own, if it works for you more power to ya,I have my own ways about things.


How hard is it to ask the IRS where in the code it says how much you are paid for filing out government forms... as a government employee. Are you that SCARED that you can't just give them a call?


Hard at all,and no I'm not scared. Like I ended my answer above I have my own ways about doing things.

Not quite ...

If your employer is a general contractor for the gov't, what is your employer building or selling? Missiles, Helicopters, Tanks?

What if your employer is Burger King? Is the federal gov't writing Burger King a monthly check for their profits from the Treasury window?

Your employer is acting as an with-holding agent because you gave them your social security number; you did not have to give them the SS#, it is against the law for anyone to demand you give them the SS#; you did it out of ignorance (not you personally) and simply not knowing the law.

People are just donating their money to the federal gov't through their employers and don't understand this fact. The federal gov't does absolutely nothing for Burger King; does not manage their payroll; does not order their food stocks; does not interview employees; does not do anything, other than stand their with their hand out and say "give me your money" ..... Burger King complies because they don't know any better.

Does an Burger King employee sit down with someone from the IRS or local/state/federal gov't and fill out an employment contract? ............... No!

Yes, they are getting away with it. The reason they are getting away with it, is because no one is asking the question I've stated several times above.

Nowhere on the W4 is there a section that compels you to perform some function of gov't without pay for doing so.

Gov't employees fill out W4's too. The difference is, they are smart enough to demand some kind of payment for their services as a gov't employee.

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't mean it's right.

Watch Deans's seminars on YouTube .... A few hours and you'll be a lot more confident in this matter.


Way,as soon as you sign that W4 with all your information they've got you.

In your case.

They definitely do.

All wages paid in this

All wages paid in this country come either directly or indirectly from the government. THEY ARE PAYING YOU. As I noted to you in another thread, read the Red Amendment and you'll begin to understand. Its all got to do with "incorporating", which means to "join with". We live in a FULL blown communist society. Anyone fearing that the government MAY become communist, have no fear, they accomplished that nearly 100 years ago. WE (US citizens) ALL WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT, and we all get paid a wage from them. (that is, if you earn a living)

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Speak for yourself man.

What's up with this "we" crap? It's like a pandemic around here.

I AM NOT A US CITIZEN! Show me the definition of a "US citizen" prove to me I'm part of your "we" dag nabit.

You may or may not be a US

You may or may not be a US citizen. The definition of a US citizen is quite simple: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States".

If you meet those 2 criteria, then you are a US citizen. If you do not, then you are not. I have no interest in proving it to you.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence