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Youtube: Schaeffer Cox's Sentencing Statement


U.S. District Court officials in Anchorage released this audio file Wednesday of Alaska Peacemakers Militia leader Schaeffer Cox's statement at his Tuesday sentencing. Cox was sentenced to nearly

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Chief Joseph: I will fight no

Chief Joseph: I will fight no more forever.

He never signed a treaty with the US government.

Snitches get stitches!

Snitches get stitches!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Regret to say he went too far.

Planning to kill people is wrong thinking. Planning to buy grenades and other illegal possession is also wrong thinking.

DP is better to associate itself with the 99.9% of law abiding, hard working, peaceful gun owners who harm no one and do not plan to harm anyone.

If you are going to own a gun you need to have your emotions and hysteria under control, and be a calm person. No one respects hysteria and over emotion.

Schaeffer did not plan to

Schaeffer did not plan to kill anyone!!! He planned his own defense! He was told by the FBI that they would kill him and his family in another Ruby Ridge style attack, so he planned his defense accordingly!! They baited him and bugged his home and used the illegally gotten recordings against him after they threatened his life and his family's life.

He refused to buy the grenades and any illegal weapons that were pushed on him by the FBI's snitch felon who got off of his own charges for setting Schaeffer up. The charges were so bogus and so ridiculous that the state of Alaska refused to prosecute him and the FEDs stepped in because they had no problem breaking the law to frame him. Really, you should understand the entire situation before you make a comment like yours.

Blessings )o(

Of course we seldom

get a true picture from the media or Google, and that is where I searched. I am open to truth. Maybe we all need to hear the true story. How did the FBI get involved?

Schaeffer traveled the

Schaeffer traveled the country speaking of a peaceful method to return to our Constitutional Republic. He advocated forming common law communities as our Founders envisioned and ignoring the Feds by taking care of ourselves and our neighbors.

He spoke in MT where some busybody statist decided that he was advocating overthrowing the Federal Govt. She reported him to the FBI. This is the video of the very same speech she reported. Judge for yourself. http://youtu.be/xFOUqurUgFk

Once they had his name, and saw that he was the commander of a militia group in Alaska, they were right up his butt. This was right around the time the Hutaree militia was exonerated in court and the FBI had to eat crow and admit they were unjustly persecuted. From the day that person reported him, they bugged him and tracked his every move. He was perceived as a threat because what he advocated truly is the peaceful way, and the only way, to take back our country. And people listened. That was the biggest threat of all. His popularity was growing leaps and bounds and people were beginning to act on what he recommended by throwing off their obligation to the central Govt and forming communities of their own where they answered only to themselves. That is a huge threat to the powers that be.

One thing led to another and they stalked him and bugged him and threatened him to the point that he knew they planned to take a potshot at him at any time. Both he and his wife never left their home without bullet proof vests on. Schaeffer had every opportunity to fire on any of them at any time, because he saw them following him often. They came to his house to arrest him. If he wanted to kill anyone, that would have been the time right then and there. Instead, he surrendered himself into their custody peacefully. He is not a violent man. He is a man of words.

Schaeffer ran for state Senate in Alaska and got 37% of the vote. He started the Second Amendment Task Force up there to protect Alaskans right to bear arms. He had a militia group who's motto was "Defend All, Agress None" He ran the Liberty Bell network where members were called in to witness arrests of others to keep police accountable. He held the Govt accountable for their deeds in Alaska, and his ideas were spreading to the lower 48. His only crime was speaking out and holding the Govt accountable, and for that, he is paying with his freedom.

He stood tall against tyranny and is paying the price for it.

Blessings )o(

Thank you. He sounds very intelligent and not all like

his confession tape. I hope he is successful in the appeal of his case.

I met Schaeffer back in 2009

We were both members of the Continental Congress. He has to be one the the smartest people I have met. I feel real bad for him on how he allowed himself to get in this position.

I don't think this should be

I don't think this should be shared. Why are you spreading his pain around for all to see? The man will not see his children grow up. He won't be able to comfort them when they need it. As it is, most of his friends have turned away from him. Et tu Brian?

Blessings )o(



2+2=5, Shaeffer.

2+2=5, Shaeffer.

Do it to Julia!


He was a good speaker

He will be missed

Ever seen or read "1984?"

Ever seen or read "1984?"


They really worked this guy over hardcore. They have totally broken him. Words. Words. I'm...

This is like a forced confession. They must have drugged him up six ways from Sunday... this was all over a conversation BROUGHT UP BY AN FBI INFORMANT... AS HE SAYS... he had NO INTENTIONS of HURTING ANYONE.

26 years for thought-crime. Obviously everyone is so scared to speak out on this that they won't even comment. THIS MAN IS INNOCENT!

Brian... has the recording that put this man in prison for 26 years been made public? Don't you think we have the right to know what exactly we can and can't say that could land us in prison for the rest of our natural lives?

imaginary victims

get justice, Pakistani children are "collateral damage."But vince, there is only so much we can do for him. Get a contact address for him, send him a post card. Trust me, I KNOW what you are feeling. When they hauled Lynn Moses to prison I was ready to go blockade the freeway, but no one would stand up for him.
Take heart. This guy has inner reserves, he will come out of this stronger. Have you heard him tell his story of going trapping for a few weeks in Alaska? I can't find the video, but if you have not seen it I will look harder.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: