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Fox newsman Ben Swann questions 'lone wolf' story in shootings


Fox newsman Ben Swann questions 'lone wolf' story in shootings

Ben Swann, a television news journalist who has been highly regarded across ideological lines, has raised questions about three different mass shooting incidents, holding that multiple eyewitness accounts conflict with law enforcement narratives.

Swann calls for the release of the outside video capturing the entrances of the Aurora theater, which was the scene of the "Batman" shooting, as well as the video capturing the main entrance of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Swann says police must begin to prove what they say is true in order to settle important questions....Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/341032

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I know this is off topic, but just found free kindle

book written by Ben's mother and sister on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/The-Chosen-ebook/dp/B009FEV6K0?Subscri...
I have read books and articles by his mom and sister years ago, for homeschoolers.

no surprise that Ben is from one of these extraordinary

families with talent up and down the line.

On the topic I think Ben Swann is the only one barking up the right tree here, the outside video. Here is a facebook demanding the release:


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Ben hits the nail on the head ...

... again!

He deserves his own network.

Let's face it, we can speculate around the block

about whether someone is an actor or showing enough emotion or not, bottom line is it is subjective and it is making us look bad if we are wrong. But release of video will actually TELL US SOMETHING, did Lanza walk in alone? Was it him? Did he have a rifle? Inside video, released for viewing to the press, will tell us if there were multiple shooters. I say we drop all other angles and follow Ben's charge. He blew a hole in the line we need to come rushing through, not leave him with his ass hanging in the breeze.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

no Colorado theater video no

no Colorado theater video
no Sandy hook video
no Penatgon video showing a plane or debris
no Bin Laden video/photos

Do the math.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Also what drugs was Lanza on?

Funny how that seems to have dropped out of the discussion in favor of this double false flag actors thing.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I am beginning to think the "actors" thing and pre-dated

facebook pages is a double false-flag to throw us off the very simple and effective trail of demanding release of the surveillance video. They are setting us up to discredit this and all truth movements. Careful laddies, don't take that bait. Don't you see the trip wire now? Off to the left, look for that glint in the sun. Yes, right there.

"Meet the Sandy Hook truthers"

Release the Sandy Hook video.