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There can be no Freedom Without Faith

*Many LOVE to incompletely define faith as blind and unfounded. When I speak of faith I define it with the part of the definition that gets left out: ‘Confident belief in the truth, value or trustworthiness of a person, idea or thing.’

I do not have faith in a flag, or the Federal government, or some twisted perversion of American ideals and morality. I do not have faith in Federal Reserve Notes, Hollywood or any other modern day mirage. My faith, defined as belief and trust, is in an established set of laws. I believe in GOD so it is in His laws that I firstly have faith. Secondly I believe in the original system of laws used to define and establish America and it is in those ‘old laws’ that I still have faith.

Faith is a vital part of freedom and an essential ingredient of the ideal America we all dream of. Some of us have faith in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – these are laws that we trust in, laws that we believe are just, laws that we believe create and maintain liberty within a diverse society.

But the average American no longer has faith in the original system of laws that cemented a firm foundation for freedom, liberty and the once great Republic. Most people today can’t even accurately define those three words: freedom, liberty, and republic. Everyone has a different opinion about their definition of those words or they just simply don’t care, so why would anyone have faith in them?

Everyone has faith, belief and trust, in various things: some have faith only in themselves and the desires of their belly; others have faith in some vague form of squishy humanism that makes them feel good; many have faith in a system of law that would very closely resemble Socialism or Communism; and countless others have faith in a variety of other hollow vessels rolling down slippery slopes.

I think we are seeing a metamorphic change from the romanticized ‘Old America’ into a dystopian ‘New America’ partially because individuals and society itself no longer believe in the important and the foundational.

‘Old law’ and the ‘Old America’ is becoming old hat.

Too many have lost faith.

I believe in ‘Old America’ because ‘Old America’ was built on a foundation of firm and practical laws, what I will call ‘Old Laws.’ These laws were mostly designed to constrict government and to establish a fertile soil from which freedom and liberty could grow.

‘Old American’ government was designed to leave individuals alone and ‘Old American’ individuals were taught to continually pester government to keep it in check.

But today in ‘New America’ we see the opposite: the government, unchained because the ‘New American’ individual has left it alone, continues to grow and as a result government has begun to continually pester individuals to keep them in check.

To put it in simpler terms, the servant has become the master and the masters have now become the slaves.

Can we stop the metamorphosis from ‘Old America’ to ‘New America?’

I think it may be too late to stop it and it is much too late to reverse it. ‘New America’ is coming whether we like it or not; in some ways it is already here.

But we are not independent men and women if we sit around and whine about it. We cannot dwell on the past and blame others. We must understand the past, be willing to draw a line in the sand and declare ‘no more.’

For if we do not understand how we got here, we will never figure out how to stop going down the current path. And if we are not willing to draw a line in the sand and face the consequences that result from that stand, then we will continue to tolerate anything and everything up to and beyond shackles around our necks.

If we ever hope to see real, positive change we must do two things:

1. We must reestablish an objective and firm definition of what exactly it is we believe in.

2. We must again rekindle and rediscover our faith, both individually and as a society.

I believe that we can examine history to see what worked and what didn’t work; that analysis coupled with a strong faith in a few foundational beliefs (Republic system of government, Liberty, etc.) will help us to better define what exactly we as a country should belie in.

Full Disclosure:

As I said before, I believe in GOD and His set of Laws above all others. It is evident to me that the ‘old laws’ of ‘Old America’ were partially influenced and derived from GOD’s Laws. I think this truth is both obvious and undeniable. I’m not referring only to the Ten Commandments; I am also referring to many of the laws and precedents set by Jesus Christ.

The Christian set of laws (not how Christians actually act – often two different things unfortunately) helped shape our country. But an individual does not have to believe in GOD to accept the influence, implementation and American dependence upon a set of laws from GOD with a proven track record of success (again, law and how people act are two different things).

I do not believe that an individual faith in GOD is necessary to have faith in the set of ‘old laws’ that helped establish ‘Old America.’ However I do believe that an individual faith in GOD greatly increases faith in the ‘old laws’ of ‘Old America’ and also would increase the lifespan of our fading Republic.

I believe that a portion of ‘New America’s’ problem is that most ‘New Americans’ have faith in things that are deconstructive, rebellious and just plain evil. Many individuals today no longer have faith in the virtue, accountability and morality of a higher authority. As a result many individuals today have faith in their own desires and have accordingly created their own vastly inferior personal virtue, accountability and morality; or worse, have labeled such lofty ideas as unnecessary and cast them aside.

Christian’s are often accused of blind faith, and based on an individual case-by-case basis I would say that some of those accusations are extremely accurate. But for every individual blindly believing in a powerful being in the sky I am willing to bet that there are an equal number of people, if not more, that blindly believe in celebrity or greed or technology or sex or money or power or, or, or.

In fact I think many of the individuals that believe blindly in GOD actually believe in other gods as well; on Sunday they have ‘faith’ in GOD but every other day of the week they have more faith in any other number of things.

I think that is the very heart of the problem. It’s not just a loss of faith in GOD, but it’s a loss of faith in a tried and true set of laws that has created the idolatry, lawlessness and evil that manifests itself a million different ways in today’s world.

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Denise B's picture

Great Post!

Very well written and very true IMHO. It is no coincidence that the downward spiral of this country directly coincides with the removal of God, including the teaching of His Word and Laws, from the public sphere. While it is true that this country was founded primarily by Christians and many of it's laws were rooted in Christianity/God's Laws, it was also true that even those who did not consider themselves Christians at least recognized Christian beliefs as being beneficial to society in general. Sadly, this is no longer true today.

John Adams was not a Christian but respected and acknowledged the importance of the moral behavior which resulted from one being Christian. He stated that our form of government (Constitutional Republic) was only suited for a moral, religious and just populace and was entirely unsuitable for a people that were not these things. I think that history has shown his words to be true.

I really enjoyed your article...thanks for sharing it. :)

I think you hit the nail on the head...

when you talk about the importance of someone acknowledging the validity and the value of many Christian ideals/moral proclomations - an individual does not have to accept Christ or worship GOD to realize the benefits of those values.

Ravi Zacharias had a great quote about how America would never have been what it was without Christianity and the revolutionary ideas that came along with it. I don't want to butcher the quote but he basically echoed what you attricbuted to John Adams.

Thanks for kind words and for reading!

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."