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Tax Tip: Start Charging The IRS and any Gov't Agency an Hourly Rate for Filing Their Paperwork and Returns:

You people who are still stuck in the free man on the land; I'm not a US citizen; I'm not a 'person, corporation, dog house, or pretzel' mentality, maybe you should back away from all the BS you've learned and take a much more logical and sensible approach when it comes to dealing with the people who are stealing your money.

Are you tired of busting your ass to file those 1040 tax returns every year, and doing it for FREE? ........ Remember people, your time is not free; scurrying around to file paperwork for the gov't; keeping track of records and receipts; collecting sales tax from YOUR customers to give to the gov't who has no skin in the game when it comes to YOUR business, etc. takes time away from your ability to make a living for yourself and your family.

The Income Tax filings are a year to year thing; they are NOT indefinite and have to be updated yearly. They need your signature on that 1040 or other tax papers to legitimize their collection efforts against you.

They want you to take time away from your job; take time away from your family; hustle around to gather paperwork for THEM; make trips to the post office to file THEIR paperwork? Collect sales taxes for THEM? Have you considered charging them for your time? What is your time worth? What is your sanity worth? What is your fuel, paperwork and stamps worth?

These people have 'presumed' you into an employment position within THEIR corporation, but are conveniently forgetting to pay you for your time. Pretty neat little trick, eh?

Don't you wish you could sucker your idiot neighbors into running all your errands and paying you a union fee to be a member of your corporation, and conveniently forget to pay them for their time?

Better wake up folks, and this goes for those of you who are self employed as well. Personally I charge $1,500.00 per/hour to file gov't forms such as 1040's, with a 6 hour minimum per piece of paper (got be careful and take your time with this stuff :) I also demand payment up front since their corporation is bankrupt and they cannot be trusted to pay their bills.

If you're running around busting your ass to file THEIR gov't forms; jumping through hoops to comply with THEIR demands, and you aren't charging them for your time, whenever you get done working for them for FREE, swing by my house, I've got a shit load of stuff you can do around here too, since you apparently haven't enough self worth to charge for your time.

Your local/state/federal so called gov't are nothing more than bankrupt corporations; they are NOT your Masters; they are not who you think they are, and their only perceived power comes from presumptions. One of those presumptions is that you are one of their employees, and if you aren't smart enough to rebut that presumption, especially after all you've learned up to this point, then you deserve every single ass reaming you get.

Trust me, when you put these conditions on these scumbags, they all of a sudden don't care to do business with you anymore. They like to prey on the sheep who fall in line and jump through hoops; they don't want ANYTHING to do with people who know the con and are working to expose it.

Deprogram yourself and start charging them for you time; you are entitled to be paid for you time, just as those in gov't are. If you don't rebut their presumptions though, they will run wild with them and try to enforce their own internal statutes on you.

You people want to put gov't back in it's box? Then start charging them for your time. Once they've got to start writing out checks to EVERYONE they've presumed into an employment position within their bankrupt corporation, they won't want to play anymore; it's really as simple as this, really, it is.

Listen to this show; it starts off slow for a few minutes before Dean Clifford comes on, but it gets really good - really fast.


Then go to this page and listen to Dean's other radio appearances to get yourself up to speed and help wrap your mind around the simplicity of this mess:


Editors Note:

Local/State/Federal so called Government is nothing more than bankrupt corporations masquerading as legitimate government bodies. They have simply presumed every single American on this land mass into an employment position within their bankrupt corporation, and are coercing you into abiding by their own internal statutory rules-regulations, and tax codes.

If you aren't receiving a government check on the 1st and 15th of the month like all other gov't employees, and they have no employment contract on file that you've signed; no payroll records that would prove you are in some way obligated to abide by their own internal rules/codes/statutes, tell them to kiss your A$$ and start charging them for you time.

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I always thought we should charge them interest

on using our money the whole year until we get it back. Return + Int.

RP R3VOLution

For those of you who missed my first post on this subject

back on 7/19/2012, go here and familiarize yourself with it and stop making stupid uneducated remarks before you've taken the time to watch the seminars and listen to the show and study the court cases and documents.


It's amazing how hard some of us fight to free you people suffering of Stockholme's Syndrome.

Some of you idiots will fight to the death to protect your right to pay your taxes ... lol

God Help Us.


But you don't get to decide what kind of remarks you get.
If you don't like them then don't post anything...
Oh and good luck collecting your fees...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Stand over here, as soon as I finish sheering this one, you'll

be next Johannes.

Of course I won't collect any fees you moron, because they won't contract with me. I've made them several offers to file their paperwork with a fee schedule attached, and here's their reply:

************************* CRICKETS - CHIRP - CHIRP - CHIRP ****************************

So, if they won't contract with me and accept my offer, then how can I collect? .... LOL

Do you want me to sheer you with a #4 or a #5 clipper? I'm almost done with the sheep I'm working on, you're up next!


Voice of experience is my bet!
You think you can shear me? Bring it big boy! I have enough hair on my ass to weave an Indian blanket!
When your door is crashed in by the IRS, the crickets will go silent...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

You've obviously already been

sheered enough as it is man.

Not nearly as much

as most!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Why so scared of the IRS?

They are merely a collection agency who has to follow the FDCPA as any other. Sure, they can kick down my door, but not without the Agent responsible for the Raid being held personally responsible in his/her private-personal capacity.

Do you realize how many cases the IRS actually loses every year? Do a Google search :)

Funny thing about the Law: The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they DO grind, especially if you understand the fact that you are the sole beneficiary and shareholder of the legal person Estate they are attempting to Administrate without your written-authorized consent.

Meddling in the Estates of others and/or imitating an Officers position of an Estate is a SERIOUS crime, and the IRS knows this; and can be held accountable with fines and imprisonment.

They don't make a habit of picking the people who are aware of this little known fact; they like to spend their resources and time on less knowledgeable prey.

You have enough hair on your ass to weave an Indian blanket?

That sounds like a personal problem; you should seek medical attention; no wonder you're full of chit; it's stuck on your hairy ass.

Am I?

What do you base that statement on? Not that I really want to know...
So save yourself some time... I'm very aware of the IRS.

Point is, you might think you're smarter than a bus full of IRS flunkeys and that's not really saying much, but realistically, the odds are in their favor. Good luck!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Fear and intimidation.

American's cave into that so easily. You know what? We will never be free in this country until we become BRAVE again.

When you actually start shoving their own "laws" back in their faces it certainly changes their demeanor... chirp chirp chirp lol

How scary is it just to send them a letter asking them to define the words they are using like "money" and "income?" That's all we're asking people to do.

Remember: Every time you give money to the IRS that's another drone attack on someone's children, father, mother etc... you're basically committing murder by DONATING money to the IRS.

What do you know

about my tax history? or lack thereof?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

wolfe's picture


The IRS does NOT ignore you if you harass them. They actually have a special hell for "tax protestors". So either you are lying, or not protesting enough to get noticed.

I strongly encourage all of those of good character to protest all taxation IF they can stand and stomach the hell they will be put through. I admire them, respect them, and will support them in ways that I can.

However, having said that, I will not criticize those who choose not to go through that hell.

And I get tired of the various tax scams that are released like this.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Quick, over here ........ You need sheering; Baaaaa-Baaaaa :)

This isn't a tax scam you moron ... lol

This is not tax protesting either. No one is saying argue with them or protest them. If they say you're liable for the tax or to file the returns, then fine ...... prove up your claim Mr. IRS Agent.

The IRS is a collection agency, is it not?

Back to the subject at hand:

The gov't has presumed you into an employment position within their corporation; you can also presume you are getting paid for operating in that capacity. If they insist you have waived the right to be paid for operating in that capacity, then of course they should be willing to cough up that contract that states such a fact, but of course, then can not.

If they cannot, then we have a major labor dispute that needs some federal attention, because slavery is illegal in the US, is it not?

You people must wrap your head around the fact that ALL local/state/federal gov't are bankrupt corporations. Go look at the sign at your City Hall; it says "Incorporated 1837" or some similar date.

If you want to work for free, then by all means; that is your choice. But, you can also charge for your time like anyone with half a brain cell would do once they've taken the time to deprogram from this con.

Read my comment below and watch the seminars; listen to the shows and stop defending your captives. You're suffering from Stockhome's Syndrome and don't even realize it :)

wolfe's picture

You are correct about one thing.

What you are suggesting is not "tax protesting", it is a scam. I did not say I had ANY respect for you. I said I had respect for tax protestors.

You, like the rest of your kind promoting this garbage are too stupid to understand basic business principles.

You don't get to randomly bill anyone for your time, and that includes the IRS.

You must have a billing contract in place to legally bill someone. In order to get compensation for time under something other than a contractual agreement, you need to go to court and prove justification (referred to as damages).

You can't just decide to start billing someone for your time, charge them, and turn them over to collections when the fail to pay. That is considered fraud.

You are promoting a scam, fraud and worse.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Have you always been this stupid, or is it a recent


When the IRS or any state agency sends you a tax notice, THAT'S when you send them back your fee schedule and inform them you will willfully file any forms they wish, but here is what you charge, because you are NOT an unpaid tax collector who works for free.

What is so hard for you to understand about that McFly?

Please, for the sake of everyone in this community, quit with the stupid come back statements. You apparently have not taken ANY time to deprogram and watch the seminars or listen to the radio interviews. If you had, you wouldn't be making such idiotic remarks on something you apparently know nothing about.

What is fraud about charging a foreign corporation that wants you to file some paperwork for THEIR benefit a fee?

They send you a request to file paperwork; you send them back an conditional acceptance offer of an hourly rate; they don't reply and that's that, or they do reply with a threat and demand; and you reply again "Registered Mail" with your offer and a cease statement to stop soliciting you through the mail to work for free.

This is not Rocket Science, and it is not a scam ........ it's simple business practice, but some of you people are so busy protecting your captures that you can't move out of the Matrix.

Let us know how that works

Let us know how that works out for ya.

Works out great, haven't filed in many-many years, and

they don't contact me anymore.

As for you though: Keep filing those returns, the corporation depends on ignorant people like you to keep their Con alive and prosperous.

As well as to keep committing

MASS GENOCIDE. These people won't even ask them a few questions EVEN IN LIGHT OF THAT FACT. Peace activists? Please...

You know what? Even if I was REQUIRED to pay INCOME TAXES I would rather rot in prison than to know I contributed to KILLING PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLANET.

You haven't filed in

You haven't filed in years...


I thought you said -"Personally I charge $1,500.00 per/hour to file gov't forms such as 1040's, with a 6 hour minimum per piece of paper (got be careful and take your time with this stuff :) I also demand payment up front since their corporation is bankrupt and they cannot be trusted to pay their bills."

If you can charge them $1,500 per/hour with a 6 hr minimum per peice of paper, and this works out for you, then why don't you file the papers? It would seem that you could make some money.

Yes, Really :)

You see, since I started charging them for my time, they no longer wish to play. I'm sitting here dying to file some gov't paperwork so I can make some extra cash, but for some reason my fees just aren't in their budget, and I can't get them to contact me anymore.

I've even offered them a discounted rate, and crickets. I guess they continued on down their path of harassing of people who haven't caught on to their con yet, because no matter how many times I contact them and offer my tax collecting service at $1,500.00 an hour, they just don't seem to want my services.


Well, it is nice that you say

Well, it is nice that you say such things; however, in my expereicence unless one works completely for themselves and not as a subcontractor either, then it is impossible not to pay into the IRS, since all employers are going to be doing that for you automatically. If you happen to be a sub-contractor, then all of the places which you have been sub-contracted to work with will file their very own tax forms which include your name and SS#. Yes, it is possible to avoid paying this for a while, maybe even a long while, but sooner or later the IRS will come knocking and saying to the IRS that they owe you money for filling out the papers is not going to keep your @ss out of jail; because no judge is going to agree with you. Hell, the judges wont even allow the evidence to be submitted anymore which supports the idea of not paying 'income' tax.

Also, even if the IRS aren't bothering you now, doesn't mean anything. Maybe they are just waiting several years so when they do take you to court, you will end-up having to sell everything you own and still go to jail for quite some time. Every person who as ever,truly, done what you suggest has ended-up behind bars with nothing left. I suppose that is truly freedom.

You don't have to give an employer your SS# at all.

All they are doing is acting as an agent of gov't in collecting the tax from your check; it is up to you to learn the law and sit down with your employer and explain to them that you are not a gov't employee and do wish to have the taxes taken out.

You really should watch Dean Clifford's seminars; you can find them here:


You should also listen to Rod Class' radio shows on AIB Radio on talkshoe and get yourself up to speed on all the new information that has come to light in previous months concerning these clowns masquerading as a legitimate gov't.


If gov't demands you are one of their employees who is liable for THEIR income taxes, then they are making a presumption. You also have the right to presume you are getting paid for you time as an gov't employee.

If they insist you are a gov't employee who's waived your right to be paid for your time, then it is also safe for you to presume they have that contract which states such a fact on file (which they do not). If they cannot back up their presumptions, then we have a major labor dispute that needs to be heard in Federal Court, because slavery is not legal in the United States.

Deprogramming yourself from this con is not quick; it takes a few hours/days/weeks to really come to the understanding that "No Contract = No Jurisdiction".

The problem with most American's is they suffer from Stockholme's Syndrome. They will fight you to the death to defend their right to pay an income tax; they will fight you to the death to defend their right to be tazed, taxed, imprisoned, etc. ........... and expect you to be a patriotic idiot and defend that right as well.

They will fight to the death to defend a foreign corporations right to steal their money, but won't take a few hours out of their busy schedule to watch these seminars and listen to the radio interviews that have a ton of new information that can set them free.

They will fight you to the death to prove your information of freedom is useless; they will fight to the death to seal their own fate and stay in their cages.

It's sad.

I have never disputed what

I have never disputed what you and others say as to not be true; I believe that it is 100% true. That being said, I don't believe that the government -in any form: IRS, judges, or whatever- will just leave people alone, because you tell them that you know the law. Law is actually meaningless. It is the concept which the vast majority of people(society) agree on some point. If you go before a judge who doens't know of what you speak, or even if he does, would it really matter. Why would a judge care what you say; just because it is written on paper? Judges have been violating laws for a very long time, and even when they have been educated as to their wrong doing, the judges still continued onward.

I have never said that what you guys say is false; I'm just saying that I have been following this stuff for nearly 15 years, and I've always seen people go to jail for it. The reason is, because judges and prosecuters don't actually care about what was written(laws) or said(ruled on/precedent) in the past. The judges and prosecuters know with certainty that the happless masses would buy whatever story they(the authority) handed out ot them. If the society at large doesn't buy your argument, the the courts sure as hell never will. People like me, who are mostly in agreement with you would never get cought dead on a jury, and the only people who would are good little statists; which by this very fact, means that they are not going to buy your argument. If you happen to forego a jury trial, then I'm not sure why you would actually believe that a judge who has violated the law his entire career as an attorney would all-of-a-sudden side with you, when his paycheck requires that people go to jail.

The problem is:

The court cases that are won by the free men against the gov't and/or IRS are buried; never to be seen again by the vast majority of the public. They will make a ruling that stops the case and seals it before a good case gets too far.

The people who make mistakes on the other hand: Their cases get FULL exposure and are there for all prosperity to have access to. Those cases are plastered all over the internet to scare the newcomers from even trying.

A judge can do anything they want in that courtroom, you are correct. But, the one thing they can NOT do is escape the penalties of their actions if they "harm" someone in violation of the law, and lying-cheating-stealing is "harming". If you know Title 42 and Torts and you really put these corrupt Judges in a bind.

The most important thing for people to understand is this:

They issued you a Certificate of Live Birth that has a name that looks exactly like yours. You have one name, but it is being used in two different jurisdictions.

John P. Doe .......... Executor of his own living Estate
JOHN P. DOE ........ is the fictitious-corporate you the STATE created, and the living you is the beneficiary and sole shareholder of that Estate.

When you go to court, the Judge is assuming him/herself into an administrative role within the Trust, when in all due actuality they are the Trustees and YOU are the Beneficiary who should be asking the question:

"Who in this courtroom has my written authority to hold this shareholders meeting without my consent?"

You are the only one in that courtroom who can legally obtain a certified copy of the Certificate of Live Birth short of a court order.

The IRS is taxing the "legal person", and that legal person is just a small part of you, but you are all of it.

You need to watch Dean Clifford's YouTube seminar "Both Sides of the Story" and study his Trust Law seminars :)

If we don't fight for our Rights and hold these crooks feet to the fire, they will continue to run rampant with their destruction.

Knowledge is Power, and the one thing they fear the most, is a Knowledgeable Society who knows their Rights, and aren't afraid to bring forth prosecutions against rogue gov't officials who insist on meddling in the Estates of others without their written consent.

One quick question

I don't understand how this is true, "But, the one thing they can NOT do is escape the penalties of their actions if they "harm" someone in violation of the law, and lying-cheating-stealing is "harming". If you know Title 42 and Torts and you really put these corrupt Judges in a bind."

Obviously, to hold the judge accountable one would have to utilize a court; which means another judge. How does this system hold itself accountable, when everybody involve have been violating laws eversince they started 'Practicing Law.' This is what I don't get.

The Mafia wont stop, when you point out to them that what they are doing violates the law and your rights; and I personally don't think the government will either.

Someone posted about the Dick Act of 1902 and how it gauantees the 2nd ammendment can never be violated and that the Dick Act can never be repealed. Yet they(the government) have been violating that law every time they pass a new gun control meassure. Also, they violate that law every time they use the National Guard in any capacity but to fight-off an invasion or quell an uprising.

So, the precedent is set that the Federal Government doesn't really give a damn about laws; and I really don't see how one can force the Judge to abide by the law. As I stated earlier, most people never heard of any of this stuff, so to them it just sounds like people looking to break the law. If the people are not informed then trying to hold the judge accountable would be a joke.

When you bring a Judge up on a Title 42 Tort, the next

Judge overseeing the case is on high alert. Trust me, these people will eat their own when push comes to shove. No Judge is willing to put their personal belongings on the line; put their retirement on the line; risk fines and imprisonment themselves, protecting another Judge who broke the Law and is now on the hot seat.

The Mafia loses gangsters everyday; they eat their own; they kill their own if necessary to protect the organisation as a whole. One Judge who made a critical mistake in picking on someone he shouldn't have will be hung out to dry and go down in flames to protect the greater cause of the crime syndicate.

Do a Google search on local/state/federal Judges who've went to prison over the years :)

The Federal Government is a compartmentalized body, not one single mighty force that no one can penetrate or hold accountable. People in the gov't go to prison everyday when the break the law.

Judges get brought up on Judicial Review All The Time. Judges who get caught breaking the law go to prison All The Time, and are replaced. You don't see every single case on the news, but believe you-me, it does happen often.

People who don't know the law get railroaded on an hourly basis. People who know the law from both ends know how to put these corrupt Judges in a serious financial bind; know how to put their bonds in a serious bind, and know how to cull them from the pack on an Individual basis.

They break the law on a daily basis; some get caught and pay the price; most continue breaking the law until they get caught. If you don't understand what's happening in that courtroom with regards to the Trust and Estate, you will get buried alive, no doubt.

Go to YouTube and look up Dean Clifford's seminars on "Trust Law and How to enforce your Rights".

Thanks for the response; I

Thanks for the response; I will look into this further. However, I still am not sure that judges do go to jail that often for violating people's rights; but I'll look at it.

The court system is corrupt, I don't think anybody doubts that. I just think that a corrupt court system isn't necessarily going to side with the citizens; however, anything is possible.

BTW, whether I believe any of this will actually work or not is not the point; I think the more people that can attack the system(government), figuretively speaking of course, from a variety of positions the better it is for everybody.

Keep up the fight.