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Rambo 50. Cal - How ONE Man Can Defeat A Communist Army


Hollywood fiction, or something to make one think about? Remember back when movies were original, and cool?

A revolver will not suffice. Six shots is not enough.

"I don't see any reason why Americans should be allowed to own a semiautomatic rifle."

Sure about that?

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The US military can strike without impunity in OTHERS backyard

to say that they can do the same here is simplifying an extremely complex situation

because if you plan on fighting your own population,(who are strapped with guns and god knows what else in the south lol), that really sucks,, there is no moral or will to fight a war you can't win, you have no idea who is loyal, who will turn on you, and who in turn will allow more access of weaponry to its citizens, all are occurring right now, and the FEDS are seen as distrustful and dangerous to most Americans, states are arming their citizens even more, its backfiring

what has happened now is that it is turning its own population against them. and if they plan on using drones or UN troops, that will be the most fatal mistake, if they use force then that means they have run out of options, and lost

the 50

is nasty lol