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2013! Economic collapse and gun control are no coincidence

There is a reason the politicians, with the help of the media, are pushing so hard for gun control, and it isn't the usual reason of guns are bad and kill people. Lately we have seen much more focus on gun crimes in the news, and more push by politicians to "get something done now" before it's too late. Well, in my opinion, there is no coincidence that they are pushing for gun control in a year when the politicians are not willing to do anything about the debt. I believe the politicians know that there will be a collapse, and they are being given marching orders from their campaign donors to make sure the public is disarmed, so there is no resistance. This year could be a scary year for liberty, so we need to spread the word fast, and be prepared.

The information below I have compiled because it makes my point better than I can express. Please read and watch, and comment. Thank you




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Very insightful, great videos! Bump



I'm not insightful, it just popped into my head, but I figured its probably common sense with everyone else but me. Haha