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We need to Unite!

Ok I'm going to be breif with the intro to what I'm about to post. My buddy came up with what I think is a great idea. I will Keep his name out of this for now, because I'm not sure if he would like me disclosing that info, but I know he wants this idea spread. His Idea? Well, about a week ago he started adding facebook friends like crazy. All of them from different groups of the political/ideological perspectives, yet all of which that are very against the status quo. He has an Idea to Unite "We the people", and so far, despite the diversity of all these new friends he has been adding noone seems to disagree. it's very simple, and I will let it speak for itself. Here is a few of his latest facebook posts:

"So, I'd be a liar if I said that I didn't believe that there was some truth to some of the conspiracy theories out there, but for the sake of argument, let's just assume that they're all false. Does that make everything ok?
Well it doesn't change the FACT that the Bush Administration lied to the public in order to drag them into war. It doesn't change the FACT that the current administration is ...continuing the prior administrations criminal policies. It doesn't change the FACT that the government did plan terrorist attacks on american citizens as a pretext for invading Cuba. It doesn't change the FACT that the gulf of tonkin incident was a hoax to get us into Nam. It doesn't change the FACT that there are roughly 1,000,000 nonviolent drug offenders currently being treated like cattle in the largest prison system in the world, here in the "land of the free". It doesn't change the FACT that we have a system of socialised corporate losses and privatized corporate gains. It doesn't change the FACT that there is a revolving door between big business and government, and that our regulatory agencies are comprised of the ex CEO's, and insiders of the very same companies to which they are supposed to have oversight. It doesn't change the FACT that americans are being detained for excercising their freedom of speech. It doesn't change the fact that we are positioned in over 130 countries accross the globe. It doesn't change the FACT that our government is corrupt to its rotten core. So maybe it's time to live up to the fact that we cannot vote in change. Maybe it's time to live up to the fact that a body of liars will NEVER be a force for good. And maybe it's time to peacefully, non-violently, and legaly dissolve the government, and start over:)"

"So what's up to all my wonderfull new revolutionary fb friends. I've been ranting for quite some time now, and it sure does feel good to finally have an audience! I'm sure you feel the same! I'm just gonna chat a bit about UNITY, and how important it is if we are to ever see our revolution succeed. I've seen alot of your walls, and it is pretty clear that we are a pretty diverse bunch! We hav...e anarchists, socialists, left-wing, right-wing, and centric. We have libertarians, agorists, and those that are even disgusted to apply a political label to themselves. Some of us want to nationalize banking, some of us want a gold standard, some of us want competing currencies, and some of us want to transcend monetary economics altogether. From religious perspectives, we have athiests, agnostics, christians, muslims, jews, buhdists, new-agers, humanists, and more. We are a blend of Paul-bots, zeitgeisters, occupiers, truthers, conspiracy theorists, and others. But how we define ourselves MUST be set aside (for now), because we have to come to terms with the fact that we will never get the numbers we need if we are trying to convince everyone else to accept our worldview. And we need more numbers.
So let's focus on what we have in common.
-we all want a better world
-we know we are being lied to
-we know we are being robbed and,
-we are all very fucking upset about this.
We also have a common obstacle, and that is the establishment. If all of those that are disgusted with the goverment set their differences aside, and focused on joining forces and educating others, with the concrete goal of peacfully, non-violently, and legally, disolving the powers that be, and holding our elected thugs accountable for their crimes,I don't think it would be long before we could turn this into reality. And we could squabble over politics later.

"What's up revolutionaries!!!
This is a follow up to my last post about UNITY, and I'm just gonna reiterate some points for clarification. So if this seems kinda out of the blue, just refer to my last post about UNITY.
To start with, I was amazed by the response I got, and very encouraged by the healthy debate that followed. I do think this is a powerfull message! That being said, there did seem... to be a number of DIVISIONARY comments that I will address here. Remember, I am suggesting that we put our ideological viewpoints aside, and focus on our common obstacle... DISOLVING THE EXISTING GOVERNMENTAL, FINANCIAL, AND CORPORATE POWER STRUCTURES THAT SEEK TO EXERT AUTHORITY OVER ALL OF OUR LIVES. The first divisionary statement came from one of my revolutionary friends, who stated that we eliminate the government, and replace it with nothing. Now, I'm not going to say if I think this is a good idea or not, because I don't believe we can get a majority of people to rally behind that cause. The second opinion had to do with reevaluating human needs, and implementing a rescource based economy. Again, right or wrong, I don't see a likelyhood of rallying a majority behind that particular ideology. The third point had to do with expanding the occupy movement, and FIXING the government. It won't work.
The liberty movement will never fall in line with universal healthcare, and the occupy movement will never fall in line with the liberty movement. And neither will fully fall in line with the rbe movement. And as these movements grow, so will their divisions, ensuring that the "divide and conquer" technique used by the power elite will be further perpetuated.
So we need to tackle our common obstacle together. Disolve the powers that be, in an orderly fashion. Peacefully, and non-violently. And while this is being done, we could set up networks to provide humanitarian aid to those who need it, and have an open dialouge about how to keep production running, and how to avoid social upheaval. I'm confident that between 8billion of us, we have the answers. And I'm not proposing anarchy, socialism, or anything else. That's not up to me, that's up to us. So there's no need to be afraid of what will replace it. And there's every reason to be afraid of what we already have. And why try to fix the existing system? THEY ARE ALREADY GUILTY! And they will do whatever they can to maintain control at your expense. So yes... disolve them. And start new.
Uniting people around the rejection of the power structure will be easy, if we put our ideologies aside. Because to be informed, yet supportive of them you would have to be a homicidal, genocidal, infanticidal, ecocidal, lyin theivin, tyranical prick.. So if we all unite, and inform, and further UNITE... we will soon have a majority. And just watch how quickly we can fix this place.

"Wudup facebook! How y'all doin tonight or today or this morning over in wherever you are?
I just want to address a perspective that is widely held by many of us, and share my points of view on it. Namely, that our established institutions are "systemic".
The other night, when I made a post pertaining to unity, there was a comment stating that when we change, the system will change. In other wor...ds, it is a value system disorder, and that when we want to look for the root causes of our societal ills, we only need to look into a mirror..
I messaged him, crudely stating that "No, bro! We are not the system! We are not murderers! We are only guilty of complacency and apathy! They are guilty of so much more!"
Well, he responded with a very well articulated response, covering quite a few topics, and leaving me with the opinion that he was very intelligent, and highly informed.
He is an advocate for treating the earth according to what it is.. a system. And the viewpoint of what he advocates deserves alot of merit. But is that all we need to do? Change our values?
Well to answer this, let's look at an example of another system; the relationship between a man, his food, and his tapeworm. The man can come to the realization that it was his poor decisions that led him to aquire his new parasitic friend. He can also take steps to guarantee the safety of his diet. So he is now enlightened and has changed his behavior. NONE OF THIS, however, changes the fact that there is a worm that needs to be destroyed.
(From here on out , I will refer to our governmental, financial, and corporate overlords as "the power structure")
But let's give my friend the benefit of the doubt. Lets suppose he is correct, and that the best sort of socio-economic system would be a systems-theory approach to managing the earths resources.. well, ok, but how long is it going to be before the masses come to that realization? 10 years? 20? 50? How many millions more have to be murdered by the power structure before we all board that ship? How bad does it have to get before we all come to the same conclusion?

As another example, I noticed ows' fb page post a picture of ron paul, with a quote that put him in a positive light, and boy, there sure was some negative comments that followed. Ya see, Occupy tends to think of ron paul as a pro wallstreet unempathetic douchebag, and paul supporters tend to think of Occupiers as a bunch of idiots who clamour for more poison, and don't understand their economics.

And while we squabble over various socio-economic theories, the power structure continues to get away with genocide, ecocide, terrorism, the eradication of the middle class, and other such attrocities, THAT WE ARE ALL OPPOSED TO!!

Maybe we are not awake yet...

I believe it is time to stop trying to unite everyone for our ideologies, and start trying to unite everyone against what we all reject:
-It is easy to stand united by our rejection of genocide
-It is easy to stand united by our rejection of fear as a means to a political agenda
-It is easy to stand united by our rejection of governmental and corporate callusion
-It is easy to stand united by our rejection of governmental and forporate usurpation of the media
-It is easy to stand united by our rejection of government initiated violence against non violent citizens, and therefore...
-It is easy to stand united by our rejection of the power structure, which is guilty of all the above, and many more attrocities.
Once we unite against what WE ALL OPPOSE, we become the majority. Once we become the majority, bringing the power structure to it's knees will be a walk in the park. And once they are out of the way, we can focus on the important task of building a more just, equitable, abundant, liberating, and sustainable future. For ourselves, and our children.

That is all so far.