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The Truth is Winning

The hardiness of messages containing the truth continues to amaze me. When presented in a "civilized" way the truth is very powerful. However even when the truth is communicated in a less than desirable way (by my estimation), it still seems to gain support. It was my opinion that Alex Jones' interview on Piers Morgan would likely have at most a minimal effect with respect to the progression of the Liberty Movement, but I have been surprised by the reception.

The truth may be more powerful than I first realized. Certainly, the truth is a power to be reckoned with by those that choose to work against its grain. It seems the truth will not likely be defeated once unleashed. The truth tends to provoke thought whether delivered well or not. Keep spreading it.

The truth is winning. This is very good news for US.

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My Opinion Changed . . .

at first I was very positive on Alex Jones interview. Then later, I heard some of the responses from some people and I wondered if his angry approach was helpful.

But then afterwards I saw this critique of the interview, which is very positive:


When you go back and listen to each of his actual points, they are factual or at least don't deserve being discounted immediately.

People Are angry about this issue, and they should be IMO.

Well stated

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

Unless the people stand up for the truth...


I don't see how it matters?

See because... without witnesses... this is what happens when you stand up for the truth:


Now after listening to the above audio please do not slink away... not bother to comment... etc... please consider joining the witness program:


I would also urge you to call in to Alex Jones and ask why he will not cover things like this. Many people have asked for his help with their plight when they are facing situations like this... and... well...


And when people opened their January Paychecks

they went "What the...?"

I thought.....heeeyyy!!!

And started looking for the truth.

Yeah, they did.

They still are...

You know how in elementary

You know how in elementary school nobody wants to be the first to raise their hand? Or maybe it's in secondary school that for some reason students are becoming discouraged, but once the discussion gets going, everyone seems to have an opinion.

I've heard it said before, if one person calls in to express an opinion on a radio show, that at least 10,000 others have had the same thought and said nothing.
I don't know if the numbers are exact, but I'm pretty sure the concept is solid.

Keep spreading the message.



Here here Alex Jones! God Bless his over patriotic heart, how many others could drop this much attention on the documented evils of Government before being controlled from the moderator to play their silly yes no game. This is not just a gun debate, this is about having the freedom to protect you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is our time to outshine WITH TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kind people rock



"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Yes you and many were and are wrong

I have been told many times that my way would never work with people.. I'm similar to Alex in my passion and it comes out.. I brought more than a few people to Dr.Paul, I think, because the people saw my passion about Liberty and his run.

I don't fully trust Alex but his kind are valuable..I'm just skeptical about people who have been in government, been neocons/liberals.. well hell, I'm that way with a lot of things lol

But I do know a good idea when I see it. Alex rocked it.. someone needed to shock the hell out of people.. people need to step up and say "NO MORE".. if we carry on these same tired old conversations the way that the "PTB" want us too.. then those who are watching and or refusing to watch will do the same things as well... Go back to sleep.. remain apathetic.

I came to Dr.Paul because he was saying what I believed.. that which I've never heard from any other politician in my life. Now Alex and many more people thanks to this gun "debate" have come out of the wood works and spoken out on TV..

They're changing the dialogue with things like.. "1776 will commence again" "Unconstitutional laws aren't laws"..

Change the words.. change the conversation.. change the direction!!

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The truth is...

"US citizens" do not have any constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms.


(But the people do :)

So are you a people? (Not a PERSON) Or a "US citizen?"

Fun fact: The singular of "people" is "people."

The plural of "person" is "persons."

Heh! Those silly little barflies. Another fun fact: The National Lawyer's Guild (which most Attorneys "BARFLIES" are a member of) was declared by the United States House Committee on Un-American Activities as "the legal bulwark of the Communist Party"... in 1953.

"THE PEOPLE CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" ~ from "A few good men."

I disagree... and I think it's time the truth came out. If any BARFLIES out there want to debate me... any time... anywhere cuz I'm lettin the sun shine in :)

(To date I've still not had any of them take me up on the challenge.)

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For Truth


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Kick up...

the truth!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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