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I want to see curse words

How do I see fuck instead of 'f '? I noticed that when you reply to a post, you can see the whole word.

edit: bunch of word nazis. I was just asking if its an option. I mean... we have user accounts.

edit 2: after the warm reception, I gotta ask what's the point of putting this in the footer? (the 'different site' is a link to disney)

"This site may contain adult language and adult concepts. If you are offended by such content, or feel you may be offended by such content, point your browser to a different site immediately."

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I know you must get tired

of answering the "why am I being censored on a site that I don't own" question time and time again...

I have a problem with swearing out loud. Army training you know... I'm working on it though.

now is it that he doesn't like them on the site


da da dahhhhhh

maybe just maybe he is PREJUDICE against only CERTAIN LETTERS!

shame on you sir

shame on you


only allow certain letters on your site

for shame

and for some reason he has decided to hide all the letters he hates the most with a symbol ( probably devil worship ) see watch what happens when you try and give all letters equal rights below


he gets rid of the letters he disagrees with and puts something he likes instead in their place.

poor letters

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