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Sold Out: Rush For Guns Depletes Stock; Gun Store Shelves Bare

SOURCE: http://bobpowell.blogspot.com/2013/01/sold-out-rush-for-guns...

Wanting to kill some time over the weekend, a friend and I did what men do when they have an entire afternoon to themselves; wish-listing at gun stores. We went to over half a dozen stores, mostly mom and pop operations, that my friend has been frequenting for many years. We were shocked at what we found.

There was not a single AR, AK, or SKS platform to be found at any store in the county, and the shelves were pretty bare of other semi-auto rifles as well. Asked when they might expect to restock, the gun store owners said that they were unsure when they would be able to get in new shipments because most major wholesalers have no weapons in stock either.

Blaming the Obama administration's desire to re institute an assault weapons ban, manufacturers are hesitant to make a model of long gun for civilian use that may soon be outlawed once again.

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Whew ! For a moment there I thought the Republicans or NRA

agreed to some 'compromise'.

Leftist/anti-gun Definition of 'compromise' : We win, you lose. We give up nothing, you give up everything we can grab this round. Till the next round of 'compromise'.

Good to hear "that" sector of

Good to hear "that" sector of the economy is doing well.

Southern Agrarian

Was doing well...

These small gun shops sold out their inventory and now cannot get more. They still have rent to pay, employees to pay, etc.

Sure, they had a windfall in sales, but that is mainly over and many may not survive the year if things stay the way they are.

When you've got one of the hottest items in town

I think you can do all right even if you can't keep your shelves full, if you can just keep some kind of stream coming in you will do alright. If nothing else, you can begin charging a larger premium to make up for the lack of volume.

Either way, I wish all those who run these businesses the best of luck staying afloat