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Is Obama ordering Death Squads to assassinate Gun Activists?

"A new Federal Security Forces (FSB) report updating their 4 January “urgent action” memorandum to President Putin circulating in the Kremlin, today, states that the “death squads” unleashed upon America by President Obama have claimed their first two victims and warns that “another massacre” in the United States is “much nearer than first believed.”

"According to this chilling FSB report, the first two Obama “death squad” victims identified by Russian intelligence sources were gun rights activists John Noveske [first photo right] and Keith Ratliff [2nd photo right], both of whom were hailed as supporters of the US Constitutions Second Amendment which grants Americans the right to bear arms."

Sounds CRAZY right?

Keep in mind that Obama has a secret kill list which includes American citizens, has already killed Americans including a 16 year old boy via unmanned drone, and he reauthorized the NDAA.

"Barack Obama now, in the latter part of the year 2012, has the self-proclaimed right to decide who, on his top secret ‘kill list’ (which list includes U.S. citizens), will be murdered; without the bother of even being charged, much less tried, in a court of law. His ‘Kill List,’ combined with the draconian NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), which, in relevant part, institutes in this nation, the right of the government to indefinitely detain (i.e. disappear and imprison) people (including U.S. citizens) without the constitutionally guaranteed due process of charge, trial, or legal defense"

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FPS Russia's Keith Ratliff and John Noveske dead a day apart

Looking into this I was thinking about what the odds of these close deaths being a coincidence might be. What I didn't realize until closer inspection was that these two men died on January 3rd and January 4th, respectively.

With all of the current gun frenzy, does anyone have a way to figure what the odds of these men, both dying, literally back to back might be? We know that Ratliff's death is being investigated as a homicide.

We know that Noveske had a fatal car accident while alone.

'It just doesn't really add up': YouTube gun enthusiast found dead likely knew his killer, brother and wife say

Authorities found Keith Ratliff, 32, dead at his office on January 3 with a single bullet wound in the head
His brother and wife say he likely knew his killer.
‘For him not to pull out that gun and try to defend himself, he had to feel comfortable around somebody’ brother Kelly Ratliff said

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261681/Keith-Ratlif...
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John Noveske is one of the most celebrated battle rifle manufacturers in America. His rifles, found at www.NoveskeRifleworks.com are widely recognized as some of the finest pieces of American-made hardware ever created. (I own one of his rifles, and it's a masterpiece of a machine that just keeps on running.) Sadly, John Noveske was killed in a mysterious car crash just a few days ago, on January 4, 2013.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038616_John_Noveske_mysterious_de...

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