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Tax Tip: Start Charging The IRS and any Gov't Agency an Hourly Rate for Filing Their Paperwork and Returns:

You people who are still stuck in the free man on the land; I'm not a US citizen; I'm not a 'person, corporation, dog house, or pretzel' mentality, maybe you should back away from all the BS you've learned and take a much more logical and sensible approach when it comes to dealing with the people who are stealing your money.

Are you tired of busting your ass to file those 1040 tax returns every year, and doing it for FREE? ........ Remember people, your time is not free; scurrying around to file paperwork for the gov't; keeping track of records and receipts; collecting sales tax from YOUR customers to give to the gov't who has no skin in the game when it comes to YOUR business, etc. takes time away from your ability to make a living for yourself and your family.

The Income Tax filings are a year to year thing; they are NOT indefinite and have to be updated yearly. They need your signature on that 1040 or other tax papers to legitimize their collection efforts against you.

They want you to take time away from your job; take time away from your family; hustle around to gather paperwork for THEM; make trips to the post office to file THEIR paperwork? Collect sales taxes for THEM? Have you considered charging them for your time? What is your time worth? What is your sanity worth? What is your fuel, paperwork and stamps worth?

These people have 'presumed' you into an employment position within THEIR corporation, but are conveniently forgetting to pay you for your time. Pretty neat little trick, eh?

Don't you wish you could sucker your idiot neighbors into running all your errands and paying you a union fee to be a member of your corporation, and conveniently forget to pay them for their time?

Better wake up folks, and this goes for those of you who are self employed as well. Personally I charge $1,500.00 per/hour to file gov't forms such as 1040's, with a 6 hour minimum per piece of paper (got be careful and take your time with this stuff :) I also demand payment up front since their corporation is bankrupt and they cannot be trusted to pay their bills.

If you're running around busting your ass to file THEIR gov't forms; jumping through hoops to comply with THEIR demands, and you aren't charging them for your time, whenever you get done working for them for FREE, swing by my house, I've got a shit load of stuff you can do around here too, since you apparently haven't enough self worth to charge for your time.

Your local/state/federal so called gov't are nothing more than bankrupt corporations; they are NOT your Masters; they are not who you think they are, and their only perceived power comes from presumptions. One of those presumptions is that you are one of their employees, and if you aren't smart enough to rebut that presumption, especially after all you've learned up to this point, then you deserve every single ass reaming you get.

Trust me, when you put these conditions on these scumbags, they all of a sudden don't care to do business with you anymore. They like to prey on the sheep who fall in line and jump through hoops; they don't want ANYTHING to do with people who know the con and are working to expose it.

Deprogram yourself and start charging them for you time; you are entitled to be paid for you time, just as those in gov't are. If you don't rebut their presumptions though, they will run wild with them and try to enforce their own internal statutes on you.

You people want to put gov't back in it's box? Then start charging them for your time. Once they've got to start writing out checks to EVERYONE they've presumed into an employment position within their bankrupt corporation, they won't want to play anymore; it's really as simple as this, really, it is.

Listen to this show; it starts off slow for a few minutes before Dean Clifford comes on, but it gets really good - really fast.


Then go to this page and listen to Dean's other radio appearances to get yourself up to speed and help wrap your mind around the simplicity of this mess:


Editors Note:

Local/State/Federal so called Government is nothing more than bankrupt corporations masquerading as legitimate government bodies. They have simply presumed every single American on this land mass into an employment position within their bankrupt corporation, and are coercing you into abiding by their own internal statutory rules-regulations, and tax codes.

If you aren't receiving a government check on the 1st and 15th of the month like all other gov't employees, and they have no employment contract on file that you've signed; no payroll records that would prove you are in some way obligated to abide by their own internal rules/codes/statutes, tell them to kiss your A$$ and start charging them for you time.

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The "Red" ... aka .... 14th Amendment has nothing to do

with you and I, unless we are gov't employees. The 14th created another class of citizen for THEM; to separate themselves from the slavery they wished to impose on us.

You need to view this thread again, and this time listen to Rod Class explain the Amendment and what it was really intended for. The 14th didn't make anyone a slave to the corporation; the bankruptcy did.


There is no money; we've never been paid anything; it's a promise to pay - obligation of the United States.

If you work for Burger King, you are not working for the federal gov't or vis-versa. You either work for one or the other, or you work for one full time and the other part time, etc. but either way, flipping burgers at Burger King is not what one would call performing a function of government, and flying an Apache Helicopter does not constitute employment at Burger King; the two are mutually exclusive of each other.

If I work for John's Plumbing, do I get a check from John's Plumbing or the US Treasury on Friday? If I work for the Federal Gov't do I get a check from the US Treasury or John's Plumbing?

There is no Amendment or Secret Code on this planet that can compel a Man to work for free, especially without pay, unless he signed a contract that states as much.

And a binary contract that only attaches obligations to an already Inherent Birth Right like making a living, that demands you pay an extortion fee, is indeed no contract at all, unless you agreed to work for free.

I've read the "Red Amendment" about 5 years ago; before I learned what I know now. At that time, I was in the same belief system most others are now. Not anymore ....... If they ain't pay'n, I ain't play'n.

If you work for the the US

If you work for the the US Treasury you get a check from the government. If you work for John's Plumbing, that has in some fashion "incorporated" (joined with) with the government, then you get a check from one of the GOVERNMENT'S TASK MASTERS, i.e. from the government indirectly.

One could also say that if you work directly for the government, that they also do no give you a check on Friday. The People give you a check on Friday, just as John's Plumbing gives a check to his employees on Friday.

Nobody works for the government, we all work for the people. And yet at the same time, we all work for the government, because WE ARE ALL PART OF THE GOVERNMENT. A US citizen is someone who has "joined with" (incorporated with ) the government.

The 14th Amendment created this incorporation. YOU (US citizen) are part of the government, and YOU are complaining that YOU did not pay yourself...?

"And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." THIS is the first corporation of Man.

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I can see you're very deeply invested in your belief that the

14th Amendment is the reason, but it is the bankruptcy as I've stated before.

Nonetheless, lets just say that you were correct (which I do not believe you are), and we are all considered employees of the federal gov't because of the 14th ....... put that aside for a moment.

When the IRS comes after you for a failure to file claim for example. They are not coming after the living man; they are coming after the legal person(s) as listed on the state issued Certificate of Live Birth.

You, the living man are the Executor of your own living Estate, and you the living man are the Beneficiary and Sole Shareholder of the legal person's Estate in which the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES created in your behalf.

Now here's the kicker:

They are the legal title holder of that legal person Estate, but you my friend are the Equitable Title Holder, and Equity is King in Commerce.

Unless you the living man have given them (IRS, Gov't, Etc.) written-authorized consent to administrate that legal person Estate, then someone is meddling in the Estate of another, and that is a serious criminal offense. If you're not familiar with Trust/Estate/Probate Law, you should get to know it :)

You the living Man/Woman are the only one who can get a Certified Copy of that Certificate of Live Birth short of a court order.

Once you realize and understand this, it puts the IRS and Gov't back in their box and they WILL leave you alone, or the agent responsible for taking it upon him/herself to meddle in that Estate without the Beneficiary and Sole Shareholders written-authorized consent can and will be help personally responsible for their breech of Trust.

You've got them by the balls coming and going if you understand both sides of the players coin.

They want you to focus on that stupid 14th Amendment to keep you from bringing the REAL issue before the court; and that issue is someone is illegally and unlawfully trying to administrate the legal person Estate without the Beneficiary and Sole Shareholders written-authorized consent to do so.

On that side of the coin, you are NOT taxable, unless at the time of the complaint, or at the time you made the money they say you owe in taxes, they can prove that you were performing some function of gov't and have the payroll receipts and employment contracts to back up their presumptions.

"Unless you the living man

"Unless you the living man have given them (IRS, Gov't, Etc.) written-authorized consent to administrate that legal person Estate"...

"On that side of the coin, you are NOT taxable, unless"...

A "person" cannot pick up a pen and sign documents, as a "person" is only a legal fiction. Only a living man can make such agreements FOR the person. The person never makes any agreements, the person is nothing more than a name, it has the ability to do NOTHING other than enslave the man.

SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION OF...A KING is subject to NO JURISDICTION save God. EQUITY IS KING, EQUITY IS NOT "SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION OF". A US citizen IS subject to the jurisdiction of, a US citizen has NO EQUITY. A US citizens has surrendered equity to the whole, as is the case in all communist governments. When you were born your parents surrendered THEIR PROPERTY to the whole, putting the child UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF the State. The parents created title of their property and gave the title to THEM.

And by the way, if you owe taxes you cannot charge the IRS for filing out the forms. Filing out the forms is voluntary. They make clear that they will calculate your taxes (section 6020b) for you if you do not want to do so. They will not calculate anything other than standard deductions, and they will add penalties for having to do the calculation for you. After calculating such, they will send you the bill. If you recalculate you taxes, on their forms, and compare their calculations to your own, you can see you ARE getting paid to file these forms.

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I'm aware a 'person' cannot pick up a pen (wink)

You said:

"When you were born your parents surrendered THEIR PROPERTY to the whole, putting the child UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF the State. The parents created title of their property and gave the title to THEM."

Correct ........... But:

When you turn of legal age and are able to contract yourself, we are now dealing in Corporate Law with regards to the 'person', and you, the living Man are the Beneficiary and Sole Shareholder of that Estate, and Gov't is the Trustee.

Then you said:

"And by the way, if you owe taxes you cannot charge the IRS for filing out the forms. Filing out the forms is voluntary. "

There is a BIG word in that statement; that word is "if".

The Certificate of Live Birth is an Office they created in an attempt to trick you into performing some function within or thru that office, so they could 'presume' you are an employee of their corporation who is liable to abide by their statutes and tax code.

If they wish for you to operate in the capacity of an agent/officer of their corporation, then you are entitled to be paid for your time in doing so.

It's the "Title" you are operating through. Man can have many Titles; he can be the manager of a car wash; a janitor at the school; a salesman at the car lot, etc.

While operating through whatever Title he/she may operating through on that day, he/she is entitled to be paid for occupying that office and carrying out functions/job duties within that Title.

From 4am to 8am I'm a janitor at the High School and getting paid to wear that uniform and operate through that Title; when I clock out, I am no longer operating through that Title and can no longer be obligated to abide by janitorial statutes/codes ......... I'm off the clock.

Gov't has presumed every thing you do is an operation through that Title, as an agent/employee of their corporation, even though they aren't paying you for your time to occupy that office and carry out functions of gov't.

Just because you were born on this land mass, and some jackass' attempted to codify and wordsmith definitions and meanings into some justification of your forever slavery, does not make it so.

If you are operating through that Title and performing some function of gov't within or under the scope of that Title, then they will have an employment contract and payroll records on file for you that justifies their presumptions that you are obligated to abide by their internal statutes and tax codes, if they don't ..... you get the picture :)

I'm either on the gov't clock or I'm not. If they want to presume that the money I made that year was earned while performing some function of gov't and operating in the capacity as an agent/employee of gov't, then we need to see some payroll receipts, or we have a major labor dispute.

Your research is much too

Your research is much too shallow. You think that this bankruptcy creates all this. This all goes back before the Revolutionary war of 1776, and debts owed to the King of England. This country has never been free from England, it was only given the "right" to govern itself. The first default (bankruptcy) occurred in 1782, the result was the Constitution of the united States of America. This document gave the authority to tax in order to pay debts owed to England. The charters originally enacted by the colonist are still intact and they are for payments TILL THE END OF TIME. This is the reason that England today still has a King/Queen, to collect for England for the agreements between the King of England under charters that are effective so long as there is a King/Queen of England.

The Treaty of France Article IV: "It is agreed that creditors on either side, shall meet no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted." Article IX: "In case it should so happen that any place or territory belonging to Great Britain or to the United States, should have been conquered by the arms of either from the other, before the arrival of the said provisional articles in America, it is agreed, that the same shall be restored without difficulty, and without requiring any compensation."

ENGLAND is the Beneficiary and Sole Shareholder of THE ESTATE. The Government is the Trustee, US citizens are the debtors.

Go read the Charters for the colonies created over 400 years ago. They are contracts made between the King and his subjects, they are never ending. They have never been requited, and can never be unless the King/Queen agrees to such.

US citizens have no equity in anything. Not the automobile "owned", not in land "owned", not in flesh "owned". It is all held in "legal title". They issue "certificates" showing legal title. A certificate is not a title, it is a document that certifies that there is true title held, and it certifies the current "legal ownership". If you have a birth certificate then somewhere there is a title of ownership. When a auto manufacturer creates an automobile, they also create the true title for such. When the buyer purchases the automobile and registers the same, the manufacturer sends the title to the State in which it was registered, and the State, holding the true title, becomes the owner of the automobile. They then issue a CERTIFICATE of Title and on that document they name the LEGAL owner of the automobile. The State remains to be the Allodial owner. The same happens with birth certificates. Your parents surrender their PROPERTY to the State by Allodial title, and a CERTIFICATE is then given to the LEGAL owner of the property. The parents have the right to do such with their property. But upon reaching emancipation the Man has the right to remove such handicap from himself. His silence is evidence that he does not wish to do so.

"They" own US citizens. They have the right of Equity in such PERSONS.

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If you stopped at 400 years ago, I commend you.

I studied it deeper than that, and finally woke up one day and realized the ridiculousness of assuming some BS Treaty/Contract/Ownership of Human Capital signed 6,000 years ago by some jackass I don't even know, has absolutely nothing to do with me.

The reason I focus on the bankruptcy is because it is ALIVE and well today and easily provable in a court of law, and it effects us more so than 16th century hair splitting over a dead King who's no longer around to make his case. We have Federal Reserve Notes in our pocket right now; that's the proof of the Bankruptcy; that's admissible and understandable.

That is their claim; I am not party to it; I did not sign it; I did not witness it, and I did not agree to it.

That includes the US Constitution. I have God Given-Inherent Birth Rights and no man can take that from me, and no Treaty signed by his Royal Majesty governs me, unless my signature is on that contract and I have agreed to it's terms and conditions.

There were no signature on the Constitution; only Witnesses ........ and ...... I wasn't even born at that time.

Now to the meat and potatoes:

The registration of the automobile grants ownership to the state; it's a state asset under the bankruptcy; it's state owned property, and if that's the stance they insist on taking; fine. Since it's state owned property and I'm holding the title as the authorized driver of said property, then I must be a state employee who's entitled to be paid for driving a state owned vehicle.

I can find this in the codes for you if I must, but it's a pain in the ass to dig it all up. They MUST pay you to drive the vehicle; they MUST pay all maintenance and repair; they MUST pay the purchase price of the vehicle; they MUST pay the fuel and Insurance as well as a salary to the state employee who the vehicle is issued to.

Now, when you bring this little inconvenient FACT up in court, stating the obvious because of the bankruptcy, how fast do you think the case disappears?

They have two options:

1. Pay me my back pay and vehicle cost and maintenance of $150.000.00


2. Make the $200.00 traffic ticket disappear


There's not an IRS agent alive today; a State prosecutor or Administrator who would ever bring up the fact we are all somehow slaves because of a foreign Treaty/Law/Act, because none of them are even aware of it, and it really has nothing to do with the Individual who was not party to it.

Do you really think an IRS agent is going to stand in front of a courtroom full of people and bring up some 16th Century jargon that justifies his/her action against you?

"Your Honor, under the Treaty of King George III, JOHN P. DOE is considered to be a slave and liable for the tax, as signed and dated July 17, 1473"

Probably not gonna happen, and if it did, I'm sure the judge would have him shot on sight.

US citizens are not the debtors; they are the creditors. Our signatures create the Federal Reserve Notes. The National Debt is owed to us by the foreign corporation. They are to collect taxes from their employees to pay us for using our natural resources while they are here doing business on this land mass.

No one owns me; and no one owns you. I signed no such contract that gave up ownership of myself and sure as hell didn't sign one that said I agreed to work for free, and they have no such contract they can enter into evidence as Exhibit A.

Really not trying to argue with you here; I know you're an intelligent being and a lot of the things you've shared are spot on, and I agree with.

But, if you are not receiving pay for occupying the office they've created (Certificate of Live Birth) and are not performing some function of gov't through that office or Title, and they have no payroll records or employment contracts that state such, then there statutory rules and tax codes do not apply to.

There is no Magic Fairy Control Dust of a Treaty or Act that enslaves 350 Million people and subjects them to extortion fees of 30% of their pay.

The only chains binding them is between their ears.

"US citizens are not the

"US citizens are not the debtors; they are the creditors. Our signatures create the Federal Reserve Notes. The National Debt is owed to us by the foreign corporation. They are to collect taxes from their employees to pay us for using our natural resources while they are here doing business on this land mass."

If you were saying the same thing about people born on US soil but NOT US citizens, then I would agree that such individuals MAY have a case. But the US citizen is a PART OF, INCORPORATED WITH, the foreign corporation. ALL US citizens are PART OF THE US, they ARE the body politic of the Government. Just as there is a "body of Christ", which is his congregation, so too there is a "body of the United States" which is ITS congregation, its CITIZENS.

You had ZERO rights at your birth. In order to have rights you must be sovereign. In order to be sovereign you must be able to take care of yourself and defend yourself. You were born as property of your parents, DEPEND upon them.

Qui tacet consentiret. Your silence on the matter IS your signature. Your silence IS you agreement to its terms and conditions.

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Schitt!@ ..... I didn't mean citizens, that was a rush typo.

I meant American's; non-foreigners-non-corporate entities are the creditors; you are correct in correcting me, but it was an honest mistake, nonetheless, it needs to be corrected, so Thank You :)

Yes, at birth the living has no sovereign Rights; the parents sign their part of the Commonwealth over to the corporation to hold in Trust. At the time such Child reaches legal age and able to contract, the parents are out of the picture, and the Child is now the beneficiary/administrator/director of the legal person estate, and gov't is the trustee, unless you let the judge run with their presumption that they are the administrator and the state is the beneficiary, which leaves you wearing the hat of trustee.

You the living man are now the Grantor and Beneficiary, Administrator and Director of the trust/estate. You own 100% equity in the legal person; you are the Grantor ..... period!

Can they prove I'm not? My presumption is that I am; can they rebut it? My presumption is the Judge/Administrator is the Trustee, can he/she rebut that claim?

No they can not, because they are public servants ... aka ... public trustees.

Do they want to fight codes or trusts/estates? .... Matter not the least if you know what you're doing.

deacon's picture

i agree with your

assessment, it is the way i have read it
do you know anything about the kings/queens
of England and a deal with the pope?
the way i read it was like this,the pope
is the vicar,and owns everything until the
return of the Christ,everything he saw he owns,
the king of England tried to break away from the
pope only to find out he couldn't,so the Vatican
still owns England who owns us,so the Vatican owns all

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

That's Their Claim :

There is at least one fellow getting out of court jams by going to the local Catholic Diocese law officer for help. Forget his Title just now.

I don't particularly care about their claims. Got a few of my own. Especially with Agencies claiming to represent a Sovereign Government power. A Bankrupt has no Sovereign Power at Common Law. US is bankrupt for a long time.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

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I haven't figured out how we as a nation could be bankrupt
and still be using gold/silver coin as payment

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

deacon :

>”bankrupt and still be using gold/silver coin as payment”

The Nation doesn't, may not ever again. You and I might. I do occasionally, but not in payment of debt. In simple exchanges.

I might offer a neighbour silver for some tires they got for sale. They could decline and say CASH on the Barrel. OK then, if I don't care to pull out a wad of wrinkled pennies we have no agreement.

Then they could counter offer with “How about 20 dozen of those green eggs you got. One or two dozen a week.”

SOLD American !!

Now I have tangible tires and an essentially intangible debt. My ability to pay the debt is entirely predicated on the vitality and future production of my flock. A debt I charge off to the chickens and they get about scratch for it ! And I'm literally stealing their Posterity in the process. As long as the possums and snakes stay out of the coop I'm golden.

If a fox gets in and wipes out the flock, I'm insolvent, bankrupt. My medium of exchange has no substance. I'm in default on the tires. Unless my neighbour will accept an IOU as long as I have no chickens.

Hope my silly example helps make some sense out of all this for you.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Indeed :

And as long as the US doesn't live conflict free for three consecutive years, they don't have to start paying that original debt. Great racket. Stay at war or in emergency forever and forever postpone responsibility.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

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I agree with your premise.

I agree with the premise that we are wholly owned slaves, on lease to corporations to simplify the exchange of the slave labor.

And can point to a number of communist planks that have been implemented, including central bank, and the farm bill. But I am curious what you mean by the Red Amendment?

We would probably disagree as to why this is the case. I say it is that way because the government has an unlimited amount of force at it's disposal, while most around here say it's because of various pieces of paper.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

You agree to be a slave?

Wow. Brother. You volunteer for servitude. Just because you don't want to do the homework don't start lumping all of us into your servitude.

WHAT IS THIS "WE" CHIT??? What is with you people that can't just speak for yourselves????

The Red Amendment is a book.

The Red Amendment is a book.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

"What do you want from me?"

A reason to believe that your theories have any validity?

How many times do I have to state the obvious? If you are NOT a Government employee or elected official as stated in the tax codes who are liable for the tax, then they DO NOT APPLY TO YOU.

So...you mean you don't pay taxes, the IRS knows this, and they don't come after you? Or do you mean that you believe (baed on some stuff you saw on youtube?) that you don't owe taxes, but the IRS disagrees and you still pay them? If the former, you're onto something. If the latter (which is of course the reality here), then you're just making shit up.

If you're not receiving a gov't check on the 1st and 15th; they have no employment contract on file for you , and they have no payroll records that would indeed prove you are a gov't agent that is required to file/pay the tax, then tell them to kiss your ass.

...right. So is that what you've done? Told them to kiss your ass and refused to pay the tax? And what happened then? They agreed, and acknowledged that you discovered a loophole in their legal system...or you went to federal prison?

This isn't Rocket Science people. You're dealing with bankrupt local/state/federal agencies/corporations who can ONLY tax their own corporate employees - lawfully

So random people on the internet keep telling me with no evidence that this is actually anything other than their own fantasy.

Gov't Trolls working overtime to scare any newcomers on this information is rampant, as seen on many of my other threads. Go away losers, your negative and frightful comments may scare some, but anyone with half a brain cell who's studied Dean Clifford and Rod Class' information, won't fall victim to your scare tactics.

You're telling people to take actions which, if they really did it, would certainly land them in federal prison for tax evasion. If warning people of the perils of following your delusional advice is being "negative," then so be it, I stand guilty of being negative. And I'll continue to be negative for as long as you loons keep peddling this bullshit.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Dang what is up?

He POINTED YOU TO THE CODE. Have you ever TRIED ASKING the IRS a few questions? Send them a letter... see what happens! Learn administrative process. Default them. If they bring you to court FLIP THE TABLES on them. You tell them you are not a defendant... you are a COUNTER-PLAINTIFF and this is a frivolous action as they have already agreed - JUDGEMENT BY DEFAULT.

The IRS is NEVER NEVER NEVER going to provide ANYONE with any PROOF that they CANNOT FORCE you to pay INCOME TAX.

If they did.. the IRS's scam would be over within a WEEK!

The problem is that your evidence is your word

And after reading your posts and checking the evidence you cite and websites you visit, your character is highly in question.

What we want is proof that this works. Years of someone making a regular salary and not paying taxes. Even more, why doesn't someone do it publicly? Since you are not a government employee and you are so sure that their laws don't apply to you, why don't you sack up and publish your name, city and state and declare that you don't pay taxes and haven't for x number of years because you are a sovereign? Why not? Because you are scared of the Feds and you fear the IRS like the rest of us. Punk

He pointed you to the code!

Among others.. section 7806 - GO LOOK IT UP! Get a freakin law dictionary. Look up the words. Break it down. BE A MAN!

Scared of the Feds and fear the IRS like the rest of you?

Speak for yourself McFly, I have nothing to fear and haven't in many years. Knowing the Law and how to utilize it on your behalf is extremely fulfilling; you should try it sometime.

Let me fill you in on a little secret Hairlip:

The Feds and the IRS have my password and IP address on this forum; they have my address and telephone #; they know I used Quilted Northern to wipe my ass this morning, and they know how much money I have in the bank ............ and .......... they know the same about YOU and every other person on this forum, kid yourself not.

I don't need to put my name, address and financial records on a public forum for YOUR benefit and would never do such an idiotic thing. I don't need the hassle of answering emails and phone calls from people in trouble with the IRS soliciting my help to deal with their problems.

Only a fool would post such information here; I'm no fool Birdie.

I'm not trying to PROVE anything to you or anyone else on this board; it's not my job to PROVE to you that you are not a gov't employee who's liable for the taxes or liable to abide by their internal statutes.

I'm passing this information along out of the kindness of my heart. It's actually a pain in the ass to do all this research; validate it, and post it for YOUR benefit, but I do it to help others.

Maybe if you'd spend a little more time studying the information at hand; watching the seminars; studying the actual LAW, you'd have something of intelligence to share with the community, instead of your constant fear mongering and negative attitude, which helps no one.

There's no way in hell you or anyone else who leaves stupid comments on this thread or any of the others have actually taken the time to watch the seminars and study the information. If you had, you wouldn't make such foolish remarks and show your ignorance.

You are offering tax advice

I am not. You are scared to offer up the simplest of basic info, like your real name and city, so that means that you either don't believe in your product, or you are a pansy. I think it's a bit of both..

I am not trying to convince people of anything, but you are. Which is why the burden of proof falls on you, but you just don't seem to get that. It's probably why you have such a hard time convincing anyone and communicating.

You are definitely an assclown.

Public statement

If an individual wishes to fund a public road rather than what they might judge to be an unjust military conflict or abusive department for example, they should have that prerogative. Subsequently, all taxation should be abolished while public domain can be endowed by the dignity of choice



Step one

Get a crayon, step 2 get a napkin, step 3 ramble, step 4 mail rambling, step 5 post about it on the daily Paul.

How much have you charged them? How much have you collected? How much has your hero Tim Turner collected from all of his judgments? Nothing? No shit, I can't imagine why some people think you are dense...

Look Gang, it's Captain Freedom !

Buzz off coward, you're wasting valuable bandwidth with your stupidity.

Can you not read the comments below? I haven't collected anything you unsheared dipchit, because they wont contract with me and meet my terms.

If they won't contract with me for the $1,500/hour, how can I lawfully collect my money?

Go away Hairlip, you're an idiot troll as apparent by your other posts:


Haven't followed Tim Turner in a LONG time; don't care about Tim Turner and no longer share his information as is apparent by the time stamps of previous posts.

I'm much more advanced in my studies than Turner; that's why he's in jail and I'm sitting here making an idiot out you on a public forum :)

Everyone be sure to read Birdies past posts and comments here at the DP; his information is top notch and sure to free you from gov't tyranny --- LOL


So now that we know the Feds won't recognize your crazy man laws, how does that change anything? Besides all the nonsense in your mind? It hasn't.

~~~ traffic sign with a man standing over slippery wavy lines ~~~~ Delusional rambling ahead

"I haven't collected anything"

LOL, I rest my case. Of course you haven't, because this scheme is based in fantasy, not reality. You're probably lucky the IRS hasn't harassed the shit of out you for wasting their time.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

First thought: GREAT IDEA!!!

Second thought.. it's already being done by a select few who know how.