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Rand Paul 2016

Why wait around? The early bird gets the worm. Rand Paul 2016 if the Republic is still there. The visit to isreal is a great start. Bring people into the movement. Liberty!

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Then change the name to the

Then change the name to the 'Daily RON'. Using the last name is just misleading.



That's your contribution? No

That's your contribution? No wonder we lost twice.

mouse in your pocket


You're come backs are weak,

You're come backs are weak, troll level: 0


get the basics right, son.

LOL @ correcting me and

LOL @ correcting me and calling me 'son'. Whatever you do, please stop hurting my internet feelings and 'pwning' me! I have no idea how I will walk away from this computer knowing I fell prey to a close minded, self righteous, mental narcissist.


see you on the daily ron

i was only winding you up with the 'son' stuff.