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Guns the *new* Wedge Issue

The title needs work -- rather than "new" it could be "renewed" as the debate is as old as abortion.

If we resolve one wedge issue (has never happened once in all US History - that I know of) between Libs and Pubs will that lead to total free-market society? Obviously no.


1) Wedge issues keep voters from uniting on issues they agree (or could agree on) -- Divided and Conquered - On issues that are not wedge issues (like End the Fed). The example of Moore and the Bush kid arguing against Big Pharma is a good example; it's not a wedge issue.

2) Voting has not worked to beget a Free-Market (ever). Voting is the only vehicle to decide the fate of a wedge issue.

3) Voting (to solve wedge issues and beget a free-society) is not likely to work (ever) because Wedge Issues are Onerous to dislodge once in the Communal Psyche -AND- because voting is an abdication of rule through consumptive choices in the market economy (it's a work-around a cheat - it IS the circumvention of another's consumptive choices).


Why get "worked-up" if the issue at hand and the offered participation (to end it, protect it, or expand on it) will only lead to Bigger Gov't (voting, lobbying, legislation) -- why feed-the-machine (media / lobbyists / politicians)?

We have 320M guns in America (according to Stefan M) and those guns have not won us a free-market -- a free-market is a consumer-sovereignty and guns are just one good, in the market economy. You can't liberate all markets by the exclusive or predominate use of one market good -- I hope that's logical.

They can control water, electricity, fuel, and the supply chain. If you count most elderly, children, special needs, people in hospitals, people siding with gov't, and those living in geographically blocked off regions -- the gov't controls most Americans (or that most Americans pose no real threat). The few roaming free can either be ignored, herded, or just inconvenienced (never under estimate the power of convenience) -- without the need to kill one civilian.

No wedge issue, once resolved, can eliminate the creation of new wedge issues, nor can they cure other wedge issues still pending. There's no Unified Wedge Issue.

"End the Fed" is not a Wedge Issue (by-the-by) as most still do not understand what that means or how to go about it.

Wedge Issue Examples:

Guns - Abortion - Healthcare - Education - Gov't Salaries - Marriage

Which one of those, if you got Libs and Pubs to agree to a solution would cure all others? Is there one case in US History where a "Wedge Issue" was fully resolved (even for one full year)?

Try and Remember: Piers Morgan and Obama are selling more guns than any Pub in US History -- Libs sell more guns, period. Like gun-pimps. Just talking about gun control drives sales through the roof, hahahaha.

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