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One Way Ticket To Mars: You in?

Time Magazine: You say you want to become a global reality TV star? You say you want to travel into space? Well then Mars One, a Dutch-based NGO which hopes to someday establish human settlements on the red planet, is the company for you. This week Mars One released their criteria for those wishing to apply to be the first human colonists on Mars.

For the adventurous souls who are interested in applying, Mars One lists the “five key characteristics” of a Martian explorer. These include: resiliency (persistent thought processes), adaptability (being open and tolerant of ideas), curiosity, ability to trust and creativity/resourcefulness. “Mars One cannot stress enough the importance of an applicant’s capacity for self-reflection,” the group’s website says. Coming as it does on the heels of the newly published results of Russia, China and the European Union‘s two-year Mars500 project, which indicated fatigue and boredom are major challenges for any long-term space exploration program, they may want to include “sound sleeper” and “easily entertained.”

The Mars One mission launch is set for 2023, and the actual application procedure, which begins in the first half of this year, looks to be part of an elaborate, if ambitious, plan to procure funding for the estimated $6 billion project. Applicants from each country will take part in a local reality TV show to “demonstrate their suitability to become one of the first humans on Mars.” The audience will select a winner to advance to a round of four. Eventually there will be six groups of four, who will all form the Mars One astronaut corps. Only one team will be sent to Mars in 2023.

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