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I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

I got very overzealous in my reaction to the Piers/Jones segment. It was obviously not a good debate (if it were, Piers won) but I am starting to come around. I can't believe it would actually work, but amazingly the reception is far more positive than I ever could have imagined.

I still completely disagree with this tactic, I feel it is sinking to the level of Piers and O'Reilly. In fact I've been describing this show as those two having a lovechild. But it may not have been as damaging as I suspected, and may in fact have killed some apathy.

I'm sorry I let my emotions get the better of me that night. We should sit back, and let it play out before we throw stones. I have always been one to say this, but I let myself slip.

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But I pretty much agreed with

But I pretty much agreed with everything he said all along, I just didn't like the way he said it initially. Re-watching has given me more appreciation as well as seeing the reaction. Of course there is the typical "look he's a right wing nutjob" reaction, but to my great surprise there have been a massive number of people waking up!

You are exactly right

and that's why it was the wrong place for Alex to bring it up, especially just rambling and spewing out terms haphazardly the way he did. Political junkies always make the mistake of getting all excited over certain things because they forget that the rest of society is clueless. You and I know and I am certain agree on new world order and I'll bet alot of other things, but you are right...the average person is ignorant to alot of it and those are the people we try to win over. All of us, including Alex, have to try our best to stay sharp.


I should add, I am a fan of infowars and of Alex. He has done alot of good. I cannot tell you how many people came out to support Dr. Paul in 2008 and 2012 who when asked what attracted them to Dr. Paul said that they followed Alex and Infowars. So yeah, I'm pissed at him too, but that does not take away the good he has done.

I didn't think there was

I didn't think there was anything wrong in the first! I was jumping up n down in my room going crazy! I knew what I saw was history being made! Alex Jones is amazing man.

juan maldonado


"There's nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man.
True nobility is being superior to your former self."
—Ernest Hemingway

Our mistakes provide the greatest lessons.

Even those "mistakes" made by Alex, are serving as a learning experience for those who follow him. Look at the floodgates this is opening on the conversation. I honestly didn't think this would result in so much discussion regarding government tyranny. Alex was like an "Info Trojan Horse" that posed as a crazy lunatic only to provide a spotlight for those with better emotional control to be given time to speak and educate the sheeple viewers.

Always look for the Silver Lining.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

AJ's effect...

I love the way Larry Pratt handled Piers in his last interview- but it didnt garner any headlines... in fact the only headline taken from their first interview was Piers calling Larry a 'very stupid man'

I think Ben Shapiro (for the most part) did a good job debating Piers, but once again, it didnt get much attention...

Alex on the other hand shook the whole country, made everyone notice, some mocked, some laughed, some agreed but most importantly they noticed... when he called Piers a hatchet man for the new world order on mainstream TV, people wont forget that for years to come

a friend I work with (who voted for Obama in 2004) is pretty much all 'woken up' now due to the Gun issue, he loved it- he's sporting a Dont Tread on Me shirt... people are taking notice

as much as I appreciate a well moderated intelligent courteous counter agrument against these buffoons (Piers etc.), we need to realize what we are up against and we dont have much time...

remember its not Alex's style vs Pratts style, its combination thats waking people up, 1-2 punch against apathy and towards truth

AJ is a bit crazy, but.....

He has woken up millions of people to what is going on maybe even more the RP. So its hard to be too upset with him.

Check out RP in this video on the illusion of choice.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.


Everyone is constantly learning.

Substance over form folks!

I try to change people every day. Do You?

I dont feel bad...

for the flame thread I started. I dont see why you feel bad either. You shouldn't. AJ was a childish, bellowing retard. What I saw was a mad man that made me embarrassed to support him. I wouldn't allow my child to see that behavior, let alone attach myself to it.

Yippee.. AJ looked like a nutball and a bunch of people thought it was cool. It wasn't. On the flip side, the left now has had the best case for gun control to their base. I read the twitter feeds, I stopped by a few leftie sites and my own social network. AJ's behavior was not good for our movement.

So personally, until AJ can get a grip on reality and behave like an intelligent adult, I am fully disassociating with him. I know a smart person is in there... just waiting to see it.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

this quote kind of sums this up

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”
― Barry Goldwater

There was one I believe Reagan said but I can't fund it. Something like make them think your crazy enough to push the button. If someone knows it please correct me.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

You gave it your best shot.

You already tried writing the liberty movements obituary using Alex Jones as your tool. You wished death upon all those who advocate truth. You wished death upon many of the people HERE, killing them in your mind, and calling them all those names you called them.

Why again should they care what you say or how you feel? Is it remorse you're offering? No.

"I don't feel bad..."

Who's now the bigger threat to the liberty movement; Alex Jones or you? I know Alex is a fraud, and I know there are people waiting and wanting to use him to discredit those who advocate liberty and the truth.

Is Alex Jones your tool, or have you become his?


'Is Alex Jones your tool, or have you become his?'

Neither. Until I see a grown adult with the ability to contain his behavior I want nothing to do with him. Its kinda like breaking up with a crazy girlfriend.

You stick up for her.. then she acts like a lunatic the next time you go out with friends.

You forgive again... and the same thing happens all over again.

That is what Alex Jones is to me. Somebody that has useful information, can be funny but always ends up breaking off into nutball world and screaming REVOLUTION!!!

That behavior loses elections and I want our side TO WIN ELECTIONS!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Is that what I'm doing? Standing up for Alex Jones?

I'm not standing up for Alex Jones. I'm standing up for angry gun owners and the second amendment.

What I'm doing is standing between you and the Liberty movement, those you'd attack and wish death upon using Alex Jones as your weapon. If you want to talk about acting like grown adults and containing lunatic behavior, start with yourself. Get a grip:

If Alex had no truth to offer and he was just a lunatic, nobody would listen to him. I wouldn't even bother with him. People listen to him because they're looking for truth, and he does offer people truth. I won't get into who and what he's doing right now, but he IS dangerous to the Liberty movement, and it has to do with your rant. There are people who'll use him to stereotype both the truth and the anger it generates.

PS Saying you want to win elections means nothing to me. You voted for Obama/Biden. I voted and caucused for Paul/Napolitano. Why would I help somebody win elections when they vote for evil?

slow down Hoss...

U r still a rookie. I didn't vote for who you claim I did, dick. Want to win? Want to stick it to people? Then be rational. Would your parents vote for AJ?

All this talk of being woken up does us no justice if we cannot convince the other side to join us.

Aj's behavior is unacceptable to people who have worked for the Paul's since 2007 and 88. We want to win.

Consider me the Lee Atwater of the liberty movement. In case your newbie ass doesn't know who he is Google: Boogieman movie

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

if u are standing up for anyone...

Don't act like AJ on national TV.

Would you want your family to accept his behavior as acceptable? Would you allow a person on the opposite side act that way? If you did... wouldn't you use it as a weapon?

Wake up. Remember howard Dean? Sigh....

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

But I should, and I do. You

But I should, and I do. You may be right about AJ (not totally convinced any more) but regardless, the topic I started contributed nothing. It did nothing to further the goals of liberty, only hinder them.

I disagree

Your thread was needed. It was exactly what I was thinking at the time and to answer your question, I think AJ is both a traitor and an imbecile. My posts were getting down voted into oblivion by the many brainwashed AJ followers we have here now. Your thread gave voice to reason at a time when it was being denied. Thank you for that.

How does this logic

How does this logic work?
Alex goes over the top to prove his point >> He is evil
I go over the top to prove my point that Alex went over the top >> I am in the right?

I don't agree, at all times we should present ourselves with a reasonable demeanor. We shouldn't compromise on principle but we can be civil.

It's easy to be wayy over critical

in situations like this. I always think music I like sounds worse when I'm trying to introduce it to others because I become much more critical.

I personally don't think Alex Jones had a choice. Granted yelling is his personality, I think he knew that he had to go on there and say a bunch of shit to try and spark someone's interest to research for themself, or else he would waste time answering pointless questions from Piers and the extremely short segment would be over before he knew it.

Controlled opposition or not, he was screaming 1776 and calling Piers a redcoat right in his face on national television, and that made me smile.

Why are you apologizing?

So you changed your mind, big deal.

I thought Jones sounded rabid. Other people liked it.

I think Chunky Monkey ice cream is too sweet. Other people like it.

We are entitled to our preferences, and I would have preferred Jones using his calm and collected the Jones who gives interviews to RT or talks with Ron Paul. Instead, he gave the propaganda-makers a gold mine of clips to support their characterization of gun rights advocates as wild-eyed loose cannons.

I don't apologize.

Let the mark downs commence! I don't fear little red arrows and negative numbers.

I may or may not have been

I may or may not have been wrong but it is my demeanor I am apologizing for. It makes absolutely no sense for me to look like a crazy person while berating someone for looking like a crazy person. The stance I took was incredibly hypocritical.

I don't do vote drama, people vote my posts how they want. My attitude was wrong, that has nothing to do with how many votes I got.


floats your boat. :)

PS I jumped off the Jones bandwagon years ago after he p*ssed me off by lying about having "huge news" and it was really just some made-up interview he tried to pass off as real.

Some people loved it, some hated it, I was one who hated it. I know he does some good work, but I don't trust without trust, I have no interest in trying to interpret everything he does as "for the ultimate good"' or whatever. I just notice that some of his performances seem better than others, and I have no desire to make excuses for the bad performances. There will always be bad performances from him because he's not totally right in the head, IMO.

Maybe it wasn't the best

Maybe it wasn't the best strategy, but it does not make you crazy to be extremely upset about these things. It makes you crazy if you're not.


All I get is that you're sorry for having an opinion and an opinion is wrong if it doesn't jive with what's trendy. Your comments in your linked article are utterly moronic. We're a piece of shit race? I find it OK because that's Alex's style. We need to be pissed at what is going on. If not getting loud is not your style, OK, but don't just carelessly flaunt the myth that anger mimics insanity. That's the trendy view of the world. The trendiness needs to stop. People need to start wearing clothes of the appropriate size/gender, stop appearing the same and doing the same things while maintaining that you are individualistic, stop being low talkers, stop being blind optimists, stop talking effeminate and thinking it's artistic and sophisticated to talk like that, stop pursuing interests like guitars with no intention of ever being great because you're only doing it to be trendy and to get girls (not women who can see through your game), ET CETERA.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

I'm not sure what you're

I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I agree that my comments were utterly moronic, hence this topic. I fail to see how owning up to an outburst has anything to do with conformity.

We'll Get Over It

Your heart's in the right place. Don't beat yourself up. Everyone has mixed feelings about AJ. Not ever really sure where he is coming from at any given moment.



post deleted

Keep coming

You at least have the honor to admit you were wrong, well sort of, I mean you apologized for getting it completely wrong, then you kinda did the Texas two-step, you still "can't believe it worked", and "completely disagree" with Alex's tactics, and then grudgingly admit that it was still damaging, just not as bad as you believed...

Seems like you are trying to have it both ways, ever consider a career in politics?

It seems you missed the

It seems you missed the point. I make no apology for my position which as I have stated may or may not have been correct in the first place. The apology is for my demeanor, which clearly made no sense given the context of what I was complaining about.

If you can't separate the position from the demeanor you didn't understand what I was saying to begin with.

Better to ask forgiveness,

than permission.

It was loud, disturbing, and unruley.. but can you imagine every sentimental, warm-hearted grandma sitting in their living room, sewing or knitting away to the crackle of warm fire... and watch poor piers morgan get the ride of his life?!

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.