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Millions Of New Englanders Now Living In The United States

Reports from multiple news agencies indicate that previously unverified reports from sources both trustworthy and obsequious confirm in their entirety heretofore unconfirmed yet undenounced of same ibid. Unredacted statements may include the following:

-There are New Englanders all over the place, most commonly in the northeast portion of the nation, due to the wet and windy weather.

-New Englanders can easily be identified by their strong pronunciation and unfamiliar usage of such common words as 'heretofore', 'portion'. and 'all over the place'.

-Whether or not it is true, New Englanders will often claim to know or be related to someone who lives somewhere out in the rest of the country somewhere.

-It is generally not considered polite to stare at a New Englander's windsock.

(please note) This report is not related in any way to recent reports of New Mexicans in America's southwest nether regions currently increase.

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Is this post related to recent reports...

of New Mexicans in America's southwest nether regions?

Boy I musta been ripped that night.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

No I don't work for Verizon

Used to work for Sprint though they fired me for good reason.


This commercial is both example AND warning.

As is everything we have experienced in the last few days and every day of our lives.

You've gotta die of something so there's no point dying for nothing.

That's just how it is,
amen and shalom.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.